Beat That Weekend - May 19th, 2017

Friday, May 19th


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I feel and know you and I do it tomorrow for the weekend we are proud to be and seeing for a while the lakeside and now CNT. Relay for life race at lakeside rodeo grounds I'm sorry at lakeside middle school we outside middle school has the relay for life this you're looking forward to that and I'm super stoked. Because I'm a huge fan of the TV show and practical jokers and their show is coming live to San Diego this on the and a super. They do I'm super excited about that yes in practical jokers live Bryant that's what we're doing this weekend let's Gaudio was 619570. Number 1973. Hayley your up beat that weekend. Waiting and I'm. When buying what Hollywood yeah they're great great day. Only got so you're going to see her which I which of course a lot of people now from the real housewives or from com. Do you mean I'm comparable is that it is it's a big deal or what it's it's him very it's it's a very very well known restaurants are doing what Hollywood media do you have to calling months ahead for reservations alien. Yeah I my mom but rather be here. Only god I was joking legit really love us. Super cool so early this hour as you are and you are involved and he's got something like. Come under much of who we are looking at your menu right now. For just a fancy prison is hearty eater invasion it doesn't really appear that expensive. My mom that that it not you. And sit down. Lisa leader pumping her husband Kim made they have a lot of stories they have ten bars and restaurants in London besides what they won't kuril island column the apps so I know what they're doing. It yeah yeah awesome now angle. Place likes her fancy Nancy place we have to call like in January for reservation and may he would tell them it's your birthday in hopes to get something extra hour. Maybe I don't. Oh I don't know my mom. All the credit grip or dare they I thought if you're celebrating an event. I can't imagine serves the kind of plays all the way isn't wages is gather round and Betty and seeing emerging give you some free mozzarella sticks probably not. Right right right. Italy and. Still block is they're very keen to answer us. Phillip Bloch is their super fancy restaurant that these people have I don't I biographer of for the Vander pumps a lot of people Arnold and watch any general house are the what's real housewives of Beverly Hills and they watched in a prompt rules around thing. 61957. Though number 1973. All right well be that we can honey they're celebrating in champion playing on this weekend I think embarking narrowed cannot buy rating hot I don't beautiful. It's pretty hot. What we celebrate the kids currently Gunter can't entry Ed. It is that the hybrid and we honor those children that are no locker at bat for them. Two more awesome because that call your daughter Ireland joined us last September when we celebrated childhood cancer awareness month by going gold for Ireland. Not iron to campus I read it here last year he was going through and get them. Wonder what and you kite is so much. What honoring Ted and I bet you know there are a lot of kids out there are a lot of family used sometimes forget experimenting the other. Those kids out there and it is that it could well experience. That is beautiful thank you so much who were so happy for Ireland you appeared tire failing. At everything. You bet also it's the first annual memorial scholarship fund raiser tomorrow for Jennifer what her parents have put this together after she. Castaway and pianist brewery tomorrow from twelve until four they wanna give back to the community in their daughter's name. So it pianist Bernie twelve to four it's going to be a great time so everything is for you to give this weekend and feel good.