Awkward Moments with Frankie Ballard

Friday, September 1st


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But we got a special surprise guests joining us to kick off beat that weekend cat that's playing. A moonshine beach this Sunday we've known this guy for years since we were in Madison Wisconsin used a starting off as a young man with a dream. And now he's got like six number one's in a big old car and 2000. Beautiful wife Frankie Ballard. Will be joining us just in seconds and sandy was number one for new country Kia SOA and as can be very very warm today price hit ninety at the coast. And look for 100 inland Franklin our third Ballard otherwise it was Frankie dollars million is not really Arthur it's over too touchy against Al. You have no idea how much joy it brings me to hear your voice. Economy. Quickly I don't embarrass you Franken earlier shy guy but I read a story that you were back home in Michigan recently and you interrupted to oh for Pete's I think and you left heel like tip that was like five to six times more than what the bill called for. How good did that feel to go back to your hometown in and drop some serious change to a hard worker wagers. Friday twenty dollar pie. Well now great you know but good lord above says that when you give used post says not even lecture left and now which are right hands do mean this goes to do quietly in private. That story got out of it now. Some moment let things that have been torn up but now out the window. And you know I think there are. Not even freaky mental thing business. You made a mistake it was not you Frankie Ballard it was. Yankee allergy attacks into. How long time blues men asking Yankee dollar out of Michigan and I trusted ansari Frankie. Now you know I looked into the I looked into the guys that. They young lady and I have a special place in my heart for that area and I just know that people working hard and China making ends meet and you know I felt like. Going to be great meal 11 active little extra. Nice surprise guests Frankie Ballard is joining us as well as our friends from guitars in the class of frank he's playing a show. I had moonshine beach this Sunday I went to lash of the Frankie played I'm still tired from a the most committed. You can play guitar man and you get your tickets right now I'd KS ON dot com is less taught you frank we've missed you man. And yeah I'm excited to become back to San Diego you know it is just such a beautiful place to be an abandoned back there working on the show we get amused. And they begin to. Come. I'm DT here will seize on that. That would you guys are.