Bryce's Tantrum Over Forks

Wednesday, March 21st


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Hey a best way to deal with your kids tantrums record them so we can make fun of them on Jon and Jimmy in the morning. If your kid print without being what they did get their way yeah that's past and current right. There is this. Is. I guess I'll think you're small chance of over there any day we. When you see we have a big tantrum leave my hands on the and sell because. What a tantrum that was fear. Other resort we are at or is it about was on fire darn near and I thought we had to evacuate as it ever resort miles of miles away well ever gonna. I just to win that that's a good and then. Wait. Ed dinner tonight you know we rotate the kids in their chill lorries and who gets to be daddy's help her and who gets put out you know make it bites and they want to enjoy dinner Mike gives itself resilient and. Commencement speaker Brian and I have now. A plane freaking out. Before. He will put the cup so forget her. Now it won't put. But if it. Openly. I hate doing. The ball high you've just won again at the forks because delegate it to you wanna do and don't. Yeah. Analogy yeah. You do is jumping on. The cup to be officiated. What are you going steady for the fleet he could put out the play and tongue. Did Jack human right beside you hell why not play hard. Now that tonight it's I'll put up a place you like playing aren't exactly feelings don't think Big Dig in the Corcoran yeah. I'm kind of looking forward yeah. Public unit to dish out the Beckett cheese and don't. Do this plot don't. Really putting up the forks. I anytime of the dying are you thinking and I really had in this country. They got to the memory courting the telling John did you ever get all the home and I the company knows him. Hey guys. You don't move work's good here. It being. Here he. I work parity out let's put out of the mountain snows. She INS. He is not middle. Child little girl in the music. I did not bar and. And he's no Clinton nine home. Hope the rural. Menino and his supporters. During the first delegates to the next thing. She goes and you're able helping to bring big news NBA in the machine and who. We. Hope it's pointless and. Oh thank you can expect it to. Every time I think I just missed my babies so much movement you started out the break what they're probably no I don't think.