Big & Rich Talk Route 91 Festival

Tuesday, October 17th


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Thursday our friends over a moonshine flats are putting on a benefit concert for the victims of the shootings in Las Vegas recruitment when harvest festival it's a week after. Our human peace sign went down and it's gonna be weeks and months. Until the healing is completes and the PT EST goes away from. Other people that survived the guilt of having survived that twisted yeah I know it's there it's terrible things have to go through and not only from those who were there but the performers. That or onstage you're just getting done wrapping up their show. Big Richie performed a couple hours before Jason LD two at the stage Sunday. And a lot of fans that really. Inspired it John Rich is also the fan that inspired Eric church to speak out of the grand Ole opry that video we played for you just last week. This is the story of a volatile John Rich met Sonny. You know I remember signing his wife come into line. Alice look informed because my aunt Brenda who lives in Tennessee's a schoolteacher. And her best friend is a schoolteacher and this was her best friend's sons signing. This allows kind of look informant he walked deputy says hey I'm Sonny I'm here at brand as friend you know. And is yet is wide eyed look on his face and you know just excited to be too big and rich show and we shook his hand and and map took pictures with MS and I may never have a have a several vigorous time in when he goes on Ghana. And then a few hours later we learned that he's one of the first casualties. That happened at the festival. He was depending his wife feared she turned his back into the into the line of fire to keep the bullets off of his life and being that he's a nurse. He had devoted his life to help another people. In Alley was a selfless person all the way to the very last moment of his life being a selfless person and I would say. Column an American hero to this point. Eric church obviously agrees nurture shared the story the grand Ole opry and actually reserved seats for Sonny and his wife that remained empty because sunny story really touched him as well John Rich from big red then went on to explain though what their viable is like the show after. Route 91 their first time back. On stage. After the tragedy in Las Vegas. You know two nights after Las Vegas we had a concert in Phoenix. And now. You know the bus was pretty quiet. Everybody get ready for that show and now you know you're talking less than 48 hours. Since since the shooting happened. And you know you go on onstage I'm looking over Kenny looked at him a million times there's the band everything's in that spot and go on like it's supposed to go but. You're just thinking to yourself man I mean I know I was looking at the front row of people. Thinking about the front row I had just seen in Las Vegas. And I think two candies point about. These guys that that do these terrific acts like this their their whole goal is to strike enough fear in Americans that. We won't walk in on a stage and nobody will show up and that's the end of the story and they get two wins but it's uncomfortable for me today it is uncomfortable walking out. Right after that happened but we sang god bless America again that night in Phoenix and we will sing it. Every night for every show that we ever do. And it will take on even a deeper meaning now I think for us every town we sing god will. America we will remember just how important have phrase actually is. Yes we will absolutely that's why this Thursday country strong which I flat for the route 91 victims benefit concert. And it it features out Carter winter in the Morgan Levy and in more tickets are just start ten dollars a suggested donation by the way out the door. Also what I love about this to his ninja fights is giving up 100%. Of their par revenue. To that Las Vegas victim's fund so you wanna be there starts at 8 o'clock moonshine flats this thirst. Yeah and I know we need to remember there are so many east Indian them festival. So many people affected. That we just we can't forget that feeling and continue to help spread that love.