Beat That Weekend with Miss Rodeo California

Friday, June 17th


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Trying to find his face on the beach this weekend on Father's Day spent to tell my kids which I was all about. Upbeat that weekend mom gonna take my husband we managed just me and him campaign for two days of Father's Day just us alone. But you know that's how it goes producer staff finally helping. Here cause yeah he's got to worry aliens per order and Montebello. Acela Acela Bert paying your Father's Day and. Every Fuzzy brown well yeah. On the fake I feel that's an easy thing to beat that weekend and Carly a special guest in here for me that weekend but first Alfonso you start men beat this that meet that weekend. Yeah. Yeah yeah I. Around under the single Padraig and lies the National Anthem why. They don't do that very often as object at 430 and I get to hang out of the budget firefighter. All my goodness you have my fantastic. Weekend and had the. Announcing it tomorrow morning at the Belmont for an open again since he had also Padres game tonight they're gonna announce he would that it donated a country singer. I hope they imploded here's awareness nerve I. Well I always enjoy and it is that they should still play the record vs aliens are the issue is that lately about go. And that's why I wanna do a lot of big gets you know edit the tension and that's the cool here. But yeah you know they say you've got to have the guts to get the glory well. For you enjoy that in India good luck and have a great we got some pretty good weekend to be taking Alfonso. I try to do man. All right that's awesome that is a great weekend we have another awesome visit with miss rodeo Callahan. McCoy a majority of California I'm fantastic you'll look fantastic Keogh is heavy yeah isn't too bad this is my custom happ from Greeley Howard such as a sponsor of inserting America so I'm really excited be wearing into and it's my custom list it. I'm your party. Another but the stitching around the edges calling engineers in the ML. Could make me decide and blizzard of can touch her hand you think McConnell and ya know well all while going oh okay. From like you don't wanna Wear the crown come to Wear the crown iron out this rodeo California this is not entitled to be taken lightly hasn't returned. No definitely not this is way bigger than me you know you take over the represented entirely up to realize that you were representing something that's huge. In this area California settling something I'm so excited to be able to represent still great and your family to sign it is and that you're eventually get a move on end and go for miss rodeo America tell us about your fundraisers this weekend so Saturday we're gonna have refineries are gonna have Patrick Travis and assuming playing around food and great opportunity drawings as we call and company and we're really excited it's Tony five dollars a person or forty for a couple an assist to help me be able to pay for the clothes and traveled to get him asserting America's right so what does that tell. It's a daylong pageant will have three different interviews and even seeing long. Yet you know roll. Yeah. Details in Vegas always held in conjunction with the national finals are. Sure I use super excited. It's a long time dream to be able to compete they're like I just get so I this is also like it was real you yeah you're very video yeah very nice email had the opportunity at being able to compete is amazing so ads along gradually we get to do of course did you. Is going to be pretty wild we just get on in golf we don't get any warmup where on the sources they never before and no man is so excited for the opportunity it's been a long time goal and now I'm like wait and every single idea long months well vocal. You might analysts were looking into that bridle bit the V chip three pointers I. I get a completely different writing styles so you did that. You didn't do the western kind of downside. All right in house really don't know this you're going to be good health until Obama to. A bus riders know we're talking about. Okay sorry California arms and a couple turns right now see if he did mr. big talker. Grade I really know if like already adjourned without breaking the barrier breaking the barriers when you finally get that we'll see Heidi. Scenario but I guess that I finally broke barriers yeah. Sorry early on yet another landing about a mark down a marker out. Thumb when you fire mark. My god how. Could I have been a couple. I don't have a nice job okay fine you and I put our lives as well as I galvanized Alexander had not comment a ticket information and details of any type and dollars a person forty for a couple. And it's an happily said rodeo grounds Saturday five to 9 PM. Perfect it looks very good luck with everything you're always welcome here thank you so much.