Beat That Weekend - July 28th, 2017

Friday, July 28th


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Wrapping up our behind the Mike series and a so yeah we feature really drinks and tickets during the summer 101000 tickets ten what are you doing this weekend. Oh my gosh I am taking off to celebrate a friend of mine who's getting deployed so this is our last a trip that we're gonna do together in the horizon I after he had done with starred John Jimmy's -- our new country top thirty tomorrow. And taking my daughter to the airport. Because is leaving for a week. All stop she's grown up easily allergies. Eighteen year old and step up to be a man yeah. They're not bunkers because he goes to college like a week two weeks yeah and I'm one dispute as much time with her again she wants to get as much time with her friends here. I started to bring it down more we got on as we can beat that weekend and going out to LA tomorrow morning hanging out by the pool the hotel and then I am going to Garth Brooks courtesy of John Tammy animal. And cost. Your finger before I hop on the pleasure nights of them and I. Aren't you enter craze that's awesome it's all written right there yet. 619570. Number 1973. Red hair beads of KU aside and. Yeah crazy man. You're more got a couple preview weekend its first public divorce rate who that any yeah it lingered at the pilot down. And then I'm spoke watching John Howell the model but I inappropriate what party I'll party. At Mercury how about axial to go to the big house nor pooled yeah. Well you don't own logo might be fit for your grip. Brad enjoy the violent slams the prior enjoyable walking Wisconsin. I have a pointer and a court of what you guys are on the weekend but I looked up with DR. Going online and touch and update to opera guys. Marion is up with things Brad appreciate your support military Kayla sign. Have Brad and aren't aren't that good we get huge you all right he's he's an Escondido and you're going to see the six string outlaws. I around our room our current. Many say that. O'clock and they are bringing our it and I know. Now there's an awesome. Awesome give us a rundown on Monday KC let's go to Ashley in Claremont you're celebrating a birthday and it's a milestone one yet. Aaron I'm in turning third hey Aaron if I had not so. 3030. No dirty their local area again try to get. Hurt. You. That ticket all right Christie's and lemon grove you are going to see Garth. I have the avid that I got the birds that get that they. Only go. Let's hold on assignment if you kids' tuition or some yeah right up. All right have a fantastic time cause Monday okay. Travels Christine.