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Tuesday, May 22nd


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Advice. That we give new mommies. And Janice daddy's there. Get ready pretty suggest that everyone is going to be an expert to tell you exactly what and what not to do. With your unborn child how far along you know five months. Actually walk around six and producer Jonas and now. If you wanna get pregnant come work for John Jimmie and I wanna. A little orange show the world. Not us we haven't had somehow he met. Make people pray exactly right if somebody in what is a magical by the way kids in imagine it is in that progression for your best advice would you know just something short sweet and to the point the best advice you can give it new parent our four over is 8332871037. Would jump into him in the morning I'm one of 37 KS and we do some clouds some even a little drizzle yes still a little drizzle possible today look for highs in the sixties maybe pushing the seventies in mind. All right new baby advice at 8332871037. Jennifer what you got for our our producer or for anybody who's about to become apparent. It is never a dull moment Eric laughter. There is frustration and there at baton as they're great worry their pain but is the most rewarding thing. That. Ever be plucked a. Assured only through the returns you don't act. Medvedev pulling your right back your own. It's funny because just the one thing. That people love to give advice and you know even if and I even. I guess. Able to give advice I mean. Everybody who has a kid thinks that they can be an expert in dole out advice remember that as well. I for those who say having one kid in early apparently have two to establish via quite currently because that's rude details somebody. Don't want rude people giving advice along good but I feel like you just as this Spring Valley. I don't know just you know be be president not just physically. By just. Be available and you know. And when they competed to tell you something that you think is not important and you brush it off they're not gonna want to tell you that big. Good point it's a really good point him absolutely love that I had to follow some of that advice just last time being present. I I had both my daughters last night which was great arms I'm loving this that we just got back from college having both of them in my apartment just is awesome. But it was Monday and I had to work and I had to go to bed early and it's Monday so what do you do every night champion of that so I just reminded myself that yes you'd just watching the office on Netflix and eating burritos. OK but this is still being present this is still being a part of this and by the way this is awesome at least for me so my advice he would be what. What. I'm actually taking everything in your saying my advice would be just don't think everything has to be a trip to Disneyland just to be in their lives and play. I threw my eyes remind myself that I'm so. Let's just say to my boyfriend over the weekend I was like we really the little things I wanna make sure we make sure to do to just go to the park we have a park. Literally two blocks away from her house and walked to every single day if we want to but we have the farmer's market that's so close as Angel crest every Sunday that I wanted to attack but little things are big production has taken a bear wanna make sure that we actually. Make the time and take the effort to do stuff. Producer jazz might have something in common with you where is she's pregnant. More than well gosh you're two thirds your way through I already am almost at third trimester as this Odyssey not two thirds okay yeah I'm office. You're looking great yeah I'm pregnancies radiating off of you appreciate people are gonna be giving its right left this up do you choose what you're going to accept what you're going to wouldn't. Over sir into the freak out point and really trying to get into that like. Oh it's coming in need to start getting ready we need to start thinking about you know what we're gonna do what the link is ready yet. All the nurseries that might have pulling a cart yeah. And again and got time for that what else I. I want to make sure that I mean. But let them happen. Imagine that we don't have our bags ready to go and might well not quite yeah I think if you went into labor now he's I'll detainees are not helping at all they're both bring a new for the very first time here both in the panic mode it totally makes sense. It in it's gonna happen in people can tell you because they want but you're still gonna be yourself and it is going to be what it is you what do you packing a bag for anyway and hit him that he knew the hospital monitor reasonable rate. It. Says the man who's never had to Wear hospital under pain or is being like hey I had the 3000 dollar aspirin couple years ago oil event charter Matra talk about hospital underpants after everything that happened Al Marico you need to be you have something comfortable on something that's your own. Paul whole different thing hold their they are not talking about the costly staffed 8332871037. Some good it. Parental advice for first time parents Kelly is an El Cajon Kelly what new pair of eyes you have. That we did. You hurt the Obama error at the couple we immediately declined to let her. Out idea he'd be you know up and big baby can't you are doing all they know like. And don't be afraid to tell people wanna come visit I'm not ready for me to come visit my baby. Our former producer pretty as a staff was very good at telling don't try to be quiet just live a normal life because their parents. Regret should be sleeping she she has and you can't do anything let can be used to aloud how exactly and those six or anything man. I'd take care what advice do you have a net for a new parents. Well for me. It was bless America Latin Mather elections and the grandmother because that I had a good relationship and I'm mad and the best advice I Ellie up. From her whenever my kids let's say I Powell or she is a Dolly Arabs a great problem. So gore don't forget grab I'll let grandma be a big part of it CO. Three point think unit. Dawn is in Cardiff dawn in cart of what advice you got for Arab producer over all new parents. I would say a bite at that thing you could hate or she's not dictate that Mary Lee followed your gut. Because every baby and family in different. And tractors out and enjoy. Jimmy bad advice linking new to raising kids I did once I don't get that should not to I don't. Let's go to Kristin let me as a Christian your best advice for new parents. Make sure you nurture your relationship with each other you're nurturing your baby. Get emotional and overwhelmed. At three to practice tape and you don't so extra tax cap are. So in other words I love your children but stay in love with your partner yet you have do you guys have to be in the same age are not on the same page you'll costs so many problems. Margaret in Carlsbad at Margaret. I don't. Great what advice you have for new parents like a pretty suggest here OK here it I have seen first. Yeah. Everything you're doing. You don't look. Purse everything else get away to take Kerry you and your Blatter totally true Malaysian your chance to go in heavy weight and somebody helped somebody else. Let me get a device when you were a pregnant. That you just flat out knew the sec you hurry you were gonna (%expletive) I'm sure I did I'm sure you dad I. In the end the best thank advice advice I can give out of everything that I've gotten hurt or heard is to take a breath. And just comment everything. With kindness that's all you can do with your kids if you give them love and all that. Everything will work out some kids or displays some kids are that we just come out with kindness of what is being a real big thing you finally put the minute timeout and honestly your partner and you and I have to look. That the IQ and all. Hey listen my god look at what happened in my life trustee on relationship. That's what you wanna do. I'd like yeah it is. My daughter and. He is nineteen now she's job interview today. It just asking me advice on and how to answer some of the question and I've been doing this job for too long I wasn't taking it serious Emma let's call my sister my sister is a president of TV. And CBS in in in Rochester New York she had wonderful advice for so I guess my advice he just is don't listen to with the guys and.