Calling Tammy's Son With Some Christmas Cheer

Thursday, December 21st


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Our friend Kyle from whisper mill and part of his choir from rise city church here to provide some Christmas spirit if you need it. We you'd be a jolt product is in lakeside and that you are also in dire need of some Christmas spirit. Now I heard that your mom is a member of the church as well. What's her name when Barbara Barbara Barbara okay all right so all for Barbara's daughter guys continued cheer her up with some Christmas spirit. So let's give her and I. I love playing and examine the man they're good. Those are learning in children zing in laws. Hang dogging their Salem residents that. Here comes Santa you come salmon com. Is he at. Are. Honestly I'm all right Rebecca I hope we helped GO. Leo all right Tammy now we get to the man and young men who is impossible to get into the Christmas spirit this year EMI youngest son Grayson is eighteen almost nineteen in the nineteen next month. And I was talking to him because we're not gonna media during Christmas Day and I was feeling bad. Usually when having a problem with a apparently an older toll producers stuff was all over me about it you know yes and we like having policing how can you abandoned your family on Christmas Tammy and I'm not because I'm seeing other family. Anyway but Grayson was just not and he said he didn't have that he just didn't wasn't in the Christmas spirit slight change that we are gonna try to change that with the young man joining us. OK great. We are it's momma John say hi. Who doesn't your boyfriend think now. And it can about it. And I'm not with you once in awhile and a sort of tell you know what I recorded with you about the holidays and if you were upset about not going on on the Christmas trip with us and he said he really care about the holiday. We do please your staff was really upset because she's like. Cricket doesn't have the Christmas spirit anymore. And then deal. Marine and this isn't the elf movie well funny you should say that Greece and because my brief some Christmas we're all right now and. Grandma. Animals and diamond ring he. Is that. On the right. I'm mammograms are we really. Need is that. This is a Christmas magical indefinitely on the by a reindeer yeah I think an uplifting song but Grayson. Come on because the spirit now well. I'll come and sing it will. Nothing corporal Ricky play it's easier in the Christmas spirit like Greece does have the ability to hang up the phone you want you in the Christmas period. Not just have. To go on Christmas. Just like you're crazy right in the Christmas spirit. All yeah thank page. It is now. I lobbies on. Well who do these we've he has at least I wanna cut that Iraq eight Sears all driving the airport and stuff in the gasoline and have a party.