Celebrating Mother's Day With No Kids

Friday, May 12th


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The Mother's Day show of our behind the Mike series happy Mother's Day to all moms hear about it. My anomalous zinc. Not at all in Rochester New York edition my mom so she senses I'm talking about her I think I love you mom thank you for having me in Gina and Wendy. And I also and espresso shop for those who are in the same situation and I am that no longer have their mothers and we're thinking about them as well there. Now I got harsh phone call the other day because for Mother's Day is always been my thing. It is always been my thing and John knows this too what he want for Mother's Day what I always want for mother's age on the left alone. He left on everybody all of my house out. I mean there's five kids in the house a dog and cats I I never got home alone so I one of the house everybody out. Too bad to ever I want there are two very different. Opinions. On the of them thought as far as how moms should celebrate Mother's Day yes here's one. It doesn't need a bad mom could don't want to spend mother's things that your kids. Polity have good ball wrong. Really kind of Galen and I'm supposed to spend the whole entire thing that I can only just like every other day. Best Mother's Day gift would be thinking now how much to me. The best Mother's Day gift would be a day off from mother when my guys got we are mostly moms in this building right out in this room rhino -- think about that statement yes. Last I checked amber armadillos and losing shall I. I'd probably thirteen right yeah I was like thirteen. And you probably the same way right absolutely a 100% I want and now I want. Nothing going on I wanna do nothing I don't think kids anywhere I would go visit printed yesterday in BB Claire from him and Bryce and Stella. I asked her she needed anything she said yes would you communicates the parks again left alone raised. I wasn't seriously at all I have I have I. And that's how I. I thought okay see that. Three active at the state of mind to be most of us but then there's this. Any mother or who doesn't wanna spend that daily they're kids. Especially on mother's name needs to seriously reevaluate treatment she had it been firstly I mean. You don't spend it with your kids. How are they going to know that they're supposed to celebrate it with fear and appreciate you I mean you're basically sending the message here kits that you don't even like being that. I would. Talk about Debbie downer. Each. And so what do you guys think about that mom of the month saying that if you don't celebrate Mother's Day issue reevaluate having children their heads in this is that you wouldn't wanna be their mom mom every day rates right up and. And we as I wish my moment mean to leave her alone I. And other dude I'm just not your socks. Oh okay largely in this day is harsh you know land and people around we can I don't know is and it's. A. That's I ponder trap or simulate either a person that is having trouble having her own children or maybe having this may be one child at home and into the is the best is awesome and union to kids the only guy that you three kids I want the bunker right brains are. She's right Coffey ray Arce is like that Christina apple he character and bad moms where everything has to repurchase all I can make an Allah you know that they're okay.