Brides Across America On John And Tammy In The Morning

Thursday, August 9th


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We have a wonderful castle and loyal listener who has been listening since she was nine years old and she's kind of in a predicament and we're gonna try to help her out hey Danielle. So Danielle is joining us right now Danielle big fan of KSO and her whole life which is super cool. We thank you for that Daniel welcome Johnson in the morning. Oh yeah PO reach out to us Christian is. A brand new never worn never altered tags still on gorgeous wedding dress this way interest was. A Daniels but you know life gets in the way and things change and you are looking to pay this wedding dress forward are you not. Aren't well first of all Danielle thank you for being a loyal listener since you were nine years old that's awesome. And I. If you miss a lot in you know that John and I and of course Q so when in general as a whole. We love supporting our military and that's something that you thought of two with a us. Accurately so boy had. Am I have this beautiful letting Darren and ten park and obviously in the not already happening though I'm in better. Giving it what confinement or iron that tech started at I don't wanna kill. Yet I'm that you really need any kind of sport it. I know a lot of military campaign in Diego can't afford like Jack in her wedding I'd really love me that they get and I. Kurt is really really cool especially because you know you wanted to get married you have every right to be in my address of this is right address and and and you're not you're saying no it's only deserves it. To Wear this that's a beautiful thing I'm sorry things didn't work out but I'm pretty sure it's going to be for the day all around. Early and you are now and help somebody right here in San Diego who is probably stressing out right now I'm not gonna have a nice way addresses all I want is nicely dressed because I just can't afford it. This is going to be a beautiful thing. So we're gonna connect you with a nonprofit called brides across America that founder's name is high eighties and what they do is gift gowns to military and first responders who normally wouldn't be able to afford one. I would love that yep and to date they've gifted over 20000. Wedding dresses and given over twenty pre wedding so right now you are never 20000. And and. I. Danielle like what you're doing is is completely unselfish it's a beautiful thing in. I and I know we all wanna do as much as we can for our military friends and and this is just another and I believe everything is a small step is really not sell it it's really cool what you're doing. I think you're human and appealing to Freel. Absolutely awesome thanks again Danielle in the meantime if if you have addressed that you would like to donate and they'd like them less than five years old or brand new. Met or if you are in the military or first responder and you were looking for address you can go to brides across America dot com.