The Big Stagecoach Surprise!

Thursday, April 19th


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So we have some beautiful in studio guest John hi Tara. Would you please introduce your lovely guests this is Renee she's my grandma's Pigram RNA. It's going to be soon. Really how much too young to be in his grandma well thank you think I'm in love with your name it's my sister's middle name. It's my game sweep puppies middle name because my sister said if I didn't name it after her she would disown me. Uh huh so we have here Renee and Robin Renee all I got to the way we hear what's going on military you have you to have a mutual love of country music brain allows me at all well I think gosh and yeah yeah OK so were your favorite artists. Arm and a puppy he. Wrong whose beauty of the biggest crush on more than one look. And all mental cold Barack. So be keenly in alone Toby Keith until we Keith and then a little Toby Keith along with Santelli case. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah sorry what are your story your favorite artists like Florida Georgia lying on time. And did. Casey must praise she's my. Number one paper yeah she's awesome by the way Casey must raise and toward George honorable place ditch go to C are literally look at the list we think about Keith Urban Renee. Oh yeah our about Garth Brooks buck yeah. Oh yeah although I know guys on all on I'm lying to older guys felt sure sure sure we you can look at some younger ones too that's OK no emotionally surgeon. Email grammar and in many military usually and I read your email suppan. I was special request is from terror is always been my grandma's dream to go to stage coach is that right grammar thing. Yi and us who. I've been wanting to make her dreams come true and buy your tickets let him pursue my college career. As a first generation college student money's been type I would love to give the good news is that I have tickets for stagecoach. Unresolved. That would be a thrilling experience something here but it was too yeah. It would be up all of we just said we didn't have them yeah like we are junior reveals a low level that dream yeah. We would like to extend our invitation TUR. Granddaughters gas and stagecoach. The drive them on. Bernie we're gonna get a chance to see you out there and now. Yeah are you here every day and enjoy every day little music. Yeah and have a fantastic tiny human. Impossibly jello shots with your granddaughter yeah. Yeah they. Some Wyatt Cathy my mother sister she had come to my house well Laura you have I don't know what kind of party we're having. And I gave her fairy first jello shot right in their Maria Callas shot she looks to me she goes. This switch your kids are doing with the pot now. You she just Jersey yeah I'll know just forget about I don't aren't any options to disappointed yeah yeah. Who do agree Cameron drew and perhaps an okay all right so three days together with your granddaughter may. Read days. Oh yeah and. Do not true. And he didn't. I love. It when. I love it I love how excited your own yeah. Yes I can't wait you out there is so funny if it if you are it is fun all right we'll terrier great granddaughter. Grammar and ancient. My Yahoo! you've got a lot of work you know pretty much the desert OK and I got to plan your altitude regulates. Sons green get your get your American flag holder to operating good well why all of a lot. Growing. All right we'll leave it in the desert together in less than two weeks. Today I hear that you guys here I'm.