Are You Guilty of Vague-booking?

Wednesday, December 6th


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Our phone number is 6195701973. Question that we need to have answered or use to hired and sick of big FaceBook posts as we are the side dot dot dot sand come. Does that mean I know you lost all ask of equipment is a big book tour is the desperate cry for attention we're gonna confront a couple of big book. Be out of vendors. That we work with them right here was John Tammy. And San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 K as though and I were told you promise you we're gonna call some big book posters out on the carpet right now so I'm gonna put this to you one of our coworkers of who works in the management here her. Are we lover her name's Karen hi Karen. Can I hate to break this to you but you know you are guilty of being a type one vague Booker right. Yet not so much FaceBook but vague book your posts can be. Mad and leave me. A we're all searching what's going on what's happening in Wheeling him dare ask that because is already like 101000. Comments underneath your big post of mass vaccine question. So number one when you post something like very sad to dot dot dot. And then nothing else why. I'm out honestly that particular note. It would because they didn't have a lot of time to say that yeah. And of course she tells you guys I want you nice to guess why you think Karen was feeling full okay well here and I play in the same fantasy football league into a a a well. Are the second straight year she's not gonna make the playoffs. Is elevate she said. Although it does make me sad that not what that was about. Never know because of the. They got grade Sammy what's your guess I'm gonna gas Karen. Knowing you I'm gonna say you were very sad because you're out of red wine who put this thing. Although that could also be true. It was not a reason why. Mary do you know what we don't know 'cause it's a vague pulled. A thousand things we love you wanna know why are you said look we do know. Think about the day that it was so learning remember. I would last week and something really important happened in the news that I woke up first thing in the morning. Something important in the news. And right on it was last week man while he's fired a lot of work that hard. Maybe I'm ahead. Well for the reasons I imagine first of all crazier you become a fan and then you're shocked to find out what he did plus you're right you're powerful woman in the work place a must also angry. So I'll come right in in their living sexy but that the reason obviously questions again. They. And this is an Caron again much love much respect you do us a lot to have a I did on idea because you want covered season it has to happen or it's because you as you said don't have enough time quote on quote she's pretty. I did see. But I feel of the conversation yeah. Okay. And LA. Dad's big scary and they used so much for admitting your vagueness. Absolutely I'll share with you any time. Also with this is associate producer Jessica I know he's getting there and you are. Living with the big book her yes who is that they go persons is obviously not your dog that would be my boyfriend and and so you've confronted him on his big book posting causes common. Well this fund we did have to have a conversation about because it started a whole thing are itself. How do you start. Keep posted. I'm changes on the way and it's hitting me in waves how excited I am I notice that immediately we got text messages from his family theater several members of I was pregnant well because they've sad that they're not getting married but they do wanna have children so I can see why they jumped all over that. So that was the first thing but he was not if you're not pregnant now do you tornado approached. Might a Weight Watchers tomorrow I hope all all don't ever know they'll be right you know why Jimmy is big big book and I thought I had something to do with work like maybe he got a promotion and he was. Excited about all the new stuff he was gonna get to do. Her New York spent quite a promotion called. And she'll probably this is that we don't know because. They yeah. Tell us why now what happened even. DJ here when our sister sanctions and they're changing around you showed a kind of more fed him only the start doing new things and so that's with the exchanges wouldn't be so hard for him to explain to people I don't let the tigers of the big book published that drove me crazy economic you know you could just put Pena thing that my show next week yeah not that they must go race had an art and a. The problem. With The Hague FaceBook posts you say don't pretend I'm sorry Kieran you don't have time that you. You do in this so sad dot dot dot YouTube hits and eighties sit back and win. Check back Jimmy likes but more importantly how many questions about your vague book pose right anyway we almost someone like that 6195701973. Who is of. Vague Booker in your life maybe it's you it's time to out your big book poster with John and Tammy and San Diego's number one for new country 1037 KS. And we're talking about the maddening. Habit of vague FaceBook posts were calling it vague blog posts Newton. Be aware that Wear on a high fire risk and danger of the red flag warning goes through Saturday. Very windy today some big gusts are possible the next couple days. Look for highs. In the seventies and our phone number 6195701973. Sign a dot dot dot zantop. I. Erica. Higher in San Marcos tell us about your vague booked irritation. I think even Audi on note people all their I want to act crazy and Kim and rob and you need to. You me and that right. Oh boy I need a holiday. In other words they be perfect morning show radio host of it's now it's funny that you said that because I have a relative those who mice to zero over the weekend texted me about it. And she was so annoyed with this she said quote you should have to pass some sort of emotional test to use FaceBook. Opera and interviewed their diary. Do overs. Line there's a fine line between both. Category about creating the drama in it and I'm trying to find. You see on the show we talked about those who. Post food on FaceBook and people who are passionately against it we've talked about those brought. Just dead set on showing us their most gory gross injuries on FaceBook it would in my personal there. In fact the person I called out about that called me out. Calling her out the house like oh. Does that meet again that you and and the we've got the fake book the big book posting my answer which one irritates me the most. Or not all of her shares like you just said many woods where they like. They go through this that I talk to them and then she said that that I felt this way and then she did this and then also on so called me and all you like oh my lord. Everybody has an opinion. Eric we actually had a co worker that I used to work here that we Easter roll our eyes at the vagueness of these posts it was like so. I'll be in your right it's a call for attention and it's. It's literally let's check back and see how many people have commented on this. Taking complete the lead in the fact I'm not gonna give an answer to what do what they say which is the most maddening part of it. It could be it and think gratification and notification. Millennial pay a crane that debate and yeah. Holding the propriety. Up person you're talking about I remember once specifically where it was this is what it was well. Against that and that all and it. And of course it takes like 48 comments. Although some of that that person's friends call them out calling for in a post summit please if you wanna stay. You know respond deeply sauls what it is I challenge you. Erica to do what Tim just said if you see a big post on top and everybody out there probably a big book post literally say you know what if you're dying so much for attention just tell us what you wanna say yeah. Can you feel better about what you're just. A little poll oppose something now go to the magic up. Thinking that's sentences and Tammy.