Big SD Enforcers Game This Weekend!

Thursday, March 15th


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Tim had the perfect cure for your because the Packers cut Jordy Nelson balloons and believe that I. Not all why did you do today does that not mean there's yeah. Really knew they had a book producers and give a great. And you know what we want to worry about that kind of football that's lame football you are real football we're talking with sandy of course back. Coach Brian Wilson with the enforcers this year. I tell you what we're really excited about our team this year we've got a lot of new players. That have joined and we're combining them with several over veterans. We're excited about the upcoming season when your new players is not Terry Nelson is it no I. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not quite tough for him very gala and renegotiation. Scenario I think good good. For those who don't know me they're new to San Diego or nucleus of one. Who are the same you enforcers of San Diego enforcers are public safety football team comprised of law enforcement firefighters and military personnel throughout San you county. And we play as part of a public safety leak it when he by team the I think it is now we play different charity football games all over the country and to crack me if I'm wrong. You guys are pretty good we're pretty good what it was echoed through about 90% when we think. Yeah we want about 90% are nice 1999. This year. With the new players we're really working on. Then buying into the program in those kind of things decent help us and I. Help her own home always willing to learn you know every year John strand a suit up for this I know we just have coming up against the Marines may now. Every year that I appreciate it ruin my every marine is paralyzed as last year at the coin toss when actually bringing the revelry with the coin could put the as a true story I know what that beats me yelling at the officials all the time appreciate it. Yeah well. I'm that just let's me when your players are and I am very I don't I'm doing very well in what producer pal. Was in the Marines for eight years thank you for your service appreciate the support and I am Woodson knew it was firm enough all of his staff. I actually used to play for the marine team all can act today and nice and so. I actually sense I mean this feels good I mean it's the most. Organized football I've ever played in my life to include you know. High schooler you what the Marines you know and we got a big game coming up this Saturday so we do so it's our our annual salute to service game where we honor our. The veterans and active duty and out of the imports is again our our. Excited to support on her flight San Diego for this game there's that are chosen charity nuns Wear is again junk. You game is that the army navy academy army and navy academy in Carlsbad the rain supposed to hold off so we're cross our fingers for that and it's a 4 o'clock kickoff. Alright beautiful and again and helping out the honor flight of San Diego which is such a hugely important organization changed him his life in absolutely did send you enforcers that look. I don't think I'm good to see you guys again a best of luck this year and your thank you.