Are Middle Children Going Extinct?

Wednesday, July 18th


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Do you guys remember. And what's center is chris' death. Now which used to work here yes OK I had a conversation with her on the phone and we we're we're trying to discuss with her. I'll get to and a second that she's she's joining us now because there is there's a a a tremendous. Problem going on throughout the world that is the extinction the possible extinction of the middle child and family yet it's only true 43% drop. Because most people are only having one or two kids again. 43% drop Saturday. Huge. No it is because it will raising kids is too expensive used to be a hundred some thousand dollars now it's a quarter million dollars during. Yup a quarter of a million dollars not a reason kid. All the way to adulthood. So yeah that's a big part of it in I'm middle child Johnson middle child Kenny Chesney singer theme song get along Q we all get along. That's how I spent my childhood I was always try to keep the peace. And I still do that cause I was so don't like it. I was it was during the space in. And I streaming I think you really don't have okay hold a dreamer and welcome Johnson in the morning on 137. So and and during this phone call I I was interrupted by myself issue be like. So that is the but the vulnerable. At an event that's her normal boy has he was awesome I have and end I went topless both so much of producing great right now as you're. You were super busy yesterday I. Are away from all the seven children because I had a ball called I wanted to take. All give them my brother I had a park right now. Very rarely played topic that after all act like oh my god what is the need for me it like a creep where at apartment now kids. It. What do you little boy did you meet you all Amy little bought all. I'm sorry gave you one that's at home I. Asked. We do you Stefan when he that looks like a mom an important phone call were you think anyone would look at and think you're accretive. Like the NYL. And god. Back into orbit like today out selling girl gun at ease of all. Jordan recently as a mom of three and then your sister who has four you had to go to a park seem important phone calls they weren't going mad. Mound sap may happen John just happened imitate you yesterday about that can you do that again they're just here. Yeah I heard Ari is. You sort it out. What got rob Arab and it is not a good all right all. Only god know why kids have been per caught on super odd that there are bubbled. Well it's not what they do it they'd start grab a bubble putting all hair all of our cold play like they're giddy about. Not when we start this conversation staff and were nice and quiet and happy common now you're really start to go off the deep and self before that happens we have to tell you have to give extra love to Stella because there's going to be no more like her. What people want and other and you you kids at the most and because so. It sold the metal children the middle child is going to pump is up 43% drop in middle children it's really alarming. Is a clear middle child me till I am I'm a little blue were worried about is we're all the needy people going to be if there's a little children. Where are the most ache that trick and the most excited. Our light and the note. Daredevil going to be because that leads spell watching her for my other two children she is the one that clot that tree each look they tried everybody. Went off I guess being at an amusement park. Advocates are so scared and they will grant might do that. A. How well your oldest because your first kid always gets the it's at the worst because you're afraid of everything is appearance so the first can never it or not. And the baby because they get treated like a little baby all the time so here's what I have to try everything and and clear is defense she actually is a baby yeah. Let me get really the. Like Obama cabinet they're going to do it again I'm you know. She is the baby after all. Bite. Awesome. Well stuff we're up let you go about your park in by the way. I wind you know tell your brother all the vocals I can at least take another hour and half sell if you have a little time here so woodland. You know what I have a 30% aka black hole that I cannot be Dillard Alcoa legally do that there you go see legally I think we should step and we audio. Yeah of course she has 30%. I was getting used to work here. Well aren't all. So everybody has there's really no middle children how soon it well there's just a big drop at least I don't know you middle child did do you have siblings do you have a middle civilly. Are they like what staff Saturday's peerless like Stella are they. Are they meaty like John are they the peacemakers like need. An auto white the peacemaker on meet the prestigious Dyson I steered the space that was a dream he's called me needy. Clearly if we can play back the tape he said where all the needy kids going to be excited a lot of media and a peculiar on the peacemaker John's in the 81. Okay 8332871037. They don't use it. So we're discussing the very alarming statistic that analysts note that the Milch in the family is becoming distinct in the world because people are just having two children now not three. Not what. He said distinct. Doesn't really you know and a ansari it's just isn't a clear day I had no sleep I had no sleep I'm just I'm feeling so bizarre and I have but is he comes the more. Up next week is what I meant to say. Yeah 43% drop in middle children know our phone number 8332871037. Leann is an El Cajon she knows a bit about. Needy little children Tammy I may I am one of them aliens. You got a new guy needy middle child as well. Yes I do I have for kids that mild historically and so badly and my seven year old Matt Abbott middle child and he's not peerless at all he is. Timing that's very needy. Wow this is my name I'm gonna what's. Gonna bring you let the air portal. Okay interest and only human needy and behind me this is well China you've put yourself pretty deep. You guys are wonderful you may morning. Are all library. Leanne thank you for that so. Back to back to your child is a boy or girl all right I don't worry boy and one girl alone and word and what's girl's personality like. That CN burying. Hard not to crack okay. Interest and you might hit mileage. And a little boy. Okay our interest and while so you haven't you haven't inching mix of kids a lot of different perspectives there between twins and one being a boy and one being a girl and he middle child decade John I mean what my own. Just haven't fine I'm just I'm using John's own words against him and that's not fair I don't. Better so I think you're not leery stroke southern girls Grand Slam. We did it how well or maybe yourself thank you so much. Along with Julia do you speak Lynn thank you for that value I feel I'm Lian bumps are where you are newsroom that. Las Leann. To graduate ready what are you. I.