Are You Smarter Than a Tailgater? Brad Paisley Edition

Monday, July 23rd


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Yeah yeah. Still. This. It's close all the time Brenda is a lakeside at Brenda. Or how aria. Mary. I think I can go do OK Tammy you're doing great friends just of the Balkan okay thank you were very well Brenda OK here's the other. Last Friday with Brad Paisley the outdoor country concert season means we walk the tailgate or in this case Tammy does I was out of town thank you Jimmy. And we ask deal gators some questions that fifth graders should know. We'll see your job really easy Brenda you're gonna listen to the questions that Tammy is going to administer to our tail here. All you gotta do is tell us whether or not she'll answer Corey. Aren't pretty simple test that he's let's now let's meet our tail Gator first and then get the first question here again. What is your name and where you from. Laura and I promise you need a company all right are you ready to play are you smarter than a show here. Yes I am all right so I'm gonna ask you questions that the average fifth grader should know OK great a year ago. Laura your first question is spellings. And knowing how are okay. The lure us all hominem. Prominent common him I still can't say yeah that is that is tough. Are a lot named Ed look it up maybe I didn't but we know boom that it's 80 Emma why and the why am much. In a day of spell check Brenda in lakeside. Did you know that or not. I don't big band like any normal. Oh. Eyebrow and if you're smarter than tea here. Aids you know. And and yeah. IE and eat. I'll problems. You you're exactly right does she was even close he shattered a fight and I wonder she knew it you know that's kind of an odd word I guess nowadays which one is that don't sound the same at a different face but there's also using it for their different things like read and read. I get back to school some of all right so far so good Brando one for one right here comes question number two are you smarter than to alligator. A battle of Gettysburg was one of bloodiest in American history which war was that one spot the battle of Gettysburg that's an easy one after the first one what do you think Brenda. Does. God does arterial Gator know that it's the civil war. Oh. No faith and her policy that's my let's I don't apologize to me see if you're smarter until later. Well we're TO interns yeah. Our World War II her well as we put the game so far so good Brenda YouTube for two. Here comes question number three are you smarter than to failure. How long does it take for sunlight to reach the earth. The average eight minutes. Instantaneous. Or 24 hours all right Brenda any science student could tell you about eight minutes the time sunlight hits the earth. However does. Law all I know all. Right off the bat create a three straight I was lets the world and it aren't Lucy you're smarter than two million brittney Mia. Instantaneous. You are you guys. What an easy task you have to death three straight nose three straight correct answers you Louis Brandeis and lakes that are indeed smarter than a tailgate and you're gonna let you try to we have a pair of tickets you go secret stapled to in August 16 that might just firming up a theater. It's killer that team. All this stuff for you Brenda in the summer 101000 tickets pay you what have a few when you're out there will come find you record you are Smart and detailed here. At that I don't I have fun have agreed to today and thank you for playing a smarter than tell you what John and Jimmy.