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Good morning and welcome to another addition of living veteran San Diego a public service presentation of the end of count San Diego radio stations and daring late. Autism Speaks is an autism science and advocacy organization dedicated to funding research into the causes prevention treatments and cure for autism. They're also all about increasing awareness of autism disorders and advocating for the needs of individuals with a autism. And their families joining us this morning is Autism Speaks San Diego manager the risk that person better and autism self advocate. Exact person. Welcome the rest so welcome Zach I I Harry if I'm good great to have both you on the children have had to go Autism Speaks on the show before. Couple times but. Never he wore out there a source accidents could have both the on Saturday Lewis you have just been appointed this new position and Autism Speaks. Yes I have very excited about it I started with Hutchison speaks in June. I was sent me their manager for San Diego. And a personal connection with autism my son is tightness at the age of three. On the spectrum. So when the suffered teen eighteen. TU actually helps spearhead. San Diego for Hutchison speaks I was really happy to take an opportunity. Now with this new position the offices is the Southern California is an LA. I crack do we now have an office in San Diego. I am work can't hum offense that hopefully with growing the community in this for we will have a full team here in San Diego very shortly now what did you work before. I was working at the development act different a local analyst association here and seeing it now have you always worked with. With nonprofits yeah and the last I would say. Five or six years I've been working predominantly with nonprofits. Local nonprofits here in San Diego. But I come from a family is always given back in believed in philanthropy. So it's just and matter of time. And and coming to Autism Speaks was more for personal thing for you. Yes absolutely. It was personal and professional I really feel that I mean this hasn't been an amazing organization and people forget that even though it is the largest science and advocacy organization for dedicated to Ott has sent. It is only ten years old so it has done just amazing war in 1980 and the world. We'll tell us a little bit about Autism Speaks. Hutchison speaks who was founded ten years ago by up Vincent and right. They have started it on a grassroots level and has quickly grown to be the largest organization now represented in over seventy countries. We have walks in almost every major metropolitan city. And they've been responsible for some major awareness around the world. And you more about advocacy group right. We have thin and very large without I can see although you know weeks and 80% of our dollars towards research and treatment services so we actually do quite a bit with us science. What what's the mission and of of Autism Speaks so our mission is as its goal is to change the future for all as he struggled with autism. On the spectrum and it's disorders. And help their families. You have a big event coming up next week or this week actually it's Saturday. October 1 it's Autism Speaks walk San Diego. We're gonna talk about that little bit but first let's let's talk a little bit more about Autism Speaks and what it is that you do there first of all and I know this is. A difficult question. Especially for a layperson not a doctor but what is autism the best that you can. On the I ten of them is it like I said it's the spectrum disorder it's a complex. Brain disorders. It's and classified now under and ST. And nine on specific diagnosis would be under PDT. But basically you know it's it's neurological. It sends a lot from child of early development. And those Hitler diagnosed. Must honor diagnosed around age of tree. It's the autism spectrum. And that's that's how it's described right right. On the spectrum there's things that Asperger's. Which is another form of autism. My son was diagnosed with PDT. Which is persuasive. Disorder and it's. It's just it's it's a wide. Writing and math disorders and that's all the did all the different disorderly you'd call this spectrum because there's no. One fits all pockets. I would say. So it's a spectrum light a lot of neurological disease that expectancy. So there is. A variety of disorders that fall cracked for an odd shots and OK and and then you say your son was how old he was three years old yet. And and how old is he now. He's nineteen and how's he doing he's doing great and he is diagnosed very early after race Children's Hospital is just children's hospitals and and he received a lot of early intervention and treatment. We are able to mainstream him in grade school and by the time he was the latter half of middle school and into high school he was very high functioning. And he's doing tremendous. And have led. And again this is another difficult thing but that you've been through it. What are some of the signs or symptoms that that made you think that that's something might be wrong. Because my son is younger and those people being diagnosed younger most of the signs. They're getting front in it's from their pediatrician. And from the parents noticing development council. For our myself personally it was I contact atlas major speech and language delays. Sons socialization. All three it's it's a little hard to find that it was mostly. I would say physical and speech and language delays that we missed. For him. And then we are likenesses you know having an older child. We both realize this is my chats. You know people say he's simple way he's younger and older sister doing all the work. We knew that there was something going on that need it yet. And an a battery of tests to figure and then I was about tasks yes and in San Diego there's a lot of wonderful resources for getting your child if you suspect that they. Might have a development disorder having them like that. But you know I would say the best thing is is to do you know finance resources go to your pediatrician asked him the right questions and get your child help that they can get early on because it makes a world of difference later. And Autism Speaks has planning resources absolutely I wore people on the spectrum. Absolutely I had to since he has a tremendous amount of resources. On our web site. Including tool kits from when you're tightness not some signs to look for in your child or as a person to see if you for self. And have one of those two kids is your 100 day kit crap that's that's the one. Then after. That that you use after the indictment yet this is a tool kit that I really wish. I would have had to act as a parent. I'm helped guide because it is very confusing and as much as you think you know he you don't now and how to guide like this. Is tremendously helpful for parents that helps guide them to the first hundred days of diagnosis. There's a lot of tools I would highly recommend no matter what stage that you or your child or somebody knows who's effective with autism. May be at their school kids going from early childhood all the way to adulthood and there's got to be. A lot of questions. Once once being diagnosed. As I can do next there are and there's a lot of questions not only for parents looking for answers for their children. But a lot of adults who have never been tightness that are realizing that they are autistic and that they are on the spectrum. And it helps and adjust to you life and kinda things that they need to be successful. And that's one thing to do it kind of clear up to even even though most people diagnosed. With autism are diagnosed at a young age there are adults that did. Finding at a later time that the artistic. Yes there's no cure right now quoting like you know it's as there are you know definitely. Treatments and services that help. Those on its managing people to manage it but there's temperature snow you know one of the things that we stresses you know using the tool kits. You know I as you get older. Using the web site for our resources and tools and the community to identify those. Yet to help you through all stages of life. Now Zack you're diagnosed at a at a young age as well right yes Owens I was diagnosed at two. Because my mom. Had noticed that I was having speech issues like I would have like sent words like mom and dad and then at some point. I'd lose those words like they would not in vocabulary anymore. Eventually they had me tested and I was diagnosed. Five doctor Cynthia and her out she also wrote a book. On autism too that's called quirky as helpless no. So what what's it been like for you. Growing up now within an acid as a young child you know one way or the other right well that's got older and yet as I got older it was. Actually really funny how I found out that I had autism and had a friend of mine. In fifth grade. Who also is on the spectrum to you and you look Jimmy's house having some kind of like a bad day house hasn't had a tantrum. As they would say and he's like oh you're doing the same thing that I do. When. I get a say you must have Asperger's. Are like let's ask for. And so I tell my mom I'm like mom exes I have Asperger's all of I also need an inhaler for two of and she's like yeah yeah masters how do you feel about that and honestly. IE didn't feel any difference. At first half because I wasn't really conscious that the idea that is on the spectrum but now that I. No now it's easier for me to pick up on like some little things and I still can't do them sometimes like. Sometimes I'll have like this tendency. To like talk over people and if I get like secretly accessed felt something I'll like. She chewing. Lots and lots of information like. When I was younger I had his obsession with like Titanic they ship but I so I would now be the only thing I would talk about. Or I would move on to something more interesting like transformers or Power Rangers or something of that matter right. And get secretly suspect that. So so how old are you now I'm twenty years old and you're in college Archie I am I'm currently going to America's college in Oceanside. And M from what I understand you're an actor to I am yes I started acting when islands. Thirteen years old. My grandpa. Actually my biggest inspiration about why I became an actor because when I was younger he would have his old. Sony can't quarterly when they had you know the old ones and they have the cassette tapes you put him in Q let me borrow that and I would meek. Videos with my transformers. And like you some kind of like stop motion or just some kind of like may need. Series. Of videos with these toys and he says to me you know you have the potential of being an actor or some one in the film industry. And it was 2009. That he passed away from a heart attack a couple months later my mom. Found in the newspaper that somebody was doing Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. She's like all of this could be something you can do this is going to be really cool and unlike. Who edited yet. But eventually I did it and they got apartment I got a part in net it was a great first experience ever doing a show on stage. And I actually do you remember seeing my grandpa sitting in the audience watching me. And from then on I started doing musical theater room which then developed into me wanting to pursue. My acting on television and or in the movies. Which I'm slowly kind of working my way up to. I'm also hoping on transferring. At some point to like UCLA or Pepperdine University because they have some really nice. Theater and arts programs. We'll skin and that's that's sounds like a promising career for him to thank you share now Autism Speaks yet I. Response team don't you know this is about a call center basically. Basically asked so are its. Or they have questions about you know where against you for house. And so we have people they can email as we feel those you know we field calls from all over the country and emails country as this is 24 hour line. It is. It's not 24 hours and I hung open that would be wonderful if Atlanta yeah. But we deal and get back to you individuals very very quickly if they message and I and they can only team now and what's the number for the you can go to our website four than number. It varies depending on the region and ultimately like to do as we like to route ETU. Active regional person can help ease the path. And of course there's team now and you can search website four at the different resources. OK let's let's talk a little bit about the impact. That Autism Speaks is having on San Diego. One and a half million dollars and science in research grants how does that help those on the spectrum here in San Diego. India has seen and very non history list on attention and aunts his research and treatment. So. What I've has since he successes we've worked with scientists scientific community and grant funds. To do research and treatment. Causes links. Things that improve the lives of people inside schism. So grants that are issues locally and we have some of the finest institutes here in San Diego through the university for example. One grant that's going on in San Diego is two you CST it's the largest autism. One I'd like to sizes and studies going on in the country through the start simmons' research and I've just Asif has been heavily involved in that as well. They'll be out our walk but what it senses. Things that means don't. Like for southern I can say for Southern California. We funded me. Some research and tease him some intestinal issues with people with autism day tend to have digestive issues. Problems. We found that by alleviating some of these issues and problems that they're sent other overall symptoms have you know been greatly relieved as well. And so their list and a lame and trying to untruth the quality of life for all individuals. And then now more than 260000. Dollars and can we service grants. Helped fund local service providers to assist people with autism here. Yes I can see we don't provide direct resources to families that what we teach you is wesun either. Where service organizations. So here in San Diego we've worked with lots of different fruits. There are some of our recipients include Brady's Children's Hospital. And there. There odd to some group. We funded. Local grants with and far. They have an attack program that they lots last year they had their first graduating class this year with a group of young men Hugh. Completed some programming. Seven months programming course. Receive their certifications. And all of them are either in internships or have jobs I mean just tremendous amount of work. We work with that and other local nonprofit here and candy in a column that music therapy at California. We how funds cemetery jam sessions. Lannan that they have with. Special you know not only just people with I've system. That other disabilities. And they have jam sessions. With music across county. It's pretty phenomenal. Zach you're also a self advocate aren't cheap yes I tell what are what are you doing to to spread the word to raise awareness about. On to as near San Diego so what I do. News I would go to various communities like I mostly have gone out to LA and sometimes down here in San Diego. And I just talk about my experience. What it's like growing up because growing up. I only had my mom to support me dad wasn't really much in the picture and my mom has gone through. All the counseling she's gone through all lovely. The test staying and all that. Find jazz and so then I would talk about that out also talk about how it's affected me growing up. With socializing with other people and how it's helped me. Become land today. I actually had received a certificate of accommodation from the city of LA for being at odds as an advocate and an inspiration to children. On the spectrum nice via surrogate that was actually a really. Really surprising moment but down. I'm really grateful for the community as well because. There are people that are very understanding of people like me that are on the spectrum. And it's it's just a nice relieving. Feeling that I can go ahead and just talk about myself. In this way in keeper like how he had mentioned it. I wouldn't have guessed and that's that's the thing too about autism there's as a where you are on the spectrum sometimes it's not noticeable ranch and have a disorder. Absolutely. I've his immense and what they see an invisible. Disorder you can't see it and there's and a lot of cases recently in the news they think that we've all seen. Where somebody who has had not his him because he don't see their physical disability. They are treated differently by eight first responders. Just people in general. And I think that he now educating people out there and you know that there are a lot of people. You know that struggle every day that don't have a physical disability. I saw this. Photo on social media and analysts a restroom and it was a handicap master and somebody had crossed out and not everybody's disability conceit and why so they kinda crossed out so that little man in the wheelchair. And to let people now that enhancements to make comes out of this Ozzie makes minority using the ailment disabled and not all disabilities at this. Right so you're you're big event coming up. This Saturday. It is Autism Speaks walk San Diego. Yeah I've got to this he flock is this Saturday at at liberty station point Loma it's going to be a wonderful that we're expecting 2500 people TV and that. For Anna have over forty resource fair vendors girl have a kids zone filled with activities for family means chase scenes. Junkies. And we'll have some wonderful special guests attending the festivities as well. I will have performers. Did the ending together. Group will be performing as well other acts here and in the eighth. Provide entertainment during the entire course. Folks banding together a great organization that had them on a show of force a matter of fact I met them at one of the walks I now look what times as though the walk begins. So registration. Opens and eating and and excuse me time to lock around you know round you know some. A coffee year you know if you eat at that early in the morning on the in a little bit. Adults and you know some see it out walk around the resource fair and get to know some of the people that aren't there. Resource fairs filled with not chess stats are the writers that other people on the team that has special events and things for. Those on the spectrum and and so it's not just stop service providers will lead do you actually have. Yes a lot of entertainment coming back down California ballet company will be there and they're doing their very first. I just in friendly performance. On the cynic in December. So they'll be showcasing kind of what to expect for the families want it come down to see an event like that. But this is a truly a great event because it's everybody in the community they get to get together. Share their stories experiences. Locked together and celebrate you know our unique differences. And the same things upon us to. How many years this as that's been taking place in San Diego. The Loc San Diego actually has been going on longer than Hutchison's seat that's been around because it was originally and other nonprofits. And it's been a very grassroots level that. It's you know. For me it's my first chip and putt for that community it's been well over ten years now. Last year we raised them over a 125000. Dollars at the clock and this year school as a 150000. Dollars. Hope you make it I hope we make it you have to. We're also having an area like a Pokemon theme this year to for the walk more yeah yeah we figured we stick with via the trend I think what's been happening in the media lately I don't know. Yet that it's. Seeing we decided to have an official Pokemon theme. Pokemon now we'll have colors and things that says there avid and crayons but. It's actually interesting because that actual application that app has. Really resonated with and our community. It's encourage a lot of people with this and here you are less high functioning who don't like. Getting out and moving around in getting out of home and Joaquin getting exercise has been very it's very difficult with some people access them. And on the app has actually. Encourage summit people and children and young adults to you get out there and to move around and walked in their communities have. Actually and very helpful for a lot of our fans and that's a really. Great reason to get out like I am honestly love the fact that this one particular game is bringing such a huge group of people together like a different backgrounds what that means it's great yeah. How how can people sign up for for the walk. So you can go to our website which is Debbie Debbie Debbie dot iTunes and speaks walk dot org slash San Diego and sign up for the lock. We will have registration plate and we highly highly highly recommend you pre register your team yourself. I had time. So again people can form a team yes and we encourage teens teams are really grade and he's unhappy he's eighteen can be your family. Friends and you have him come out and meanness is really a family event. We have. It's not just you know just those who it's it's everybody in the community. One at a sixty children being diagnosed with content and the prevalence rates are getting higher and higher. And you know it's I think that everybody knows somebody who's been touched by system. He now how many there are in San Diego County that are on the spectrum. We estimate there's roughly around 101000. People in in the eighth a fact did it are on the spectrum that you know. You know obviously those rates and statistics there you know just I mean I. Is it counties that count. I sent off. You know and because diagnosis is getting better but there's a lot of tightness. So you know and there's a lot of work to be here. And again you know it's not an easy thing to diagnose. Now it's not as if there's probably a lot more as just people are not that. Don't know about an autism affects boys more than girls and you know a lot is you know. One thing that you know why do you having a child he lets his son he was diagnosed. Sometimes the way you'd like people attending the second child oh he should the second. He's the boy you boys are just development only a little slower when it comes to speak keen and but it was not just that and I think that. You know as a parent you want to you give your kids start them off with the best tools that they tend to be successful life. And you know without was really something that I think. I startled when it you know until I take them to right to write to I want to acknowledge that there may be something wrong with my child. And I think that was the hardest thing for me have to ditto that Atlanta and that there was something wrong went and it was just that I needed to have different tools to race him. He's just fine. Now empowered me and I am organizations like Autism Speaks and powers. Families and parents. Say that there are children and that they become in adults and have the fullest life possible and that's all we want our children. And the money raised from the walk. Will that stay here in San Diego. Yes well some yes and some I mean obviously we're national organization writes you know it found just the way that it you know we have it. Resources all around the country are on the world where they have no resources they have nobody. Raising money for a ban. You know we supply. You know treatment helped other countries that don't have their own resources. You know yes a lot of money is spent and seeing Diego I mean more the more we races any of them are we can get back obviously into the community because the profile of the the community is higher you know and we're able to dedicate his resources snow. What I would like to say there when I like to have is have people come to the lock and show that you know. T have a large comedian saying he and we have a very high level of need. For services. So we can draw more attention to news you know the community here in and that's one of the reasons I've listened seeks. You know appointed me in Stanton in in Diego was because they realize that there is a large community parents in the event needs more support. Saw a lot of money a lot of money that would would stay here in San Diego. How will that be gone and researched them. A Loch Ness to research analog goes to local services 1980 grants and we have arts meaning grant program just close that we have. Lots Graham for TDs. Leaving floored that. I mean I ring courage orientation to check our website check you know some of the local organizations that we fund with our grants for additional support. And you know we're going to be doing a lot of things in any Aegon now that I hair local activities outside the lock so this year. Our main event here in India has in the lock and will continue to be the clock moving forward. But we hoped it brings very new and exciting. Offense is any day now in 2017. While great again Milwaukee is this Saturday. October 1 and union where's it going to be held liberty station. And registration opens went it and and to sign up. The website again to do yes daddy daddy daddy dot Autism Speaks walk dot or flash in and Autism Speaks website. And Hutchison speaks website is steady daddy daddy dot Hutchison speaks not port. Okay and that Alice in your social media team we are weren't social media warrant basement and Twitter you can find it's out there. All right great Marisa and Zach thanks for being on the show today thank you for all you do end Autism Speaks in and Zach. Continued success with your acting career and good luck for the walk Saturday thank you so much happening thank you so much. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. On the and it comes and the local radio stations episodes of living veterans San Diego are available on the station's web site. Jug next week when my guess will be from Susan G. Komen San Diego until then I'm Gary late have a great week.