Beat That Weekend - June 24th, 2016

Friday, June 24th

What are your big plans for the weekend? 


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Aren't some are 101000 tickets is official that is under way were given out thousands of tickets every week and KS ON. And that continues in the second is the giant tent in the morning. 61957. Known number one in 97. Degree as time to. Four you'll have to beat that weekend it's all right Maureen let's start to one up each other beach that weekend. Update without any context I what they can't. But the key to what car. All a full. That's going to be cool. At that I'm spending a Democrat you think your arm. They're crying all right good levels cool deals we started yeah the keys Darcy UN and right on weird good luck to react. Hillary beat that weekend. I am. Writing to Vegas early in the morning with my younger sister to me my oldest sister to go to Garrett for. Oh wow I love. Well I didn't realize this terrorists look out Vegas sun and it will Vegas survive and all right Betty beach that weekend. I'm going to make it big aren't brought exhibit in mobile arena. All right are you going into this personally I. And just sisterhood and I and I went. They care and tried to be debt we can tell you joining in the army I'm moving anything he can't we can't. Perhaps. He's going to be that way again and planning a picnic and locally eerie drone and I guess tonight battalion has question mark one of. Really all we're gonna put a blanket of living your own good because yeah. I think what about the father is it well yes that is happening on Sunday where every entity I know he's kicking it off went this golf. This is his. That is your right it is day was last week you need to get away from a felony I want audio all right let's bread is a wanna be recorded and you put the audio away. I got my chemical thing going on this weekend as well you know maybe don't. But I have always had aspirations this is serious to become a professional chef and I decided radio is more my thinks there's math. The Britain in chef Julia then move on and there's an actor to be discussed today after. Can do that the culinary world but I have been invited to take part in northeast when he sixteen this Sunday. In Carlsbad. And I'm super pumped because amity going up against my colleague here in the building would you from 949. And in a kind of cook off and a chef count as a top chef I. I get a professional chef he could professional chef all they can do is on the instruct us we can't do anything and we have to prepare in played in twenty minutes and I was fired challenged her Ellison. I would go on record by saying this I should win this I cook all the time if if if if the main course was Robin woods might wind took it to a win. Well Taylor he Leno he goes on CEO of I Coca all the time and I'm saying that because I norms into myself I'm nobody crushed now. I should win this okay. We expect audio Monday morning should quit Larry I'm I'm that confident in my ability you guys leave my food and yes you're good can. Absolutely are but still be worried about is they'll put fire I think I am not a fast OK I am amazed when I want Brad go to town. Our ranks are trained to do twenty minutes to prepare and play I don't know if I can do things that has little meaning to my stop and expect your producer step in the background bring us back yeah going to fight good yeah makes him good luck GO.