Are You Smarter Than a Tailgater? Christ Stapleton Edition

Friday, May 19th


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I am Rachel isn't Carlsbad and Dudley started in his elegant. Yeah. And that's okay. Did you notice that Sony. Crazy yeah. Are actually the ago Lydia Julius good morning Lydia. You've got to really simple job. All you have to. Do let us know whether our tail Gator Rachel from Carlsbad knows the answer. To our question. A lot I think she was Smart but I would counsel to say this he has been we'll she had been partying. I would sleep hours would you tend to review our that are sure to keep that in mind well. It. Made up its. But the. Pilot every go to luck to you and by the way you play for country for us to get this morning as part of the summer at 101000 tickets here ago. Welcome are you smarter that tale here the curse Stapleton additions are first of the outdoor country concert season we've got Rachel this what do you do in the real life we it's given. Image you are are very nice when you get to restore blood I didn't know. I would ask you questions that any fifth grader should know. All right I want to watch the states. Is the Grand Canyon and. All right Lydia we all know that is Arizona do you think our tail Gator will know the right answer. Yes leave the scene you know they. I'm ordered the. Yeah Schuettler in theaters and bars until Gator. I went to Arizona and are nice and they. Clinton got technology and Kayla are. Your old aunt Sheila yeah born on the base today as. The new little. Only it producers to have some girl. Maple or. All right well happy late birthday Caleb good job while the mom here's question number two are you smarter than detail Gator question number two Rachel from Carlsbad. Civilizations. Were concentrated on what's continent. Our rates fell Lydia that continent is South America but will RT a Gator know the correct answer. We're. AA game prior eight billion. OK let's smarter than zillions. SA North America that definitely can easily Alaska. South movies. South. None of them get the price you are the Jillian so far. All. And I'll pull South America as you get the south right to the adrenaline. Parades all right here's the last one to find out if you are smarter than a TO Gator Mario raids on Gaza that. Are you Smart that's alligator Amma has to yardsticks he also has a twelve inch ruler. She laid them and it ended in a line. And how many feet long it is the line. Oh okay Lydia. I know it's historic problem Matt's story from the do you think are TO Gator gets this one correct. I think a little. Anywhere ordinary. It was for me and I party and for two. All right so you're saying she does not know the answer. Okay and the answer is actually seven feet because the artist 32 of them in another sport with war and. It. Does put him in our theaters much the Gator Caleb and the idea. 77. Yeah. Chic and. This Rachel from Carlsbad was very Smart shield the one party line and the self. Felt poll answer. But upper lip I'll probably go into. The and it was. How is it doing country. I'll let. Yeah. Excellent easing Corbett jury Neiman Adam Craig walker McGuire Saturday July 15 Qualcomm C practice field. Why. Oh my gosh your such time Kayla. As her we can't wait to see his sweetheart it's going to be fantastic everyone else if you knock on your tickets go to kiss when dot com you can bring cash to. San Diego County both our locations are opposites here in mission valley. And of course kissling country fast being brought to buy course like Anderson plumbing heating and air and Polly equipment your local come bloated dealer I killed by Lydia.