Beat That Weekend - September 8th, 2017

Friday, September 8th


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Anyway do this weekend Florida Georgia line tomorrow and then a pool slash football party on Sunday right on through. We do yeah that we usually an unknown iron to make sodomy. And I was saying everybody else is a lazy and adolescent great. Now. Your three children. And of course Georgia line from this weekend and I believe Julia and I am lucky my youngest daughter so lucky to get what football the other on Sunday. I. And him being a new boyfriend all that's important. Model mr. 61957. Known number 1973 time for our weekend tradition in San Diego's number one for new country Kia silliness is it Friday tradition. Of beet that week I can't drum beat that weekend. Am I just wanted to tell you about a big event that we have coming up tonight. And there were no where project one and a large schools that we have quickly aware project is community engagement. So what better way than having a large community and that and a nice. 5 o'clock. At 5109. A at. Port pavilion on Broadway share this celebration is not just for military and for her honor it is for the entire community. That we are going had a killer dueling piano. Perhaps thousand dollars from America's Got Talent singing. Or perhaps food or have I green or it could be out of nowhere project giveaways. So a lot of quote sufferer who MI to join cannot. Broadway pier that sounds super cool thank you so much enjoy it okay. You guys have a great time Austin glad beat that weekend now. A mud. Coming they had all over the Palm Desert blatant off. Lou go mom does or not. Ryan is a good 840 degrees out there pal. Yep and Ireland are not really. Well you tee off like 3 in the morning or what. About him in the morning to open it since you know mutilated and the please tell me asking. Some really gonna be Carney is now walking it always yeah I don't I don't want. No Kentucky got lazy. Either way I was only sing lazy because of producer staff calling people lazy for convenient things intact. All and I don't know I think they'll agreed idea you can bring Ito can't. We have the game now playing on Easter last year. Last year about this time I was Emilia island Florida for a hundred mile bike ride for JD RF and I don't know how it happened but some on my right to. I ordered a about 75 dollars with a tacos from the boroughs here in San Diego and everything I got a call on who reads I got a call saying your foods common around a man your foot on a roller. Happening yeah putts. Apparently wants with her. I had to call blueberries and say rom and floored right now he's in order to your tackles as a ball I didn't and I don't know. And to this day and how it happened my butt dial flu breeds. Regret it oh yeah. My friend's backyard what can I take your pal had a great time.