Beauty and the Beast Dominated the Box Office This Weekend

Monday, March 20th


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He in the being did you go so box office records the massive 170. Million dollar opening and that's just in America counting international. 350. Million dollars in a weekend the best opening ever. For any movie in March and the biggest opening for PG movie that. It's. And yeah. My gosh if you just get a solicited Jessica's in your misting up and senior political analyst Joseph Peterson and I can't sing well. Just asking price ultimately if if yes what did you think I really enjoyed it we worried you were going to was it ever occur. You might not. What could this mean no you think you would know I mean I am sorry I didn't think I would not enjoy it got you I double negative does not. I I did when he does so well with keeping their franchises. Done while I'm making sure that the magic still there and the feeling still there break the I LL worry is movie is solid and they began. That car. So in case you don't know associate producer Jessica the fabulous young woman who answers the phones for you whenever you call us up we so appreciate that Disney freak right now she's innocent love. She's wearing parts of the Caribbean fifty year anniversary sure you got obviously this weekend I guess the anniversary. OK see you went there I saw your post on Friday. And worry you. Thinking and Nazis six times you start crying. I am I thought I lost count at five I believe that was only thirty minutes into the movie you least you were crying five. Times. Thirty minutes into the movie yet to stop counting can I knew it was going to be bad he was really worried about this to me this and a lot since starting his bell. Is that there could be a whole generation of fans now. There are no Laura's bell and not Hermione Granger was that weird it's witty or any man that's my thing. What the most interesting part of going into the movie for me was seeing who is they are watching it it was me it was a full theater when I was in was at. 12 o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday of cholera and it was all adults there were two groups that really is an at a match I was all adults my age in the thirties 20s30s. They crew put this movie this is the first animated feature that spoke to them that they loved listened to and so that's. They wanted to come fetus and I think that's why did so well here makes sense this is Deb why would you go on yet. You know you are that generation got toddlers act like. I don't wanna get away from the kids Ingle. As an adult now kid and Sunday and I was text everybody in like thirty at thirty let me show it all just good to get yourself. Know the boyfriend went with me but only if you wanna know what I'm doing. I don't within. If you met John we do yeah. I know I cried at times. In the first half hour John we do harm him.