Are Parents Obligated to Babysit for No Pay?

Thursday, January 18th


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It's kind of unspoken rule that grandparents. Have to watch their grandkids for free. Is expected of them a phone number is 6195701973. What are your thoughts on this Rachel. I can't condemn accurately count but yeah. In return do you do anything for them or is it because they're grandparents this is kind of expected. I'm it was kind of expected that we were very thankful and to conduct an hour and they bite. That's I did at the way of paying them sure absolutely and in the interesting thing is I have. Re completely different perspectives on this for my life I she's had five kids course I we have five kids to the grandparents weren't we live in the same town. Combo let me let me go back so when I was first married my first daughter was born. Her grandmother was her day care provider when I was go to school full time has it was working zillion. Where and when my first daughter was born LL be Jesse who's now in 32. She's going to rhino and you saw it her grandmother was like three day care provider when I was in school full time in working in my husband was working is that we don't watched her does that mean she also shouldn't have a daycare purse say you know she just provided Zhu with three childcare and ennui and I hate her. OK and we didn't pay did you ever ask and now did you think to. No I didn't get. You know we had no money they could pay attention let alone pain then a painless and right then let's flash forward to my next perspective on it when I have five kids and we would take an annual trip away. My mother in law would come down and watch her kids but she would give me ability infants. On the bill. That would it cost for. I think you'll remember this wasn't his despite the fact that you stocked the food and the highway flares earlier wasn't always what she want ended so if so what anything difference. The out of hundreds that now I got my mama Barbara you know but then I think that she has five kids to watch. So I don't know that that's a lot of kids but again it's ass I don't agree with what she did I'm sorry but it's then the next perspective I have now that I'm a grandmother an envelope grants. I it would watching for free but I would not provide free daycare. I would not watch them all the time for free even if I wasn't working I've I don't know so as all three different things and I never lived to. When I hit my kids were BBC. But it babysitting age I didn't live in need to and he told my parents I never had that opportunity right so when they came to view. Visit the I wanna get on a house there really were just grilled shrimp salad a little different think you know W Christie unspoken rule the grandparents. Have to watch the rankings for free gimbal some some on the side you know. How I didn't. Don't give a bit there Alli is happy they know. They must not gonna pop pop pop pop pop pop up stir up I looked up and watch your kids again lord knows they didn't do enough when you were up half. Put an alert them semi plus here's a point lead out there. Watch your kids again I put my money okay jokes when she comes amid thin and is watching nick yeah he's like wait let me take my pain medicine burst yeah. Okay I didn't see your candidate bush we. Might be shooting up movie just.