Charging Your Kids Rent

Friday, January 19th


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Is five years old to young to pay rent courses. Wouldn't that just a moment you've said five years five years old. So what this mom is irritating some people and some people are plotting her she's from Georgia and she makes her five year old pay rent. Why years old yapping here's what she does she says she gives her seven dollars a week allow its so she makes her daughter giver a dollar for rent. A dollar for water a dollar for electricity a dollar for cable and a dollar for food. Then the other two with a little girl gets decide what she wants to do with it. She feels it's teaching her at that things are free and learning how to manage money and that you have to pay bills we'll surely teach her to manage money. Which is to give her the initiative seven dollars and you know five that was just give her two dollar allowance and call it quits because she's teaching that you have to pay rent when you grow up you have to pay for food and how IE eight year old to which she's also doing though is taking that money and putting in an account for her. So when she's eighteen so have that money set aside from. To buy it but I I don't know I think I really think this is a good idea because I think it teaching kids younger. On how to manage money how many adults you know who can manage money but I know a lot. And horseshoe Ohio near Canton yeah. You weren't going on not try to got to pay rent I mean think about that with your. Think about your kids in college and with the goal I want this and you like but you know we have to understand it's I don't like it. It's kind of cool the thing is though as I am thinking about my kid in college. And I know that she is so driven to succeed in driven to study and I have to get a job and I think. At five years old that you should be playing you should be blown bubble in which she. What do you should is that we should have to worry about. Want my money my son despite right now and I'm trying to get the whole piggy bank thing with him like he keep finding that change is when we go to start you want that toys coming out of your piggy bank. So what's the difference of this mom doing the dollar and me doing change in a piggy bank with my because you're not seeing to Bryce OK give me a book for cable in your book for water gimme a buck for the renminbi a bottle of broad. Cecil saved or five years old let me kids forgot to read you just pay your rent pay your own unique yeah. 6195701973. What's your take on this what do you think about this mom who has her daughter pay around Europe. Yeah I think this is brilliant not only did she get out of having to pay cut it like at. An allowance but he's also teaching her a critic of collecting in just like money and I honestly don't think they're not parents are taking the time. To teach kids responsibility. Involving money and everything so that other. That's fine him as a guy who's gonna AD with money I guess I get it my love of this is one thing then she's five years old and but you know I don't pricing was fired just couple weeks ago we had cake and pizza and bowled just because she's paying the rent doesn't mean she isn't doing all that. You know I don't mean to it's not like that takes up all her time in 619501973. So this is. Eight years old Sherrill to. K so I don't think kids shouldn't have to creep up trickled I don't know when and I now. Shall have a boom I was kind of worried about my hair and what branch bit mother is making her daughter caught wage you. Yeah. That's what you think it's the I think they're teaching that it's not so stressful to pay rent pay bills and that's part of life. Instead of stressing out could you haven't done it right I don't know how to do and that's just my way you leukemia when he's in I am sorry I won't look at you know because it is not a. Why apple. What do you think go in Xenia. Can't I. Important to keep. Money man and I think that the little extreme at that age prior art that maybe they could but the pick out. Doors manage that money cannot and. Like producers asked do you do that with a TD bank yet he says have pitched basically the dollar trucked here and dollar action figure there's I think people are getting held up. You know it's a soft dollar yeah. I have been called rent I ended up being called I think that's what what may be some people are most of separately I think it's teacher that is just part of life and it's not that big a deal kids I know. And it kids. I'd like to come out and play the mother says I have to pay the rent for an answer to a second I have to go see the man about the right. And like guys. Seoul is okay to charger five year old rent. Yeah I thoughts welcome Johnson in the morning San Diego's number one for new country 137 Kia Selanne so momma Georgia. I gives her daughter her five year old daughter seven dollars a week allowance but that she says I needed dollar for rent for one dollar for water and off electricity and dollar for cable and a dollar for food. Said she's doing this to try to teach her that things are free they don't just show up magically. And that's how she wants to do it she's also by the way taking that money should to determine daughter. And she's putting in savings account for which her daughter doesn't know the other part I like the moon however just a little ones in this role with what she's doing things that are responsible thing that she's doing uses. Kids are grown so fast now these anywhere that kids for eight years old but. Go eat Plato wouldn't things you know I think maybe if we learn about money when we're five maybe we'd be better than adults with it I mean alcohol our country nag about saving money you know just tired out later in the 60 my god I'm I'm 5701973. Start with you Chris what are your thoughts on this. Well I think the mother really. It might have been seeing a large URLI. However in just like. A lot of parents. Know when Mickey gets the first out they're gonna meet a famine and mad and it tickets junk and it's got to be a shock to the girl learning before she ever realize that she let me begin. Only play it being. Adults what I would I think in kindergarten a plane without a boy complained of blocked. Oh boy came back and and how are you gonna need that. Wait being adult wouldn't hurt well we play it cool and using old check of the street name change dot. You're so right in I remember when my kids were little if I came back from like a hotel stay. Phillies wanted my hotel key cards and they pretended that they work credit cards all and so you can't play nice and why not teach him the right thing first. The point and and natural. I hear that act like adults. And she seemed fine and a whimper. Why stop there a new taxes at home and we'll if you make anything at eighteen month they've learned via the. Tunnel vision thing I should tell my kids do my taxes and integrates video game to be doing right now or it was. How long how many songs you member from kindergarten on things how we learned ABC it's how you learned all your states. You know I didn't it's available this letter what 2356789101112. Seed we remember back. W food W can no one out and now and do my accident I thought. Up. Please there was an actual tax on these no I don't know I'm no longer give to Leon. 95701973. Emerson. A five year old made get Iran to. Yeah I think is bad it really get a yet but it's not delayed city got it he kicked it. I'm out of Ben that it made it out against the only get like we category and I'm at a dollar and each about their property. Let's let's spend to how to save an outing give. Interest. Was this bomb unless things about mom these great mom actually I just think on just again I have I am watching it. Like every day eagle is via another year my daughter's life yeah seems that is going so quick anyway and it comes Venus algae I don't know I think kids are going up too fast. Why is it's how you presented to you know we don't go work Maher rents yeah you're shake down pay accolade you wanna eight money now. I don't tell me if I'm glad job I was on kick up.