Are You Smarter Than A Tailgater?

Monday, July 25th


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All right we've. We go to nick in Chula Vista doesn't go on neck. It's going good I get done. We're doing real well thank you for asking you get a pretty easy task today and then yes you do you'll you just have to decide whether or jailed there is gonna get the question. Correct or not and I know that you're excited to play for your way to center to go see I'll bad mom is seven iron having a moving that out Wednesday night. And ANC in the boy. Thousands yeah some period in. And in all right nick let's meet our tail here. Thing out and the welcome are you trying to tell Gator good luck it's. What you do when you're not saying I'm really Gilbert. Why can't make killings and all the wonderful job all right cool well I wish that you do well on this you know we. They wouldn't they weren't drinking until man until it's. Yeah. Can't answer your only gonna use again the villages in a hill dealer and I alligator with Joanna June oh thank you can. Decipher that now its wheels must regarding the joy and it's not like. Back to contest next. Carry out its starters it was a multiple choice questions. What the white puffy clouds are Norris fair fans who paid cumulus. Q and did this story see. Brad Smith narrates so we know the answers cumulus do you think she'll gay rights or not nick. I a do nothing to hear you sir I. All right we'll see if you are smarter than this tale dinner. She mile and then. You're right she did not get a ride to excellence and I feel like it's not doing OK and she mile and then. I'd say that's not enough about that aren't. The numbers are next question. Budapest is the Capital One European country. Now nick do you think that she'll get the correct answer of hungry. Fighting not I know. You've passed this column but I don't think is gonna get the country's. My kind of a fifth traders should I got the gulf of fifth grade trivia Muriel sealer to gear says. Tricky I don't know. All is it ball in hand. She's wrong your right. You know what I saw her friend you're at an answer. Sort and I saw her friend got me there isn't a couple of witnesses at. It did it was great volley. Don't even close via. Exactly they'll want more paying bearden. Round the number 315. To the nearest hundred. Okay do you think she'll get this one correctly you always round up after fives to would be 400 do you think so get that correctly. Now I'd you know all right did you get a clean sweep today nick Armstrong drive or an outside entity drive myself. Furyk. All right guys that's how good. I wanna defender just for a moment because what if she was thinking three dollars and fifty cents Nissan 350 then she would round up to four dollars. I'm just trying to can I please see you didn't come back with a hundred people. Furyk. Yeah. You did now congratulations. To you and I have for gonna see bad moms always been part of a ten means does that moms premier pan. Brought thank you got Belmont and Monrovia actually go especially good time now stretches when summer 101000 tickets would done 10 in the morning I guess so I.