Awkward Moments with Chase Bryant

Tuesday, June 27th


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Had to to love and think Chris turner. Who's one of our long term employs your kids so when you met Chris if you listen taking insulin for awhile and any of our events oh he sought. He media and some bad breath while talking to an artist received some stop Powell may need to record daisy ad skip you know appear without our director of marketing Chris turner. Who has the most sociable a month. Explain your situation and will come to a decision here. Well we did our promotion last week retook the winners on. Some of your responses at the Brad Paisley show on Friday night so we're on the air we have a great time. And we were chased Bryant's bust and so it's kind of close quarter so we got punished for taking pictures and sort Spanish about thanking him I was talking to them. Can come close to them and after we finish evil. Turns around starts up and up couple of drawers and he says oh I'm I'm I'm looking to see if I can find some gun here and street finds the package foolish government turns a record he immediately just says to meet would you like Saudi. Salt and I'm like 03 guys talking. Pretty close like I mean we were in our personal space but it's like quarter some of those buses and there's a lot lot of people on there so that our starter over thinking that I have that breath and I hope I didn't but. So he is so I hear from thinking he gets done talking you your face during close proximity to each other team immediately. After he's done says. I need some gum would you let him go as well that's exactly what he said so that means either. He was afraid he had bad breath and was trying to not be obvious about or bro. It was you I don't know I think in the same thing but I hope but wasn't and it wasn't and that's Brett was not bet you we Nicholas Tel oh absolutely. I would they'll let us go away. Current zone I mean. I love Chris but it was Chris had to be Chris Wright with the I you know. Anyways it was I released earlier on bad breath do you mean nobody nobody really wanna know how to spell it honestly I don't totally cured me and he lived here and easily and then you're like oh my god don't yeah I was shocked Chicago Mark Reynolds. It the fact that he did it like oh why did I just picture and. Just read the front left kept up with my tour manager group went to her. Jake Ryan though this does and she's going to the nearly canceled all backstage as Chris. Our opinion just picking on himself uno is still let's go ahead of his gopher for argument sake Lexus they Crist or hell yeah sorry address yes you know sacrificial lamb. The tech would not her. In the meantime what do you do. If that's the day if you're in that position Elson what do you do. Actually. I. Am a little bit and I think our a lot of bat Brett. I knew that Ireland cannot order. Build an order form via the sentence I encounter a lot of bad breath yeah we. I'm sorry I can I couldn't do that knowledge that we weren't masking many of snow itself and they can't familial is that yeah exactly I wonder how strong the food has to be a pro re route that mask an oral hygienist. Where. You what do you do some dog and two or maybe it's user code dude please. All that I commit my upper may. I would be nice about it you know. She's Brian did attend southern hospitality. This visual like throwing stuff out of the torrent like I. Don't let your Delaware and the bulls are like this old stale piece of real. Of correctly spearmint gum Greg Hill are in the the new foils the field. A puck past Chris I was glad to go to sun yeah. When Christie so bless your heart. Gardez right now. Interview segment well anything for the show we love you for that in his defense he's been there all they said he out. All the band and I know it was hot in the city. Many darn it. Releases with nice about it.