Are You Smarter Than a Tailgater - Florida Georgia Line Edition

Monday, September 11th


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Then it's okay. Yeah. Pray until it was off the hooks that are in the Florida Georgia line show. It was hard to find a contestant. Because there's so many of you that you wanted to play along which is great first let's meet our on air player today it's Vicky lakeside morning Vicky. Vicky we want around the tailgate at the board George alliance on Saturday and asked. A lucky listener named Lisa. The couple questions that fifth graders should know your job is to see whether or not she answers these questions correctly your job's pretty simple can't. All right first let's meet our contestant and get our first question today. Lisa do you think that you could answer questions that the average fifth grader would now. I'm gonna try him for forty different living I could be there has ever put the occidental. Got. Question and fifth graders you know okay you ready for this and knocked out and I'm. What is magma. She said she should feel everything right now may name is molten or semi molten. Rock found being need. The Earth's surface to keep you think she'll get that right. You can she will let's see if you are smarter than to hear. It and be. Hot. Liquid stuff that's under the under the air and on this surface. Source did you yes we surprised you that right the woman like why I think that's when it kind of sticks with everybody else. So far so good Vicky Netscape question number two are you smarter than him Gator. White puffy clouds are known as fair weather clouds all right Vicky do you know that did you think she will say cumulus which is the correct answer. It's if you're smarter than this to community. But the cloud that bring you heard came. We'll throw a closet bring your her came just in judging each other for hours party. And. The isn't it fair weather clouds. Wide tour to Vicki I don't ask. I'm sorry I had queries until I. You're giving it to Vicky I was thinking you're giving it to the jail early and acumen. She was yes did you. All right final question is seeking a three for three geeky and are you smarter than that failure for the classic cons Christian Andersen fairy tale the real princess. Is better known as the princess and the wide. Now you know do you think shall now princess and the pea. It's tougher than normal yes I do yeah. If you're. Although good reasoning violence if you're smarter than a tale Gator. And if at all. Princess Xena brought. That's a Disney ones so that's probably why she she knew it and she was younger missionary and her differences in The Who knows Vicky Hewitt two for three today and are you Smart. Tailgate area. Yeah bonus stuff for the summer 101000 tickets college like a pair of tickets to cancel and country that's Chris that's. Tyler foreign Marion Morrison did Lynn Laing Conan dude that we met actually Saturday officially opened up. For Florida Georgia line in Chris lane in Nellie and that was Russell Dickerson you give them last. That's because you want it and are you smarter than detail do you think you Vicki have a great day. Yeah.