Beat That Weekend - September 1st, 2017

Friday, September 1st


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Tammy. What to do this weekend. Point cash for a short while got a pretty success house tomorrow. Yeah ultimately it's going over their adjusted to catch up and I told me that there at all. It's me and my husband and different on an end another friend we're all going over there and then we have a fantasy football draft Saturday night it was not fun and anchoring so I guess this week I'm saving John abrupt from Wisconsin because that's what we're growing out that would have been rescued invited. You're just busy with your is that yes tomorrow I'll be in Jerusalem. For tomorrow working for our show and our station when your party working for yourself and of of course I've got a couple fans the ball dressed I think and under the track this weekend and as well 619570. Number 1973 beat that weekend. I'm I leave tomorrow. Order. Croatia and then Rome. Wall that's quite a trip how long you gonna be on. I didn't I. I will be big impact on attempts to cover about ten days. While that's awesome leader he's gonna do on your trip we get some specific places are getting out. Com wolf we have right at me and my girlfriend we have planned to go through the but some blue cape there go my these rock climbing type things over top or reverse so I get that I Wear light jacket brought up though. Met you look at most people all the other than that it carried out a little bit just not in my crazier to think that cup. And then now I'm really that important in the media group on the ballot architectures are number of the art in America. Museum architecture of the coliseum but I'd bat out. So course so jealous let us know when you give back maybe share some pictures a safe travels man OK so last beat that weekend what are your plans. Oh he a little meat can. You've got a girl being so quiet and not call any. Let's go to Susan adult Syracuse and beat that weekend. K I NT on Wednesday. Yeah a year add it to market at happy hour today nice store and then tomorrow night I'm actually getting married an op. Cabrera and Dion is having her bridal shower Smart or age and that Martin Manny I have a friend that it does for thirty years coming into town. And able to throw in Latin flying in from Alana Stewart going on dinner idiots seem prudent around we're not at. You create a rest from your weekend enjoy that. They took on Mike in El Cajon beat that weekend man. I'm gonna take it. Did that weekend go to Vegas celebrating our big comeback Thursday were right in part we can get. What the left and possibly again haven't heard anybody. All right Carter is in Carlsbad. Carter beat this week embody. The first thing that we got going on is actually pretty cool. So my roommate and I were trying to help out all the victims of hurricane parties so. Well I can do and a personal right and whoever loses city. The five K time out there at 800 dollar Turkish army that was you know Saturday morning. Good for you was always well obviously it's going to be may write to garner yeah I'd bet that our first. First Logitech that week and then on Sunday organ that baker count. Thought they get in and enjoyed the yeah on Labor Day weekend. Awesome and other radar I've been you you'd be safe. Run well and thanks for charitable donation we appreciate that pal and thank you charity is a lakeside Jerry beat that weekend. I don't like it or not. How did he wrote a whole ball stay cool in the hot out there and didn't.