Cassie is Taking Her Marine on a Hornblower Sunset Cruise

Wednesday, December 13th


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This is Genentech raised high of 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military to fight or flight from police to be. Yes we love you each and every woman who when a high five pogo 5005. Times. Behind every hero is a supporting partner and that today it would be casting your morning Cassie. Like so many stories of the winners of our John Tammy hi 5000. Horn blower dinner cruise. These smarter part of the couple. Actually it actually so does that have to actually signs the mother noticed respect Anthony. Long time marine longtime husband of Cassie but that's really what happened here is an Cassie. That's the thing is I am I definitely anchored him it. They hope they get that they thing. How bad the idea date night. Pretty bad and I Cohen exactly arm another route that would be good Hawaii with me that was my knee where he became. She just moved here and he's my neighbor again. So we haven't babies that are. All of that is so awesome you have a baby sitter for your two kids which are ages six and twelve. And after eleven years in the Marines you're gonna take Anthony out and have time for just sent to a deal. Absolutely. You who knows maybe a third maybe you know I don't know if pleasantly thing. Click here split we're gonna be hard to go on now I'm in for an hour ago. Yeah bite your tongue John raid on his arm just I'm just glad. I'll listen talk about being Anthony's wife as being the wife of a marine I mean you've got as hard if not harder job when your back home take care of the family. Yes definitely I'm a double play in the middle and because our year. I'm feeling that same pain that part of the current or write kids in her hand you know what I mean we can only give her the time but he Lee which it. Sure sure he's doing what he's doing we all know that and are thankful that and he doesn't. Notice respect but he. You know might not wanna hear about the fact that we know that but there's also DOS appointment that was missed or that. You're having trouble with your youngest one because he misses here she misses daddy I get that. Exactly like you try to keep that positive you know and Amy lake. All the communicate and we do talk it's got to be get out. I'll assure that totally makes sense so it's going to be nice to have a nice night out to three course dinner cruise is not have to answer him and any event. They're just needed to have you and if you would please forgive you high five would you pass that on Anthony here we go. App earlier and one more. Don't forget to pass that on. I would prepare our I didn't know where we need a little can't help breast I got you have to Google French shopping you wanna know the best part about doing Hillis is because it's CD you know you can Wear what every you're comfortable in. Right exactly are you enjoy that you guys certainly deserve it up you guys are regular pass to Anthony thank him for his service Merry Christmas to you and your family Josie. Yeah glad for her birthday get out.