Beat That Weekend - December 1st, 2017

Friday, December 1st


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Andy is number one for new country 1037 KSO and John and Tammy in the morning it's our Friday tradition Tammy what are you doing this weekend. Meeting up with two girlfriends I haven't seen him for ever tonight in the taking off to Huntington Beach to Marta celebrated friend's birthday look outs and you Timmy in the pearl tonight when I grow grass. Bruce is epic that we can't. The opposite of Tammy I'm taking indicates to have breakfast with. It's. You are going because you wanna go to. The kids are taking you. Breakfast with Santa tomorrow and Italy five bucks to get scrambling a pancake caught food and Santa only god Larry we never leave I am I am going to do it day by daughter Juliet to our normal tradition of giving a Christmas tree limbs I didn't see the rest the free world yeah that ray morrow is busy day today I was there really and moving to go on Sunday that. I'm joined Russia festival teams suck it up the seasons. And as time got it 6195701973. Gwen is an Imperial Beach you're up Glenn beat that weekend. I'm taking that kid hit that son of the parade tomorrow night and then on its. Sunday were in the natural history museum the what the ticket my husband on from that last. That the free yeah again well done fantastic. Our let's go to CNN in Oceanside CNN beat that weekend. I might added dampen clouds and we're going at. Let me say confidently that my dad go my way. Our own Shannon claws on it from happening. You are dead is Santa I can imagine having Santa as a dad. Yeah I'm gonna not let. I. Jesse what a wonderful thing for CN did you think you Shannon hey sandy. Beach that weekend. I am going to do being. Christmas party in Escondido at the Iraq's says. The restaurants. Oh OEM and end in time. Yes and it's being put on by Robert Poole. He's little big man at a eighty. Actually I and greedy kids that it. Well laundry area enjoy. That very nice have a fantastic time he's got great food and agreed happy are minors and and I cannot crash part that's pretty cool. Are you it's your posts I know. I'm excited star and didn't English so if you wanted to. Bring him well. And my. Starting to instill that you're gonna party that's been great at that time I can't. And you know I wish it was not a tape there one there give jury bottom bring out of Detroit. I Democrat that I did you know growing due out this way right right I got. All right sure admitted that he would not mean united Edmund yeah okay Stella she's the middle he's got enough that yeah. Any pretty clear clearly nobody huge and do what he says she. Lol why she isn't and he. Noise about this guy you did you you can reduce getting nothing for clear for Christmas is showing you a baby and that you don't think I've thought of that car and yeah.