Boston Pete Calls John and Tammy Again!

Monday, August 20th


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How are our friend Boston Pete is calling on the exact same weekend. But I'd choose my daughter to a movie Good Will Hunting nice thought but that's that's that's my. That act act. It wasn't passing yeah I'm done well are you guys go on we're doing great what do we attribute this phone call to this morning. Oxide I got a body guy who's peace and that. He got request your column back added another dumb look. The bus and called you called the first time you called us the first time. I got Google I mean I don't remember a number of jobs. Got you got to Boston beat 8332871037. Night got in your phone with all due respect Boston Pete you're somewhat of a character we like having guys like you checked in and and Shimon incur an Arab country. Contribute to our program. I am very honored. Well Boston Pete a couple things first of all we're looking forward to with the data we get to actually meet in person or. In midday. I mean I don't know what. I. I got questions for your boss of the I got a lot of them action on it you gotta get rid of one of Bostonians actor who we gonna get rid of the guy Matt Damon. Ben afflict more wall were one home's gotta go Boston Pete is not our top current monarch. So you really see your athlete dame and all the way you get rid of mosque. It's like when it is transformed. Can get behind you. I got generic Boston Pete. Like apples thing yes. I don't know about. I like Democrats. Yeah. What is fascinating to me didn't give me questions for Bostonians friend well I I just wanted to know that I love Boston cream pie and yes it's good the pop pop. But crippled doughnuts are my favorite my mom and I when I was a little. We used to go to the bakery to gather in that was always what I got. They're bakery there where did they aren't there some too well. Got docket Dona. Dunkin' Donuts the wickedness of I don't Agricole little town as we had a we've just had a small town bakery so I had to go to the small town hometown bakery it was you share a boss empty your thoughts on Tom Brady. He can't hear her or her. I'm just not that big of a fan and I'm really not a big fan of his wife I don't think she's a nice person. When. And. Yeah sorry about her boss and I know it does. I don't know a former army. What's wrong what Sami. That's Tommy came into Bristol Tommy you know what I don't wanna Angie I'm gonna is it my mouth. I am I right. There are a lot of races to Wisconsin packer fan I don't wanna get in argue that I don't want I don't wanna surrender tour or are McGregor yes idea of bad luck. Evil Iraqi TV. Look you know what not obvious that a lot of very well Matt peer group vocal are very. That is sure what Boston pitcher what eight or question for you you had to pick one just take one here the snuggle. Fabric softener Teddy bear. Or head the Teddy bear. From the movie debt. I. Where our air our comments are not your credit mark while bird that they got to go. Well. Prosecute fluffy fumbled play bad elements got our thoughts and you're always welcome here down thanks for color boss and he worked on the as a shipyard super secret job out there so. We appreciate you both things.