Benjamin Bratt

Monday, November 20th


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Legend Brett has had a wonderful career you know improbably from Sophia berg are his ex husband hobby air on modern family. He was detective a ray Curtis on law and order. He was in miss congeniality with Sandra Bullock clear and present danger with Harrison Ford is newest movie. Is a Disney Pixar movie where he plays Ernesto de La Cruz the most famous musician in the history of Mexico. In the movie Coco which is a great new Disney Pixar movie opening this week Benjamin Bratt dude you were OK Disney Pixar movie now as the big time. They are candidate project as a fan. But now having witnessed what they go to true. The prologue process that we surge and it's just have to put the Jeanne it's what they do they're they're wizards they truly are everything from to finding remotely credible. That should brilliant storyteller and the fact that they've now but Latino culture front and center with a particular film you know using. The Day of The Dead which is an exit celebration of backup and restore it to fifteen really. We're joined this morning by Benjamin Bratt number entering you're no stranger to animated characters playing in more awareness in despicable me two and of course Manny and cloudy with a chance of meatballs and part two. What is one of your favorite things about getting to do the voice work on vs being in front of the camera. No way you're you're up there and you don't do it here. An outlet because you know walk to be. The other thing about being caught can't lose. What is more from me that's been the rule really in the last three decades. Sometimes it could be a little had nothing to convey emotions are. Didn't it animation that doesn't work. Benjamin Bratt is joining us this morning with John and Timmy in the morning Benjamin one of my favorite characters you do is. Javier on modern feeling when my favorite shows how much fun is it to work on that sat specifically with Sophia and I'm stuck so. Are. Not as bad. As friends that I'll never see her army jemaah. Yeah I wore on they show you know inside the power of the course so much was usually though wouldn't he created directly tackle there that. That big though they had a good coolest part is it out. That was superior. The acting is just incredible. It is and this is funny and what they should there eight feet and. Yeah and it's it's still fresh and fun. But they and you. Recognize the rarity in the bless you have. And so it's just incredibly loose the bomb his school work. It got started before about our own forms you can somewhat restricted in terms of being too outlandish the and the one trade on that whole World Cup matches. What you do it in animated performed is where we need a little bit. You can't go to vote them but the truth is I was if you bail me out here. I'll just copy. So you accept that court that it. Had the capability. She. It looks like you have an absolute blast doing that your career has been so vast and so successful love from all the work we've done and and this latest project is no exception Benjamin Bratt is a co starring in cocoa opens wide in theaters on Wednesday. It every Thanksgiving I used to go all my cousins after dinner and go see a movie this would be a perfect and the movies do that. Benjamin Bratt it's been a pleasure meeting in getting to know you have a great Thanksgiving and good luck with Coca male looks it's going to be great it.