Beat That Weekend - August 4th, 2017

Friday, August 4th


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KS so unwelcome as bitterly occurring in into the Del Mar thoroughbred club tomorrow. That's Robby doing this weekend what do you do in 61957. No. Number 1973. San from beet that week when John and Tammy I can't sell us all right Christina eliminates a beat that weekend. Iranian arm. Mind you and I are dragging. On and may IRL. Or my great uncle Mario all but it's not. And me and I'm thinking only Marriott how to really. Need clarity and ear loan you know like I am Iranian it now. In LA I. He hit me really happy I opt out. I can so relate to that in my local shop passed away suddenly a couple of years ago on the funeral was horrible but the celebration of his life after words. In a bunch of Italian sitting around eating drinking telling stories I didn't want to end it was that special so I know exactly what you're talking about. And are all right now all of a couple of bad and I bet that they are all get together we are. Hearing genius really and. That's wonderful that's really wonderful enjoy that time and enjoy everybody thanks Cristina take care. Going to Carlsbad to Courtney you're going hiking define the biggest pine cone of. I it's about belly. I've read that I had I love and I'm I'm that Bullock let them out there. Outlook in Israel and. Oh wow so cool. So what are part of the world as the biggest pine cones Courtney as a certified barbarous. You know back then I know are the crime what you found out my arm out and out I thought Beckett they lack the air I would do not long. Well. Listen to you we that would impress you all forty if I told that once for a summer job I had a job in the portion apartment marking trees for Dutch elm disease. From regular person thinks so that's okay cardiac. It I get back at it bought back. If you're ever looking for someone to talk about planting trees with I would like to give you my husband's number. All because he's always going to do you see that I'm like what went on why Kenya and he in the it anyway that's his one of his. His hobbies that you love this and does so you kind of person he need to talk to about that. I'm very well I don't I love is that it's what I do I look at your ball bag. I think pot. Cool awesome Ike and we'll enjoy that and a good look on your quest for the world's biggest thing collectively to see it. Sorry. You match so I dean is in Rancho Bernardo she's taking her daughters on a cruise to Mexico. And how long you guys gone. Three might it like that they call our eight year old time in the app cold tires. Eighteen and twenty you don't you can have so much time blasts. We're gonna have a flat out aren't do you hang with them can you keep up. Yeah they keep up with me.