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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the at a count San Diego radio stations and Gary Lee. The California prostate cancer coalition is one of several organizations which we're gonna talk about today. Raising awareness about prostate cancer they're not only raising awareness about the disease but they also offer an assortment of resources to assist those. We'll been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Joining us this morning is California prostate cancer coalition board member Chad little. And prostate cancer warrior and Entercom San Diego FM 949 radio personality. Steve West welcome Chad welcome Steve morning good morning. Siva. Those cutesy and yeah every time every weekend. And I got caught up and down with a big completely. And Chad good to have you on the show they trapped me you are board member of with California prostate cancer coalition or CP CC crack. I you also work. Pines for prostate strokes and background information on these organizations sure door with CP CC yes of the California prosecutors are coalition is a group of doctors. Prostate cancer survivors Israel's prostate cancer advocates. And we focus on creating awareness and resources for California in fact. Our mission is to make sure that that is the primary focus for for California me into the prostate cancer is bestow it. And so you more about awareness and yeah I mean we certainly provide resources individuals are being diagnosed so it's not just about awareness that we do focus. Right now with some of the things that have gone on recently around PSA and stuff. Provide information men just to help them understand what prostate cancer is and what do they need to do about it you know wanting to be aware about it. And then for those in the media are diagnosed. We provide resources tomb on the web so they can go to a local support group and talked the other people that have been impacted by the disease so what is prostate cancer out. Yet if he's. A guy he brought that that the Holdman you know people when you get a diagnosis. You kind of at a loss to know what do you want to find out more more more prostate cancer. The prostate is a small. Walnut size or gun. There it sits just below the bladder it's 13 of the male reproductive system along with a testes of the seminal ethical right and prostate itself. Can become diseased. And came and develop a couple of different things I mean EU you mention the PSA test when we were talking about PSI. And the PSA is what a prostate specific antigen is to levels all of antigen in the body. Developed by the prostate and a higher than the PSA level. The more it's an indication of it. He's he's tool all troubled prostate. Now it could be cancer that's causing it or it could be a thing called benign prosthetic hyperinflation which is. And definitely something. Most troublesome and the prostate cancer and highly treatable and you get symptoms from that like it's hard. To go to the bathroom he may be less frequent urination. But prostate cancer. Generally does not. Had symptoms is what we call asymptomatic. Even if you getting symptoms from prostate cancer is slightly Euro very far bounced so. The early trying diagnose it and find it the better. Now there are numbers that I can give you I mean in that the numbers one and seven man so if you're in a room with six other guys one of you is likely to have prostate cancer. OK no we were talking about the TSA before we're on the air. And that is just. As one way as just one way yes I'm blood test that's a blood test this is simple blood test and hum Walt what is likely to happen next if your doctor gets a result might describe elevated PSA and there are varying. Doctors argue about where that 2.5. Nanograms per liter all four nanograms per liter should be the baseline and so they look at if you go to an elevated PSA they'll do what they call it TRE that the digital rectal exam vacant field prostate. And a good urologist can tell what that there's some something going on just by feeling prostate and a urologist I saw he said. Or you have a very hard Liam O'Neil prostate. We had it bio sheet which is the next to each and an enlarged prostate doesn't necessarily mean cancer does not Iran not on our Arnold. Not I guess you talk about you know. The measurement within a urologist media effect that's me different not only by age from him in recent times and different factor and that's why one of the things the CPC talks about. Is how I mean we prior question on our website you can actually download its questions you can ask your doctor about. PSA testing of prostate cancers and that you can ask those questions because it is a very individualized. Sort of assessment you're gonna make it can't just tell you. You know Allman at this age need to nationally tested. There's a number different factors that go into that's likely be confusing for me and needs all the here's one and seven and they wanted to and they're not sure what to do. You could have a high if you say that you said it may be just a large processor that's right there's there's lots of things that have to be that generally. A DRE and rectal exam is going to be accompanied by a PSA test that's you know the count then just a doctor can do. Point out one other thing you sang different different demographics depends on the age I'm sick generally with. Caucasian males. It's fifty and above. But with African Americans are finding a higher incidence I don't know I ain't so they recommended if you're African American you used on checking up forty. We issue cooperation he stopped checking fifty. There are some differences. And we do within he had different racial groups and and it's endless questions that might be in a guy like you might ask has there been a Stanley occurrence on the show why I got involved and when my dad was diagnosed in 2006. So I'm now more likely more likely one in three. Chance to meet him in prostate cancer because it's in the bloodlines I have a much more it is somewhat all the way I'm absolutely and then there's other questions that there's even even sort of environmental sort of factor so they're very specific information for a minute fog and Vietnam. Exposed to Agent Orange and have a very high risk that those lots of things where you could in this question and it's helping you asked about what might put me more risk. Or not and the but at the end of the day. It's a measurement. That you don't just take one time event go man I know what it is it's. You know you go to the doctor every year and get a check up on cholesterol through checking your cholesterol levels. You know a lot of the the company prosecutor coalition would advocate while urologist and abdicate that it's something that as a man your measuring each year to watch what that number does. Because what it does over time as much more information than just. I went and did a PSA test and here's my right thing that's important is it's also day among many ST second. And leading. Cancer among men behind lung cancer and the third overall. Behind breast cancer and lung cancer. So it's it's pretty high up there with the incidences have but on the other hand it's highly treatable if you score early and right that's what I've heard. Yeah you catch it stage one stage too it's like lead that you couldn't live a full life and die with the rather than from. This is one of the more treatable. Cancer yet. Yeah why why is it why do you think it's is one of those cancers that people don't talk about much blood because you don't hear them get off first cases. When you're at high up their cars more cited talk about breasts leaving everything. But that's what got me and I have added Som men generally you know this is our Mickey generalization but I think most on other had to say men. Her it was sort of we don't normally talk about Todd we'll talk about health and we you know until it's less blood gushing out aside and just feel they Humana menu type it out. And so there's a there's cultural phenomenon there that. May need to be two to learn that it's okay to talk about your health and have some you can just goes with women generally. We'll talk with each other more about what's going on in health situation so that's one of one of the reasons right there. As men not call on an outer figuring that it's not something dimension or has even mentioned it's not a very systematic either right so I can have prostate cancer and not have a lot of symptoms. Is I'm not even thinking that I have an issue so that's another reason why it's something that you need to pay attention. That's one of things I was gonna ask you to what I don't want any symptoms to watch for no and I'll tell you a story in this in this should make every man and gave up morning gonna get a test OK and 2000 afterward I. I always say it was just the as in 2004 I got my diagnosis and it was quite by accident. I was getting migraines in 2003 and 2004. And in July 04 I had to go get a refill for the Megan medication that was taken in my migraines so by all adopt recently of I have deceive Christina because you've been getting refills and you know we need to check image for Europe. So I went to see him and he gave me the prescription checked kicked me out needs to just to try to piece it all I need to draws from Bob we haven't done a PSA tests on you and a wild. And certainly troop laden and the following morning I get I got a call from the doctors to down. We need to talk about going to see urologist I said Weis into a PSA is fourteenth well my first question most walks of PSA. Odd this this shows I mean I didn't know what a prostate was where it was I'd heard about prostate cancer at bay it was killing old guys in their eighties. As far as I knew. And as he came down idea would see the urologist he did the PSA again it showed a fourteen the community the examine. X this is I'll never forget it I turned around looked at the guy and he threw them. We have. Problem you couldn't bury hockey mom pool once your prostate I need to do a biopsy and then so. A couple of weeks went by and we did the biopsy which is not very fun procedure. You know how I'm not a gone to get my refill I don't know Chris. At that point I was diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer which is stage three of fall you know waited escaped the prostate capsule it. Got into a couple lymph nodes nearby down. Look at what kind of treatments as you've been through well since I houses in 2004. I went into a clinical trial what they call monoclonal antibodies this and new kind of treatment with a it if you look at your immune system your immune system is basically designed to take care of things and invade the body colds. Flu and old those general things. Cancer and cancer cells are things that the immune system doesn't recognize and doesn't know how to deal with them. So what they found is that if they can Alter your immune system slightly. So that he can recognize those bad cells and then it tends often target and kill themselves that's the theory anyway and so on I had this monoclonal antibody treatment which was a clinical trial. And that was followed by the surgery. And and I after the surgery I had radiation and and a round of hormone therapy because and now I'll explain hormone therapy thing. They know with the prostate cancer will feed on testosterone. So they know that if they turn off your testosterone production they could shrink to Tim Burton and bring down the PSA levels. So I went to six months or so on on man that treatment which. Has a lot of pretty rough side effects they worry that that am I kept my PSA pretty low for awhile and an idea. And 2012 idea how I had around the radiation as well and and post seven and then 2012 I did the proven treatment along with moment therapy. Brought my PSA down again. And now I'm dealing with another rising PSA soul of the don't know there and hormone treatment varies and that's about it and these typical treatments. My it was a little different because it was a more aggressive form and it was called later rather than an earlier aha. Typically if you corn state won a stage two they can pretty much take care of him we need to. What they call seeding when he put radioactive seeds inside the prostate and that kills the cancer from inside the prostate and so you don't have to have the surgery and it's not disruptive to normal function. Because there obviously side effects with them because it sort of in Indy urinary system. There can be issues from that and that can be. Sexual issues well but come those things are all things that they can treat like you said if someone gets a few states. S in the new had a conversation doctor in and one of the things that might happen next is a biopsy naturally going to see. You're gonna make that decision with your doctor about as the next thing to do and after biopsy. Based on the biopsies as numbered about scores and look that they look at Gannett and the graphic use oral welcome but maybe tell about aggressiveness of that. There's also in some great work being done and some testing that they're doing more dividend hopefully look at sort of that the structure of that cancer determine whether it's likely to be more aggressive or not aggressive. On physically even buried there but ultimately then you have that information with your doctor than make a decision about treatment if I'm a man and an 85 years old. And I just get diagnosed. With prostate cancer I'm probably not going to do much about it because. Just time's gonna get there before the prostate cancer that's right I'm Amanda I'm 42 of suddenly diagnosed with prostate cancer and if that's a much different decision based on that aggressiveness. Mean who really some in this call active surveillance for gonna pay attention do not and do other ways to to watch it before we may be going to remove the prostate so again. You know Stevie does when you've got yeah you know diagnosed like oh my gosh what do I do. And that's why we you know things like guns the company prosecutors coalition as well us too international another great organization that provides. Resources to mend have conversations. Episode with doctors but with people that have gone through that you be talking to prostate cancer survivor. To say hey so when you got diagnosed. What did you do an entity and yes and then what do you X and when you did that how that work out what I'm doctor and what are some of the side effects because. There's more to his as he talks about it's not just like I go and do a procedure there could very well be. Impacts to. America how far yet and oh yeah you can have its issues you're narrow vision you have you have erectile dysfunction so now. Other diseases moved from not only is this will be in the man's doing when it but now their partner might be doing right as we also becomes. It becomes much more than just the individual has a disease and that's another thing where resources are for me need to talk to people about it because. Not just the fiscal think about the from the emotional and psychological challenges that come with hey things are much different now than they were a year ago right and that's also gonna happen and and and all these resources people who get on on the idea of California yesterday desert yep prostate web Alice GAAP prostate callous CA ally -- and you put it up their dot org or us two that's UST. OOO as an us to. Dot org both of whom have great resources about where local meetings are. And they also have information about local I'm not on com local but chat boards and message boards on talk about on the web so there are people that go on and they can ask questions can't just got diagnosed what what they do and a lot of people that who contribute that way insure their information is receive if they're worried about. Maybe you wanna be anonymous I don't wanna go into group and talk too much people read nonstop and I'm not ready for that yet. But I do wanna ask these questions there's another resource that people can reach out to its where they can get that support and that's always a great thing to be able to relate. To somebody who who has as wanting to talk to your doctor about it family about it but but to talk to somebody who's been through it or is going through it it's totally different situation this this kind of miss stigma attached here which guys I think and guys tend to not want to talk about it on this several friends of mine who. Who being through and on the testing and a couple of main guy knows tennis. EE can be in a spotlight he said key where what do I do now. What what's gonna happen in my gonna die tomorrow I mean these thoughts to go through you have when you get cancer diagnosis and whatever cancer diagnosis it is. It is persons you you go to this doll place what's gonna happen. So resources like he has very and talking to your doctor especially I mean a lot of people get intimidated by the dolphins they feel afraid to ask questions pay them more question Q Kronos could be a doctor. The bad they can plan and a course of treatment for you and the Betty you comply. How you're gonna handle the different things that come along. And and the more you talk to your doctor and find out really what's going on and on what course of action is that right the more it puts you ladies yeah ensure that as army dad did this very Derek treatment spoke with the urinary thing in the air Eric how to function and there are treatments for both of those things through the medications they give you now with a urinary function as medications they can help your pelvis. So I mean all is not lost. Right right now another organization. You're part of it is some ice for prostate you have right. Plus the gas supplies or prostate was formed by Rick like I was a prosecutor survivor and it's so funny it's similar to what Steve was done an idea a friend in his. He worked marking a friend of his was diagnosed with prostate cancer and so he needed going office promised to go to the PSA test. And sure enough and that PSA test Rick found out that he had cancer until he was able to actively treat it and is now prosecutes a survivor and so he thought wow. I didn't even know about prostate cancer we need to help get the horn sounds so I can process is focused primarily on awareness. But what we do because you've talked about that stigma people want to talk about it. We set up a beer festivals so we go to beer festivals because I would say we know we're gonna find men are people know them cut back at right end. In that interaction and language of the kids. It's yet to meet you through universal language of Beers OK okay important health message. And so we I share information not only with me and their spouses because often there may not be they individuals making health care decisions and so I have a spouse. That shows up they might when it takes in information so we're gonna talk about this. On but I can't tell you the number of times that I've talked about it in soma says oh yeah I think my grandfather. Died of prostate cancer and I say OK well let's talk about that how windy the guy was a diagnosis and then after related Wimbledon you know that make you more likely to have and so. It's really about sharing that information in an answering questions that they might have about the PSA test or anything like that sometimes a joke in the make the jokes about the DRE in the digital rectal their. Which is all fine because at the end of the day if I got you involved in a conversation here where about it I've met the goal that I'm trying to do to be there. And so will raise funds to continue to support those so a lot of the locations here in San Diego the brewers. Are are great supporters allowed us you know have free blue space. To be a share information at these at these beer festivals. But also when we raise funds what we'll do as we work with. A couple of organizations that help provide free PSA testing. To underserved communities so that's for the money is also going it's more than about awareness it's also making sure that. Were able to get PSA testing to areas that need it most recently at the great American beer festival so big festival Denver just happened a month ago. Are actually this month. And we had free testing set out each day. To get me and wanted to unit PSA test and I think the number was just under a hundred million that we had that did free PSA testing that had probably not plan to do so what because we were there for right information. Mean decision that was probably. A good thing for them to do or some like we have time for me get mine haven't got it a year whatever so right we tested that nearly under me and I think that's very oh overcome reasonable making an impact. Very simple thing to I mean he's just like doing a cluster of tea central vile applied until a couple of days later they'll podiums they hate this European thing that you have events here San Diego thanks for prostate that was really gas so with you know November's a big gap prostate cancer awareness month. An amnesty before I talk about some things that you guys do with them but. We have our society really near San Diego this will be our. 3 or fourth year now with them that we they're designated charity for the entire month of November. Or most members of call it an every Tuesday night will be their providing information to Manson and their partner is gonna come in and ask questions and information prostate cancer. The last couple weeks here is they've had some fun and they brewed beer just for the event they call it. Small bunker it's a brown ale so I have a little plummeted but then we get a portion of that little sales that are made on on Tuesdays. Will be donated to points or prostate at the end of the month so it's great to be davis' face to. Reach out in and that share that information with the community and also make a contribution to the charity into the month and the money that you get from from those events stays right here in San Diego yeah absolutely so that you know of that data were bred you know I'm partisan idiocy absolutely SFO go to support. Now we're gonna go to another beer festival we need different up you know whether it's. And amateurs are gonna hand out you know there's all those things cost money so it'll support that also go to support at a national level. Where we where that other organizational going to buy tested so yeah. Both locally and nationally. Okay and and another thing that we've we've already beaten it's been brought up mold amber and down mobile in November movement or where foundation he had. This is this will be my this year with November that's him November is that a nationalist organization based analog Internet the Internet debate yeah there international and I am basically. It's it's it's a male thing would have. Through November they encouragement to grow mustaches to to draw awareness. To the men's health issues in general. But they have a particular focus on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Because what prostate cancer is to men over 4550. Testicular cancer is the man on the authority and believe it in there's quite the problems. That he needed testicular cancer numbers. I can tell you five point 700000. And testicular cancer is highly treatable slow rates like over 95%. That now. It's it's and other cancers found that a man does it just don't talk about so we do these fund raising events throughout the month of November I do. Radio walk from where we raise funds in the funds that are raised from those things code to. Researcher for the cure by way of media Prostate Cancer Foundation. Which it was a foundation started by AM the junk bond king Michael Milken actually. Many years ago just because he developed prostate cancer while he was in prison doing time for the all one thing. And he came out of prison and it turned his life around and started the Prostate Cancer Foundation which pours millions of dollars into research every year. And done that's where they're coming up with some of these new. Won't we called showing biomed. Solutions. That you were doing. What you do and I'm not marathon on the station I doubt I would I would previous years who don't weekend one weekend at the beginning of mellow them back to do we can marathon where it was iced tea on the air for fifty hours per week behind him raise funds that. This year we wanna spread out over the course of the fall weekends though. We do separate auctions over the fall weekends throughout November on FM nine point nine. Focusing in India and on Saturday and Sunday or just don't know they'll be a lot of problem awareness stuff on the Saturday and auctioning some. And and it's silent auction online our online silent auctions and I'm will be auctioning off items. We have some really core items like I know we have that as soon for decide by artists have played Coachella this year nice. Oh yes and is signed an all kinds. 1 of the kind memorabilia things that we auctioned off forum of course for the month and and it it starts stand the first weekend of the first month that first weekend in November. How most members of android and we stopped actually we usually start the month when the cinco shaved today and issues you're on the first or second and we get a local bombers you know and involved and everybody starts with clean shaven. On the first in the month. And the U O'Shea for the entire month of November you are shaping up (%expletive) up I had stashed out of shape up must fashion outlet for many years and yet and we've we've had the monster's ball the Indy grand ball way. And the mustache competition staff. But down Mohamed Al ta com has hit double curve on the delivered a comedy like they'll give you and ask you what country you're in and you can you choose and November 9 US will become a Mo bro or if your they know this is another thing because guys don't like to talk about this. Another way we approach this is we've we've we've targeted to women. In the men's lives because the women are the ones they're going to be saying hey. No go to an outcry I I don't you guys know me so mothers sisters aunts tell your father your uncle's he grandfather. Any any mail you can. Go get checked go see a doctor it's important. So if if anything that that people listening this morning can take away from the show this morning. It is to go detested yes. You are absolutely Aaron and back and if you are some liberals and is that is already diagnosed ask us a cancer their resources out there for you know help help you sort through at all of view I get some advice all lets us available to you. Just remember it is asymptomatic. So is not something you cell growth symptoms of this are Vatican good check this is not you can be walking around with a non now. So there really nothing that you can. That that you look for does nothing to outside and outside of maybe the PSA results of the US ASA I mean yeah if you get the latest stage you might get little pains though you might have trouble. Year and day. And I mean now doesn't really bad and it's it's like you say it's over the board like there can be some that are very like you know on symptomatic and you can have somewhere they are NASA promises that's just not. Just not true for all its not true for everything's that's why you can't just rely on something we'll show up and I don't know I have some a look at Mike if you need to be proactive with your help. And you you need to take charge your help financially tell majority charger health and you gotta look into these things especially if you're in his head demographic death as you're more likely to get it says yeah and if you're not one and seven men and that's pretty that's Presley and that's pretty and a pretty large numbers. Array you know basically the rule of thumb is if you're African American. H forty gussy it up to get a pizza if here Caucasian male. 4550. Oscar doctor you'd optimal give you you know advise you you know do you need to get one right now walk and you wait a year aside. But it generally around fifty you need to stop getting knows PSA tests and then you know you'll get a baseline. You know make eminent you know. Below one. You know but at least you have a baseline and then over each year a success of year you could look at that PSA and whether it's increasing the suns don't ask something's going on. Demi has revealed as a go it remain in the cross it's going to get bigger Internet and you PSAs going to rise it's more about them what they call the velocity of that movement so just a movement itself was not there yet there's a large movement within a year jump to be guys are going to be at that we at least have a of the conversation with your doctor Jeff Moorad gauge you need to know that because. If you're not make it appears they measurement nor are doing the prostate cancer tests just doesn't exit obviously I'd give me an example right now what I say a year ago maybe two years ago my PSA was point nine. And that was after having one man treatment now and slowly. Started rising again. And spying. Mile this year it was up to nine point three. And then all of the course of four months it went from nine point three to thirteen point four so that's a rapid acceleration that means OK it's time to do. If he'd been going safe from a nine point three to a nine point five. Okay well into next time. Not that big of us thought that it would jump. So you go look at it the the amount it increases. Is it time period it is a short time period large increase you need to stop looking right. Now again the the auction that you're having that in 9419. The money that's raised from than any other donations you get where's that going to goes to move amber and it goes towards the search for a cure. And all so full awareness. And move undermines the from a member foundations and part of that foundation is it on various they fund to the proxy cancer. A foundation they sedate you go to November dot com you can see that give you there's transparent as trans aria can be and I did have a funds go in your summer making it they have them though who pretty low administrative. Percentage which we've mowed them lodge portion of that funds goes to. The awareness and that they search for Q and that's you know the awareness is a big big London that can make it the killing your people among them the funds the prostate cancer. Foundation and the American Cancer Society. An American Cancer Society just an amazing organization I was just on promise them this past week and looking for clinical trials for the yeah I ended there another really good resource if you have questions about cancer. And Chad again the web site for California prostate cancer coalition gets its prostate calloused EL I am so but he looked at California prostate cancer coalition is it'll come up and then for. For those looking for resources us too so it's you have cancer us too so it's US. TO dot org we confront some resources for someone that you know some of it's been done to process cancers and and a price for prostate it's pints for prostate FO arson of the number forward and keep that would just fights for prostate dot org. And you can find and a lot of different things you do and where we're gonna be. Locally you know soon where what what events will be ending months. And I am a member is November dot com am we have a team Monday essentially FM 949 team. And that as a team we raise funds and and the auctions are FM 949 ST dot com. All right Chad Steve thanks be on Saturday and I'm playing Gary thank you so much awareness about prostate cancer appreciated now have a radio sugar. All will be listening. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living better and San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the an account San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guests will be from the American Lung Association until then I'm Garry lake. Have a great week.