Beat That Weekend - John is Jamming with a Band

Friday, January 19th


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States done. I I mean no local band. That can change in the rid of scratches are hurt you didn't learn harmonica and I wondered if you could come out that gem that little bit. I. I. A white guy contrast to jam with a man yeah. Is this Nathan. Nathan James in the rhythm scratch yours first to welcome grads and a cool name yeah it is. Thank you if you see and seeing what I do in my did much special Qatar rob banks that are. Oh yeah. All of the honest. NATO I've had one harmonica lessons and don't really jam I'm doing. We make strawberry preserves quite frankly I could hurt her but I mean if you're offered a helping yellow belt of the old certainly taking up on that. Well I'd. I played with some of the best blues harmonica player in the world of secret Buick here in there that's awesome. You guys playing together and getting there at all. Tomorrow here planted. For the notion moment let him play some bright and it paid thirty. And 6830 here. Where I'm going record. I will now begin digging and it doesn't really scratch yours but again dude if if you're offering to give me a couple of tips I'll be glad taking up on that should trouble early that you hang out and its knowledge of the matter at. Serve her art makes Mickey was home school out the and if they come out formally meet you tomorrow I really appreciate your habitation. Yeah American record I would take you up on that men in. With the musicians call each other you know secret I didn't see it again tomorrow men. All right so now we know. This weekend yeah lately enhance its. I order being less spastic and were cool to be super cool position. Okay just tell myself that I'm as mobile and gets passed to stomach pump the brakes pump the brakes. And don't forget her Monica tomorrow I remember your harmonic. All desperately Beverly without that this movie musicians we definitely discussed our tree on the brakes you know men pump the brakes and not being spent and being cool. Moon and then. 619570197. Perry now we know it sounds good what are you doing this we can beat. That weekend peaked at weekends 6195701973. Break up which ya gonna we'd love to hear what the reset again so that so I've already revealed them. Nathan James in the rhythm scratches tomorrow or I'll post on the cold and it's it's too cool for me and let's be honest. Too cool for me to you know look it's confront a common watch you with the kids. Has the air light or no mormino kids and tell you right no don't bring tickets and buying it I don't wanna I don't bring your kids toolbar beat that he gets weird if it's like a restaurant. We'll definitely prohibiting every year don't bring your children yet anyway John at courses made a New Year's resolution up finally start learning to play the harmonica I got him all over a year ago. A because let's be part of a bit and now we get his first indication come get some some tips. From practical listening for BM never really. Yeah I'm looking at needs and genes is a prisoner in him he's the guy who's called us to give me some tips via. 2011 the Barcelona. Barcelona Spain. Bolivia could take a trip from. We just become best friends that we try and that's just happen and that's I got you yeah league's. That's Johnson is that you want an orchard and that we and 6195701973. At all beat that weekend. We're having a birthday party are two of the one year old to be woman today. All hubs here. You know guys you seem. Terry Davies one years old I know but sometimes mom dad liked to have the glory the partial mom and dad out of it has been paid out. For our oldest what are we did that Sesame Street this bloody it's more just bought the. Color you have great obstacle lots of bright colors that's our thing you magically cleaned up first get in the second game appearance on the right street thinking can't I get some color is not hot enough. Aren't you you never wore out there. Volume distract him boy today he's been very spastic and. He's right I would do you know throughout the white but look and news Jeremy and deputy Shelby. Yeah we're good we couldn't yeah. Bad. How does if you look at your child would be refrain from that now. A lot of good Iron Man. Yeah flaws and Cheryl and welcome those surely that weekend. I'm going to bid fair to go snowboarding tomorrow. I'll fun and now I'm sure I had slower even snowboarding. I think they learned to like that maybe. I'm here to tell. How and ask how old you are. Good for you all right eats yes so is it hard to have always wanted to do Obama. John Negroponte snowboarding and I've been skiing but never snowboarding know like you are OK yeah that's what you do much that he got jam session tomorrow and then dollars and snowblower look at musicians really easy when all called it never really dreary now. So Monday jostled to working and you corvettes. Just keep growing by the 01. About snowboarding for gods say. You couldn't. Lou Johnson immediately get away from last year the oh my god who. They get a great Satan and she. Do you mean is I'm asking about more than midlife crisis like it's. And I. Corvette behind. What I'm doing this weekend. Troublemaker mom I am meeting a friend this afternoon for happy hour and then I'm going to our good friends daughters ready for Britain pre tournament very and a 21 birthday party become the things that they parents go to. Because they're having at their house so it's not like. You don't appear out with their friends that would be different a volume on the three. Well I wanted to go to the poor house watching warmup but I guess not because I'm you with the kid you can't let it get baby sitter. Obama and I checked they exist and impoundment at three kids it's too expensive says not.