Behind The Mic Series: The Best Yearbook Quote Ever!

Friday, June 22nd


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Johnson the morning San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS so about a hook you up with your summer at 101000 tickets picks. On San Diego's number one for new country 137 KS OS that was a kiss a contrast artist currently peer she'd get two tickets KS ON dot com. Or book by applications what they open except Alka home which is sold out all. Right is that John. So car really at a time so far are you really OK you've got to you brought some month some profits with you what you have there. A year. And in is in any your views happened define it or not. Or hook it. And quote. Nine years in the country. That is and that amazing. I think that that is rates that is great I mean that what made you do that I mean. A if you're listening to the church early life and yeah it. Well they're jerks and let me guess that was that was Koran was in the guide guy who has got no quote next to his you know he's big and funny wasn't. Him in debris. You booted a and I Dayton. That's a good thing. I. Always. That's funny. I had it's like it in my heart. At this stage in the car range guy. This will be used to. All and we can do that we can make that happen again you can be one of those those miners would like to do that let's but right now. Our sincere names they where your from and see how you spoke country are doing is protected bike for your editing out they went 321. Go high and Heatley baker comes and Marcus that's a currency KSL and a and that's a felony now you're gonna of that. Yeah every time or the radio.