Bryce and Stella on Their Halloween Costumes

Monday, October 16th


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I still remember to this day all these years later my all time favorite Halloween costume. I was a big fan of the TV show the incredible Hulk and my mom made me. The dust hawk she had stage make it a Mamas and Peter it was green everywhere unfortunately. It was in suburban Chicago which meant the Holcomb winter jacket yeah he's fun as the midwest. You always have put a winter coat over your caused him really why are you positive you know Lars I'll hopefully know early to throw winter jackets. This is time here I get very in the Stell object for being and a father of the young children because Halloween was my favorite time. To roll the kids around wagon and take them door to door. Every was a pea pod for her first pres her first constantly Julie was a leading blog. Another you know. Old boring teenager. And candy and gender trader has to read everything college or your party levels older yeah completely different with a live vicariously through my grandson and your producer steps children yes that's awesome age when it comes to cost him and get geared up they are you ready. Complete portfolio okay already going to be if this Halloween as. I'm Larry and the he'd. When you look at print gown. And that. One point EA got to be partly what revamped past Halloween steer remember. Old. Oh yeah Europe baby tell any hair did you remember that that. It was cool I'd still pictures that now helps her remember her and she recognized. Pay me OK. Great now we have the 80000 dollar cash cow. I did not does cross promote your business and it got you excited to. I was just thinking when I heard tell us they have moved up up up and I'm being serious why NASA's do you think kids know all cute there. Do you think she knows Washington on the QB with this move. Well Becky this is about to turn and knowing I. So what would you do with a thousand dollars. Oh boy now we get Tiananmen. And I praise. Forty enemy for the telling to have. It's my name man. That really just good decent player checks this past weekend. Now bright the most important question. What kind of India are you trying to get for Halloween like a lot. When he fell I exactly keep on talking with right now. Well yeah it's not you're mad about going have been massive they're really think much about my favorite bit younger you. I think it's not silly you know went and thought it's. Okay and she's. Right I don't know anybody's gonna be handed out yogurt or ice cream but that's a good idea I guess yeah. There's still be in the Italian it's not that hot. Yeah. I'll miss that much time. On one thing here. I love that he wants yogurt. It. You can go over Sierra. I'm living in some builder for follow his favorite as a let me yogurt lemon healed. A lemon yogurt are everyday that is awesome very cool.