Behind the Mic: Questions for John and Tammy

Friday, May 12th


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Our John Kenny behind the Mike series continues what is your name Susan Susan where you from Rancho Bernardo Reggie Bernard you cannot be happy Mother's Day. I can tell us what people who people confuse you for when you're out in about looking all we do Tammy I guess we're both had a short blond hair you're cute and I am but look thank you whatever you look you look adorable. A little Sousa argue that it it. I am right I don't take a compliment but yeah that's good well because most women don't ICU that she come with some notes what you got going on there. I have a list of questions that I am arrange for you to that I would just going to dry your hair askew okay. If you have a romance with any movie or TV character who would it be. Well does that mean the character themselves with the actor playing the character and as a matter. I would like to see just the character okay so just kept secure so I wouldn't pick Jennifer Aniston I pick Rachel from its okay incident okay good open. Tammy you go I can't go Danny Ocean promotions 1112 and thirteen rules I was a couple of. Changing any act like George Clooney that's also how. OK I have another question yup if you could have written any country music song that already exist which song would it be. A couple of answers he's OK so I would pick the song raise them up by Keith Urban just because I love every single word in the song. But asked for a song that I've written. I would check crews because then I would be retired again. Could that John has made so much money. It's unreal look I wanna pick for that exact same reason but it would also give a reason live like you were dying from you know okay of the messes up and that one also amenable to cash about my wish must yeah. My favorite but I'm sorry I. Yes one more here K. If you could describe your personality with one TV character past or present who would it be. I mean bush did this reach out there John I think you might answer Sheldon Cooper. Easily too Smart for me. I was in the George districts. Armed. I think we should do a free each other. Can you give us a moment to think what TV cured the way yeah you are yet I have the first one I wanna which US and and that's Matthew Perry. The firm friends. Chandler could that be more wrong. Also I'm really like that in my head I think that's that's the one that really comes to mind that fits you but I really also wanna say Kevin James from the kings queens spot so Ike hits a candidate that's the president. Because of the but the gut. No I don't know how I thought I did have his physical humors are grading he only got a. It was a nice way of saying the guys know what I'm talking about. You take that one example comedy from both of them and yes I'm together that's you know I was busy for you well here's what kind of explain who I am with that answer. I was gonna ask who the girl was from will and grace Jerry Wallis Erik a great. I'll cut her throat during the title at queens where I say I would Seattle grace from willing Driscoll is funny she's a commissioner let. Young Tammy. I'm Karen walker from the glowing grade only got notable there's just I just bring those. They might kid and just like that we find that there's sources and Jack or are you will move through just yeah. I hope we'll just John just. Like they always want to thank you. And then something about each other.