Blake Shelton Does His First Ever Facebook Live!

Thursday, April 13th


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All right Tammy you're into this thing you you you FaceBook live all the time whether it's here's my here's my dog or here's my shopping trip or. Here I am plug my eyebrows. And people love it. They love it. Imagine the traffic in the comments in the likes of Blake Shelton leaves his account as our FaceBook live here in the possibly with the Blake Shelton's account is. Oh my god Blake show that FaceBook lie and so hello my name is Blake Shelton went yeah. Good guy. You're always asks because we've got the opportunity to lose jobs and who've met Blake a few times and everybody we meet. It's always Blake Shelton for summary as busy as cool as he seems in person. And the answer so unknowingly is yes yes he has it's just like he's so famous he's awareness for him. And you you wouldn't know he's famous he's going to talk to some due to the stuff he's coming nicer than some due to the story. And introduces himself with glee shall become lesson. If you. Can't dole and offered on FaceBook a lot because I don't know that I've ever done this before very answered as she looks homeless almost. Anyway I say I'm getting so much questions. Butcher most memorable moment from the doing it to countries songs to were. Okay he has to answer signing you pregnant woman's belly right. Right will embody what will he do it Willy mentioned staff. Probably not say when your dog bit my fiddle player. Is to generate Indiana. I. And think about her dog being someone who later when she joined this couple weeks ago. Everywhere not jazz bit. Today but I'll keep this on a Rampage is that not everybody's. Crazy. Your service dog right I think it is all right so obviously the dual player got to close things. A if you could share the opry stage is one member. Past or present who would it be while. I found this thing with Steve Warner. These are my heroes is a great guy we've never performed together though and then this season twelve of the voice. Staffer once and also as we want you to once again as the name I am not heard a very long asked him remind people who Steve Warner SC zero Warner if you remember had a big jet that was our holes on the floor of heaven. Huge. Song so many people played at. Memorials are funeral sure are just gorgeous song just one of the best voices in country music even Vince Gill says that and a great guitar player as well right absolutely over. And then now this season twelve of the voice. What is wrong way your coaching strategy has changed since season one. Beyond that I didn't really have a strategy when I started. On the voice and I still don't now because I thank each artist is there's a different completely different scenarios and different. Well you got to look at what what is they wanted to accomplish you know it's not about what I wanna accomplish was when the artist is about helping that artist. Accomplish what they want the competition and I'm just unlucky that I have had. There are people on my team at the right time and that's club than ever to win says Lou many town she. I'm like Adam. I'm like yeah I am now getting at that dig in and let us know enough about stuff though I'm czarist. I'm sorry I watch the full video right now we're gonna potion has grown. On October Abreu he's just imagine what a shame. That.