Are You Smarter Than a Tailgater - Luke Bryan Edition

Thursday, October 26th


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Okay yeah. Pray you find out Vanessa is into Vista evidence and I'm doing very well what is the development is from kind of to clean up after themselves lessening in Chula Vista and Brian show. I'll meet you need to acknowledge them. Welcome to holly smarter than it TO get your jobs are real civil okay. All you gotta do is is figure out whether or not you think arterial Gator last night as the Bryant show. To answer the question is the most fifth graders can't. Okay. So listen up to the very first question on all too eager to get your first that's a great idea to me RT alligator. My name is Eric so haunts Guillen in the Morgan we've been. I got famous marginally better rob Madonna Demi in the morning and all the country bars is any. That's correct yeah what do you do in the may act. Why they gays and missing. Okay yeah and even and so are the tailgate party here though a lot of brands in your drink it's a severe green and that you noticed yeah. Evers right now guys are. It doesn't matter what test or quiz I get nervous every time. I can relate to that I don't so that said Vanessa let's get. These questions going and again you're just gonna guess whether or not you think our tail Gator will get it right or not question number one. Look Bryant's biggest implement this Alvin. Now the court in Mississippi about his feet. OK now we remember our kids we learned is a rhyme which was. Kind of in the easier way to remember at MIS SI SSI PPI do you think Vanessa are till Gator will get that right. You. Will are you smarter than a tale Gator Vanessa let's find out. In my SS ISS the site he'd be I think they get a little of that that included an actor yeah well you know after your accident beer you're. You had gotten access to be called sorry 1000001 too many passes. MIS SI SS SSI PPI. It comes question number I'm much too much faith and Jillian is Vanessa. Question number two you. It. Okay we'll know that is three feet will arterial you know that narrow. OK let's find out. Low numbers were not my thinking get an advocate and I would have no idea that it's about a cat and three yeah he gets right. She's on Matt the Pentagon. And you thought you got that one right for a second that John did. I had and I third and final question for our ten year. What is the capital of Pennsylvania. Now let's see if he can bounce back and those are you smarter than this millionaire. And known and I notice. It's very good on the night and got got this dish it's totally Pittsburgh ahead. I and. But as you are smarter it's not as Smart smarter than a failure this morning because you know this is morning. We had nice prize for playing we'd do without them your tickets for you for the C India goes to. Yeah I enjoyed.