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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the inner accounts San Diego radio stations and Gary late. Dame community development corporation is a local organization dedicated to. Strengthening residents and businesses in their community through empowerment education economic growth and housing development. On the Saturday to talk about how they're doing that and to talk about an upcoming event there's is being community development corporation Chief Executive Officer. Monty Jones and board of trustees vice chairman are Rivera welcome Monty welcome aren't thinking hey how it could be. Nice to have you on the show Monty. You don't show up about a year ago here at Madison glad to be back it's good to have you back and aren't nice to meet you. Yet a big big event coming up later this month we're gonna talk about Patton in a little bit but first up a little. Let's start a little background information on dame so. Maine came around 1995. And became an of the congregation. Bethel AME church in San Diego. And we've been. Since 2006 we've been. Working in the in the organized community trying to. Help bring programs and services at same time we've i.'s help. With of course other groups revitalized and in emling city at Logan heights area communities what what are those who just so we always called Logan heights community program organized because it consists of relief five. Communities Logan. Memorial Stockton. Grant Hill. And German sites so we can we include all the five Nicklaus did so your your serve a series Genesis are those in my community school. McCain is so what is the mission and of of being. But munitions used to you know. Religion coming you know. Bring a lot of programs serves on the road that focuses on education community development. Business development. And at same time tried to help residents. A lot more sustainable. And I'm mistaken. Since your last on the show and those on your website it you have moved your office. We did so we we we glad to have moved to large location though organization has grown. Since last year and so we moved to location between sympathy for imperial avenue. So. We were to move all our services and because we do have a transportation program and what we have a couple of vehicles. And so the spaces. The speeds definitely helps us grow a little bit more and allow. Clients of command and have a love of space as well. So do you do you do a lot of your programs from that office who do we do and and we also take out should own the room as well so we kin. Bring a Lama program serves to other locations like coffee shops parks things that. But mostly it's right in the book. Yeah it was kind of nice about our new location it's on the corner of and imperial and 28 so a lot of people we get a lot more visibility. So while we are in the greater. Sherman heights neighborhood or Logan heights area we do service everyone walks in. What are your hours at at the office so we opened at eight in and close at five. An independent citizen walking and if people have a you can do and they wanna discuss here you can walk in we take appointments. And you know. We tried to provide an environment where it's electric community resource. Seeing coming for anything really that we revenues are now homeless from the news programs and offer enough staff there. Home is willing to help anyone we have since we've moved we've seen. And tick in the homeless. And so we've been open them as well so. If he doesn't have to. Haven't upon these kids walking for services but again it's for those only in the low and has now actually not the mean that's all servers there or would it mean doing certain times of the season like taxes we get people from all over us and accounting. Coming in tune yet it doesn't matter you know where you live actually. Now according to what I've read down Bain is is all now strengthening in rebuilding the fabric of the community through business community. And economic development right that's correct and you do this to the programs that you. That you offered rate we try to provide programs there its we know we'll have an impact with the family. So you know residents commuting around financial help and then you know financial counseling finding a job. My B transportation for seniors and disabled to appointments. And doctor's appointment we try to find those programs. Immediate impact. So that they care and will be some terrible path to sustainability. Oh well enough but at least they know at least they know those services there. And before getting into the programs 01 question what does being stand for. So is just being obviously came out of Bethel AME church. But we don't we just use is just as being. Renaissance Sosa an acronym or anything or not that we are related to a church Oakland independent organization non religious. No affiliation. So let's talk about some of those programs that you have that are that dead you offer. To see how your achieving this goal strengthening in rebuilding your communities let's let's start with the delightful does that. So leave alive came about a couple of years ago we partner with me. It's more low groom can you need medical consultant Sicily. Would they do one doctor is there doctor Kelly's he started off providing similar costs for us. Cervical cancer awareness diabetes awareness nutrition and all the things that impact. I'll community. We have high obesity rates we want to jump on some of those things in these provide somewhere in this community. A long would that we partner with. Plant and had to come in and do some of the classes related Suze sexual reproductive health. And we've been lower who have them to. To a program over the last couple years. So their health program is very violent to a command is nutrition. Is an issue and we know that ago the the death three monks you know. Residents not community can be as a place to obesity. Sometime before cancer diabetes so we try to focus on programs. And it is there cost for these workshops that no cause absolutely for. And Kennedy's these are held at your at your office we do believe though location in and we do movies. We try to take some of these classes to clients if it's more convenient for them to be in certain cases. And we we tried to drove down on these and there is some. We want them learn some news we use we can give my pre imposed on us so we want to make sure that you know they kind of grass and information as much as possible. So so basically healthy you. He's healthy community right so we exactly so when you take a look at the programs is a week in new terms on a couple more so. If you healthy. No money in your pocket you got the job their places today. And makes a friendly aluminum. Sustainable so we track potential different programs have an impact congress. I had and while we don't view all the services we do provide a nexus so people can find the services or the information and actually. Because if they walk into our offices and we can deliver the service they need. We usually know nine times out of ten where to send them so were great referral service for our community can appoint. Okay yes real good point that so if you don't have something for them you can refer them out to another agency correct. In an an in this program we do have actually workshop coming up on August 17. Talking about the idea of the family. And around healthy for them in so that's going to be on the seventy. Okay and what bacteria in your career financial advance consent. We call it the sea effect. The cute Korean financial advanced sensor focuses on. Financial counseling online accounts anything you do. Money for an individual plan residents. Helping them you know twenty credit doing a budget. Maybe filing taxes and we've done everything in that program was cut it. We do folks zone and the money side of movement some things DO clients winds from the immigration paper. Income support helping them Florida from programs to save money. And so on them the program content does everything for an individual coming into the dorm. And you have several parts to this this program you analyst financial coaching career development and income support. Can we go through those and restless talk about each wanna how you're helping so. On the fighters of peace we will look at food and implement all aspects of money career we open them would be job coaching. Go boom go the resonate interviewing techniques we are preparing them to get out the Indians. Are moved up image. But most of the clients we come to us are looking for a job we have a a job corner on our website that we pulls all every month there's all a ton of jobs job listings and that jobless that we get from roster in the accounting. And we pull some outside in the powerful secede from. Anyway anyway keep that we treat these jobs. And so the minutes ago career coaching piece. Income support pieces community because we if you financial counseling career goes now we try to help you keep a moment in your pocket by. Applying for different programs run its. Account offers food stamps. Maybe ST gee he accused it and bring electricity down there in the lifeline program where some of the phone companies so we try to find different areas where they can keep a little extra money. In the park and we called an income support. Making money is one thing keeping it as another absolutely I think we can all relate to that that part. Who who makes up the team that helps these folks in in this program. So we have one individual and particularly in that particular program and then he supported by on the staff so angers the main guys in the program and he supported by the staff like image names. And soon be together. And you know some of the staff for available census. Fabio helps out with the cancer we have a small team to pardon primarily as one guy lead us to show. Okay and and again these served primarily held out of your offices correct. We try to do a little one on one counseling inside the office but for residency well. Meet me at the coffee shop. We can do this. These are one on one moment counseling sessions so it is Boston's 11 council sessions and workshops and and that's sort of critical to know because sometimes when you quarter financial. Counseling sessions during group and sometimes you don't wanna put your own business or your personal information out there. So by having both available we can create a better nexus for people get better outcomes and get real face to face coaching. So we pride ourselves on being from the community. And being able to work with people at all levels. It ought makes a very good point because all lull sessions and 100% confidence so. Can we intake of client that information is held tightly and lock. Can it so. Only the client and and and teamwork and on this particular person's case. Knows his personal the information. Can and and these sessions are primarily also by appointment. Right so but we do take Balkans as well right. Somebody has a problem they need to talk to somebody right and they do walking in and you and you leave a life program who who's teaching the works out there and you mentioned Planned Parenthood but but what some of the backgrounds mostly we have video we have we have young Leo staff. She's actually in the program Christo. But the other news in Rambo. Doctor Kelly. And she brings. A cadre of doctors water so in all expertise. Those different fields residence home panel all feels good to bring all of those are just. Whatever specific. Topic and it is less it's an expert in that field absolutely. So no way were as a small organization cause we are small we are able to expanding contract as we operated for Ramona. Virtual basis. For example doctor Kelly she's staffer almost staff. But she can bring more doctors as we need so now we're able to just provide better services on an as needed basis. So you have basically like one or two. Mainstays and they bring in and they bring in my engineers they're bringing a lot of these folks who were helping out as a professional volunteer and give in this time. To this program. Okay and and and next is here you're neighborhood. Development program tell us about that so leave the pro am really focus on the things that is not sexy you know like to clean the streets to images of that. It happens on them you know we tried doing quality quarterly basis but that doesn't doesn't always happen so we partner. I would too big ones when I'm up at queen's and NATO creek today and into September so. We know for sure those two different app namely. So for us keep in the neighborhood clean as important. Maybe doing some new rules mean to keep an Alley ways clean things like that supply about what we call the neighborhood beautification program. This year. We the when we was here we. We spent anytime talk about about. We had a lot in alchemy that. You became a dumping ground for tires refrigerators. And you know what happens into space is an urban neighborhoods sometimes people just take it upon themselves to. Unload their garage into it into space so we saw was in July do we though is an issue and we oppose the owner. And the you allow us to do something to a lot of first weekly news often and we guy communion put. Would you like to see there and today we are glad to report that we created union and the commune space and garden. 5000 square foot space to have as a 21 feet high tree house empathy and teaching guard. And it's free. And it's completely. Available to them to the community so this was an open space and Pete were trashing absolutely and you turn it into a garden in a part capsule. And rate he'll return to space that residents can use. And to and that gentleman that did that was Terry Gilliam and his family and we since then snatched him up and brought them to our board of directors so. Thank you to him and his family because about the space they lost the space for five years and so we have an amazing space and we wish him ones standing who can come check out. And I know we talked about beautify the neighborhood last time here on the show how important that is very important for a morale Nam and again it goes back to. Healthy use LT community and make you proud of where your from a fit if it looks nice and you keep that up the source yeah and any do you have input from the community on how you do things. We do community in the business known when we get angered the effectiveness of your. Okay good you can hear from this right now that's good basket huge undertow keeps us and tells us it's right on any anything you working on right now as far as being defined as a community. Right now we know we've used that particular space two sort of like being catch off while commune so. We've been really focus and in the garden aspect government we've had some master gardeners come in we have. We staff does there who consistently planting in the garden and we hold in. Garden classes and we hear yoga classes we've. Actually cooking classes in the space of wouldn't really focusing on keeping that. Going including. We do have a clean up coming up in September. There will be working on clean out neighbors that meant to him sounds like gap. A lot being done that in that space and an attitude. Our our our members of the community then. And working to keep that up as well actually yes so they they keep items please make sure folks in the extraction and they do volunteer here correct and they help opening cools it as well. And so we opened at six days a week so he may should Steve's. Not being vandalized. He does and hanging out and tracks and so that's what they've been given back to the project. Basket again that that debt adds to that that pride of a year a year neighborhood community it's a cycle from vacant lot to name. Park like setting with Jim or jungle gym for the kids' era. Peres to destroy those of Gary it's. As I've. Hey easy. To come check it out and bring those grandkids you can okay yeah they'd love it all of that stuff. Now let's talk about small business development that. So enough small biz and we don't do too much we lose we found some more as a facilitator of that particular programs that we bring in. We're bringing a lot of a partisan who might be these small design elements and there. Acxiom school are CDC small does we bring all those folks and to provide technical assistance to businesses. We facilitate a a association Collison travellers business association. That it's a mafia meaning this the businesses commercial court in our real rule is two EO so like be the back office support for the agreement since thinner folks in the home run their business. We just the excellent Telus and you know just who we will work on and so we we we work on most things but. In a small business development program which will really select connector of information. Not actually the ones doing it might go high and career counseling programs. We just link people to the information they need to have a successful small. That's facilitated. Absolutely and that's facilitation brew really runs a very bride dammit and that it could be the single individuals trying to bide their first sewing machine to historic canvas. Upholstery business out of the garage which could be a five. 102000 dollar loan to a small business it runs a restaurant or market so we kind of run the whole spectrum from. Just getting started the micro business to actually up and running and are prices so we've got something to our partners for everybody canceled. So do you have people as far as the the F central build business association he's a business owners correct we bring the finance folks. To help them would. This financial peace. We've pardon would score in the past is in the city restaurants there bring arrests for an expert to answer some questions correctly. The crowd were in the Dayton. Dolan nine and so. Naymick coming talk about SBA loans. We give. Workshops around social media preview of the things they need to be a singer and business. And an elephant these workshops elderly so these meetings held in the didn't lose a monthly loan to second Wednesday in each month in in the workshops varies depending on what to do zone as the lines in this skits what numbers should call if they need something neither of these schools political law office 61985. Feet 056 story. All right now let's let's talk about your you big event. That's coming up this is what is the sixth. Or the third annual third annual imperial avenue street festival due to a series we would and we. We will move or not it's terribly among other festival at. Oh when is this coming so obviously seven. This year we extended it when you're last year and we into the eight this year we ended nine. Between. 28 and thirtieth street corner imperial. Now house the end to turn out last year. When you see that you have to have those one of the highlands these positive from my goodness you have to do in about a hundred degrees that at least it felt like right. There and then you know on the pavement. Right through this tour says we didn't have we what we needed to know we wanted but we we did that in the year before so we've done for the numbers had passed Clark about 6000 people. At defensible than previously we before. We're hoping for ten plus last year but we know he was definitional stuff was so. Hopefully you'll run into that issues and we've gotten better so were expecting 101000 this here there and have a lot more. Food and a lot and a big headliner yes and yes and you headliner here Grammy Award winning conference Sanchez and I amazing conscience has scored poncho. We get the twist is on yeah. And we have to assist on the game in the week so sign him to have them here and Lou always good to see poncho for free. I mean it and so people who come down and program and give them apart before our own path. No charts and what what Tennessee to be performed can comes on at 730. If he comes on the 730 yes he's the last EC schools and up close and out you. Okay and and lots of food water what else can can people expect so this rule really expanded the menu a little bit so we will start out his own me and amazing kids in that community garden space where I was talking about. Then here is going to be the home for the kids on this so. We have a staged a self Thursday's this year is that we have here reading from 52 weeks of science that far and I show that fees pain as we get. Into teams come from Swanson Los Angeles all kids. And everything's going to be performed in that space. Along with the kill zone we have one off factors which is. Well Warner and fly and tanking games that kids and and adults can take humans. So that's enough footprint in the festival. And then our community. Steve's it's we have different. Ethnic dances Brazilian dances are battling for local calls like you was missed and name a couple around. Brazilian fighters all right in the we have and tell us about the food Monty I'm sure you're gonna have something beyond tacos error right now. Well we like to hear about could under the Vodafone has view we we we have everything from Mexican food to. We have harnessed it house we have Asian food and we we have Colombia and some cajun. When will stores over the those restaurants will be open but the Columbian restaurant. And in the tools could Ramirez on the open. Because he's his restaurant is inside the footprint. But we have food for everyone we have crises and ice cream every game to keep you cool the day. But the who's going to be amazing this year at hello freebies Monty. We do have a lot will want his free all these deals are festival is pretty. But you know we we have everything indicated come in have a good time. And there's going to be some giveaways and hearing from staff there's two ways they just have to sign on through our website elk. And you can have a separate website for the festival moved through its in revenue stream fest dot com. And in that on their site you consent to be a volunteer. You could see that it would be the schedule of events all of the sponsors. Everything's there. So everything you need to know from the days on that street that's whoops there it. Our message that you want people to take away from the street fast forward what are you hoping people get this rest nice having fun. One of the things we try and do is we try to bring. Saying the against to a community who have probably never visited sites. And we want them to seize the richness in the culture about neighborhood. As well there's visit some of them the businesses and commercial court or. Lot of people who know him organizers believe enough. And so does come down his seed of people the residents to people participating. Because you know when we got this love thing going on in the moment has come level and I assume we can love when you back. It's really unique neighborhood in the culture goes all we've actually you know sixties this at least on when African American community. And that's with the music he's really kind of fuel. Down the street festival because you know jazz balloon right and now it's ego. A majority. Latino community but the Mexican mariachi. Do we got something for everyone so we want folks to come out. If if anything this. Come check out Paula and and not only them but it's one of the oldest communities in San Diego's the first community from the downtown. People moving out. So you like architecture there's a lot of nice sold house's. I like the fact that some of those houses still have the widow's watch which is the the porch up on the second floor so that I look up to the day when the sailors were common and so there's some really need a building if nothing else just. Drive around when you're looking for your parking space and pay attention to the communities very varied and usually differences and an OK so now that. Parking was mentioned and what can people expect deserved place that they can park as I was who can get candidates. Right so we hear you have to Kennedy didn't find which you can do is there's no people who is we'll have parking. Neither is in the overnights you want to pay for part he's gonna have to be. Creative in finding parking we recommend that you Hoover Hoover on live to our take the trolley on the bus a tight you know. It's a few blocks from the trolley and of course who were in the can drop you anywhere. Be a lot easier after the China China parking space right yeah especially if you're expecting 101000 people. That get dead pretty busy there. And Endesa again what it was the date. August 07 from 12 PM to 9 PM. Between two in the eighth and thirtieth street corner and program okay and the website again for the street festival. It's WWW imperial avenue street France. Dot com imperial avenue resolves about as well on the street in the N fest come how can somebody wants to volunteer they can. Then he goes on there at that website and we are still looking for vendors of those who interest that we haven't cools off the indigent we've taken vendors have to probably. Couple days before. And sponsors still interest and you can score on a website and see who's been there but all those opportunities to available we won't turn anyone away. Cocaine and we will have information about street fest was well on the stations of community events page where. To be elected get all the information they need there as well and a link to a street festival web site. And your website being so our website is WWW being being in these CDC dot org. In your social media not social rule. Back slash is being CDC as well as Twitter we know on Twitter and FaceBook. All right great market. Great senior Clinton are glad to be pleasure meeting you thank our great having both you on the show. Continued doing what you do and being in India and in the greater organized communities is appreciated and good luck with fest 127 we appreciate. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. Of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Johnny next week when my guess will be from City of Hope. Until then I'm Gary they have a great week.