Beat That Weekend - May 12th, 2017

Friday, May 12th


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It's pretty young John 10 in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KSO ending Casey did know welcome to our lives. Happy Mother's Day moms are with us moms who are listening to my mom. And every mom who's listening right now and also the single dads who I have to do both jobs we appreciate you very much as well. It's time for beat that weekend 61957. No number 197 to reach him do this weekend on my goodness well I am trying to fair we wanna do a brunch on Mother's Day. But we're not so sure what you getting served two US I I don't know yet we haven't quite fair for going somewhere. Or if it's going to be done at home I don't know if he's not major reservations yet and good luck with the Atlanta. I don't cut on the mothers into Canada's front I don't know also wanna you know tomorrow Tim and I are going to be Robert probably hosting our sixth annual teachers are hero's ceremony for our favorite things that we do we're going back to where it started Lego land tomorrow morning honoring area teachers. It is the reason why we do it the wrap up for teachers are heroes and if you want to nominate your teacher for our next. Round of teachers are heroes all the details are at KS ON I come a super cool way. To start our Saturday and again we've got a live studio audience with the Saudia is that a good times so far. Feel great jump out of to a if you could talk a beaten that we can Kristi you are one of them beat that we can what you got going down. So it tonight and all they tomorrow from 5 to 8 this evening and from eleven to five tomorrow we are holding a huge country fair it's up in San Marcus at settling a elementary. W rides the zipper of course is. Include it's just a great time for kids at any age to come on down and it promotes all the fundraising for our schools double peak as well assembly elementary so we help you see guys there come on out cool Christina thank you gotta Mother's Day. Let's go to lakeside is thicker yep Blake signs say good morning Shelly when he got going on Shelley. According dime can't he carry it. Greece that we can honey. They got all RT EG as. An act. How she or hour and are you age you our. Other daughter or eat well my other. At. I hope then import it or if I don't work and go to the train caught fire on. Listen to a year or so by Sunday evening you're going to be having an adult beverage enjoy some music. Oh. Oh right well listen I mean obviously I like going up before that we enjoy train. Happy Mother's Day yet time. I came here and can't look at miner eighteen year old. Think you chalet in our should take care are on YouTube hi Bob I. Again mothers we love you very much and have a great wonderful Mother's Day remember everything is getting done for you this weekend comes back around Father's Day. It's totally all right our studio audience we would be a very much day though got a good times. I remember viewing involved in our next Johnson behind the Mike series we're gonna do a Father's Day show next month. So pleased dads or moms they go to PS ON dot com our contest page. And who sign up when I think Einstein bagels and hearing from provided breakfast for our filming here today and just have a great weekend BC can be good to each other.