Backseat Trick-or-Treat with Bella

Tuesday, October 31st


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Happy Halloween are about to give you another edition of giant in these accede to trick or treat for your young pool. Or boy who. Accuse. Makes us laugh or hollow given your laughing at. It for a while I'm my best work. Oh yeah isn't that see it go it's me. It's another arm round and our last round this year John Jimmy's backseat trick or treat. And we have got Stacey with us from Ramona good morning Stacy. Yeah morning. Hi Stacey I am hoping that he'll be OK with the fact that when your daughter makes us laugh with her crazy joke. There we're gonna give her three and a half pounds of challenging. I will confess to you see I am I am. A little bit tempted interior of that bad because I see boxes of dots and kids don't want dots anymore do they mean and. I agree I'll my. Totally agree I think Steve is going to be taken and out of dollars and bags of liquor vodka dot ministries in Belarus from Ramona associates he why don't your hand off the phone to Bala. Aren't you. How happy Halloween. Arnold he can't call what are you dressing up more for Halloween this year. Any won't. Cheerleader powerful cubes are so cute are you ready to give us a joke that will make us laugh with backseat trick or treat aren't our Ivan Allen. Are we are and what has four wheels and flies. Him. And I don't think him and the possibilities there now look yes stumped us what is four wheels and flies. Some. As you. Or ridge it. Draws the flying is up and trust. Mom and I think getting caught. Up Taiwan's money W Smart are you really. I did I'd like only at the garden man is the best person. Boy bell you miss lack yes don't step. Mean you have three in town. Can't get back to perpetrate. This decade can't we can't be awesome news events are right up. Now bill gives you a real head start. On your friends tonight trick or treating want. Our axle and do me a favor let your mom dig through that and grab a couple of chocolate bars for herself with mom needs doesn't want needs chocolate. Now. Not one of the dot just like. It. Hello Stacey at the Halloween think you were playing John jammies backs each record straight and I'm happy Halloween to everybody.