Associate Producer Jessica Reveals the Sex of Her New Baby!

Friday, April 13th


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Number I think you Jessica our associate producer. For really knowing how to play ball here and that's putting this show first time I love the this is some like let's I'll be surprised when she's born preacher stuff gig you're gonna let us know right now the sex of your child when you do. Due September 4 automatic moved up yesterday parish are you still OK with the factored in the two or three days maternity leave and that's that. I'm at halftime. Where they could live right I FaceBook live you're all gonna find out the sex of the unborn child currently resting comfortably. Inside our associate producer jets are you ready to let the plane thing here. It here's so I was going to Blake record during my hand in ultrasound the dot pick I would just not good iron it good. Something should be tried fit into that. I'm sorry I'm sure every man up and just go abroad and a light Saber that our show all the color of your baby in a little bit too that. The Miami I'm going all right which allowed him criminally. So so do I played this first or do we just one okay this is is this lose is right now we're about to hear the gender revealed are about to hear the generating Eli got anybody wants any personally I what did you think of what side it's a girl because they brought all these declares close to hand out. Off of our I was thinking girly I think it's a boy because you guys are huge star or freaks I pitcher Jeff giving legal Obi wan bathrobes. All of my guys had your of habeas hours nobody can do it but you really don't want as a group was only one okay soon start with. I say you're having a boy did what anybody else's question answers. Are and tell me. Yeah we go. Let's find out together. We weren't allowed to tape inside you're gonna record indictment that he can't Madonna Demi if it. But they went let's take inside so I'm calling my mother who is very impatient. And a mom. Little. I'm so yeah. All people. Should of course now I ask. I just happy and you know this that it. And every part generations pictures that I don't know are about maybe an excellent yeah. And dressed apparently you can't let it a little early on he had. And there. Okay and it is hard. Candy yeah. That's. Keep it together at all. And I. Finally a full line. I couldn't be more obvious it was well Shia golden. Finally Osama. Saw in the all after all these girls right now maybe rice finally has a plane made this is no decision. While her little men's. Little corner from. During that. Not physically fit girl. On my. Multiple she's. You're you know you're my second I thought you're gonna go to Boyd yeah. Editor they're done well. So it. You mentioned that Jeff was really hoping for girls you do on this but that he feeling. Aside on the girls' names so quickly and I wanted a girl I said I want it to be Caroline in the Indian boy it may not know can I can see what you're gonna name it if it was a girl. He was gonna carry correct in honor of Carrie Fisher excellently great princes William means so much to you and just so many women and hump so can you see what the man's name is going to be more here's a gonna be job on or having a debate okay. The boys and yet he wants walks away. As in that's cute I think a little so it waltzes or so not Walter wal malt malt it wouldn't be Walter. Now there aren't looking or. Iowa and car. Whom. Do you want Garth and honor of either Garth Brooks or Wayne's best bodyguard from Manhattan and Garth Obama wins world yeah I was from it really never. Where are you that big of a gut extending any McCain after I think I wanted somebody to name them after that was a good male role model than just a good person. It just. You know. Is powerful powerful men really ambitious show awesome person just a lot of people on the world exactly yes and Kim Jong him he wouldn't be you're you know I think I. Sound so urgent meeting he says he's happy with the named car so it was not just that's not what it. He's like it feels a little old school and some like wow well I'm Waltz. I now. It is team. Old fashioned. I ask aren't that stage jail. And are you put Garth in the spot up and the girl congratulations. Will have a awesome.