Are There Too Many Promotions and Graduations?

Friday, June 24th

Amber's son had his 5th grade promotion the other day that sent her into tears. Producer Steph thinks there are too many promotions and graduations for kids today. What do you think? 


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Are you tired of your child's being promoted from kindergarten first grade you're shells being promoted from lunch or recess. How was it every day grade getting a promotion okay easily seen it all over FaceBook my friend is promoted in the middle school. Regulation you graduate high school that day they're there has been a kindergarten. Graduation this forever there. Even I had a little graduation from kindergarten staff my nephew had a promotion firm prepaid take an hour. That's ridiculous. It's got a forty still unclear is when it's done in 10 in the morning mid seventy's at the coast upper eighties inland now stuff there's a couple of things that that. There's a reason why there's promotions like it's great promotion was huge because back in the day. Frightened some in my grandfather's age. Typically if they made its eighth grade that was amazing my grandfather and they made it through sixth graders eighth grade meant good. You got all the basics down I know you can into the workforce are you go work at eighth grade Bryant so that's why and they kind of guy and produces staffed so and so getting. Promoted to high school was a big deal because not everybody did that. OK okay you and nowadays. You're on a high school. Yeah okay yes. She doesn't hi angels have a boy I figured that I like I loved kindergarten graduation highlighted kindergarten graduation and eighth grade when I totally understand the hold these single and and a high school the reason. This came up there again you got to give me some credit for this group producers because you're in my head now OK I was talking to amber in the hallway just minutes ago and it is more. And C yeah. She mentioned that yesterday she did this with her with her child for the promotion. It's a middle school and in my own mind up there is a hate this uppermost in the middle school that night no I don't know conduct a middle school OK okay and an analyst and by the way put your hand of your chest right now. Do you feel that Pete it's a heart yeah. I think I. All right so our bid to host amber is with us now hi amber and I. Eat your kid just graduated from fifth grade yes yesterday and he made a mistake it's on producers stuff that you went to a graduation. Present staff as wonderful joyous as she is about a lot of things. It's heartless when it comes to. And there are and let the air force upon his graduation ceremonies nori the same way going through. Now's excited as a middle school I know it's a big deal to sell promotional right now at version yeah. Now another graduation did you did you emotional I did. I'm not at first but then they all started seeing these songs and ethics. Stand by me. Heather wants him I mean I mean I'm coming like there's lean on me their stand by and I think HDMI cable channel and is now I really dial in stand behind me lean on me is lean on me way and the airline be lean on me. That's cannot handle these. What an impact on an I hop on and I say I know what you're talking about because my daughter graduate I was I was promoted from. Fifth grade into middle school to enter. Promotion ceremony. And those heartless you know what's shown every class picture of her from kindergarten and a until fifth grade and they do it for one reason only. To get us sob big. Like tearing a right. Like ugly face crichton and yet they have holes slide show with the same thing exactly is through their babies throughout the. And I I was good I held an end at that point you know that backstage or less going on there are secret school supplies and are looking to see what parents are. Here enough. And if they're not video they've pulled a little mark on the kid's name is legal in the middle school as well as trouble look at other parents are Kooks. Did you run and shoot you know what you're crisis. Those are your phones or congress yeah. Your does he say car the baby. I did I did for sure and another big thing is the fact that like I hate vividly remember my life in middle school like that swing. I just remember all sorts of fiesta and my shift from being a kid to turn into a teenager happen in an inning. I just cannot believe my baby is going to be dealing with those sorts of things that's going. I keep talent only please just hold you back one more year. I. So law when it I'm just not ready for him to be dealing it has done and I think it's happening now. Hello all we will see in a few years when baby Bryce. Who graduates kindergarten. Is an easier ice college knowing your but they win baby grace. Gets promoted and then I'll be the mom posting all the they had been around. Her first who put the oil and I'm. Disney princess come over and give most. And I know you. She didn't even have a birthday party for Stella because they've already done it on their trip totally compete in a birthday party candidate. Got it up again look real well. You'll you'll cry watching a video of us lofty but but this you know. I who you like to borrow you actually had a couple kids I need muted said not a little doubt Benson come. A bit but would you had a big surprise for your girlfriend whom all of look at it again and in in my wife Jo he's crying and crying and doesn't own physical surprised. And here I. All right let's move they know and I know you're. I mean you're mystery. Here here and make much.