Brett Young's Baseball Career

Friday, April 21st


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The insecure part of me is not like Britain the good. You met a couple of you know he's such a nice guy a parade boys this is news on the case you didn't know. Plus he had the choice to become a pro ball player and a baseball players would be a singer and yeah. Hung up on John's I'm not a morning from San Diego's number one for new country gears to a choice we all have right now sure why not. Yeah if you ever have the opportunity. Oh by the way we're joined by some kiss one famous hello again. The lights series. And Dow all the oil that was go to KS ON dot com and click on our contest page usually the same thing. If you league involved in this would love to have you here and get some breakfast from Einstein bagels in catering but we also invite you to. Sign up for the John and Tammy new country Pickens parlor. Grainy and the ever done one of Dallas for picking parlors in the past she's done them too when you've seen some artists before they become big and famous and you get a runner on I don't. Islam and they sat right next inning thome since it or is it cool thing via its edge here. Get over here for crying out. But the work becomes do you appreciate exactly hey guys they are good at and lowdown on excellent no worry here. Remember the last I saw you that option. Ash might wish it while now that was one that would have been wonderful man I know is that the sometime prior to that but it like ten chairs and you just have the best seats and you just have this personal. Experience. With these up and coming that is so cool that totally and it's cool thing is is that some of the the pick and pride that most of the pick empower artists. Started out here they're not up and comers anymore they have made it almost every artist you hear ranking is when is it one time been in our pick and parlor just when they're starting out cut their teeth and do what they call the radio tour but it's important for the music this is an a in a in conference room with salespeople on their phones I've been paying attention this is. A way to hang analysts these conditions from Australia and now it's a way for personal commendation things like bright young did he was he actually he was it to pick apart are I believe. And you find out personal things about them them. I miss baseball all the time especially when I watch baseball it's really hard to have made it to a level that I did and and have it like basically. Taken away you know kind of halted because you have all those what if she wondered how far could've gone but that's that I don't have any regrets about. You know I really goes why did you go back to you after you answer gee could it. Because I'd already found music about point I've never for 12 since I started music and I wondered if I was supposed to do this this is always been very clear to me. The from what I understand a brat he had the goods to be a Major League pitcher and I curtain collagen and went for surgery need to hold innocent innocent. Following through after his surgery synod at this these things that choices we can all relate to him that the I got I got him yet Sam hunt who could have been a pro ball player as far as football you got Jake Owen who's got a hand in the scratch golfer from a professional golfer Adam. They're sharper till there is isn't he a great golfer to a deadly he's on par ha ha ha with. Wow you can go like this could run out and.