Are Babies Born Ugly?

Tuesday, March 13th


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Of this study that was just recently done by scientists said that most people think and believe that newborn babies are ugly what is your. Q on another six month old. They're non grounded air our view the yet have a boom boom boom that well Korea. Only a month like him that he didn't bite down I have always believed the musical. And fly handful that are. The rest that you are those that only a mother could love okay. The good news is the study continues at at about six months is when your baby. Finally become as the baby that you want big puffy cheeks little rosy tint to you know to their G-8 the big bright guys but until then Brinkley old raisin. Our our our. Scientists just did a study where they showed newborn babies to people. And then three month old and six month old most people think newborn babies are ugly and their not cute and other six months old what's your take on that. We really have a debate the public out there can be taken awhile back I'd etiquette that. Better used at a bad they get back at our other the arc. Audit ahead my oldest daughter had such a point and had the doctor called her he does exactly what he said. Luck it's a cone head. Looking at that Alex do you. I do. Howell tiered wedding at all about all right when she was first born did you go whoa are we like. Yeah it could be argued about his. Always sort my daughter that's up I've seen pictures recently of me and they must have been altered because my cute beautiful blue eyed daughter. Was replaced by his block she's kindness Heidi easy a lot of really good. Who covered this thing I don't know what happened in my view Obey but that's almost a Photoshop they'll Katie being around I think now. My my old us reporting that I should look like a video ring attained because her hair was always in that point he had straight up against him like a little bit underage and my house night did not buy her newborn pictures Bellotti didn't because I like and now looking at and I'm like oh my god she's cute little baby hearing at tea which we will hear here's the funny thing our associate producer Jessica as pregnant right now who's got the hormones anyway she thinks we're monsters. Eight not all of you are monsters just you John. I don't like to view is cluttered. And it's my baby up. There at some birthday party in whatever our friends proud of you on my brands. About how ugly the child while I I didn't see was ugly guys who use the baby was in womb at. But I mentioned that because he has become a beautiful little boy that's why is that that damn idea what's your take on this. Okay also newborn babies who look like crap and. I regardless of god as we know they've become beautiful let. But at first a slight blow don't dated after midnight they'll get a whack now you know that we're in this is funny B and it also depends on the birth because. I had a picture of my nephew who was born on the exact same day. As baby Claire producer staffs third child that's her and they both look so different Claire looks like she went through. You know what and back to get here and then in my little nephew is like per because he was this is Syrian baby so we didn't have to go through the brown. All these different pictures. Around like prism of my favorite. Baby had a terrible. Terrible time but my second baby came out beautiful and I'm a little I think a lot of credit check my account that first I don't change and everything. You know I couldn't agree more were were being somewhat facetious with this but my second daughter Julia. Who's now seventeen was for the complete cleft lip. And pallets obese you can't help set the scene wait wait wait she'll hold her face essentially should happen nose in older face and I was so scared. When she and I hate to see is Jones who is being born I was so scared. They've greatly please don't be hard look at my baby was a Har horrible thing to even think let alone you know voice and I saw Julia c'mon C section I thought you would not all I saw. Was a little half smile and those people sparkly eyes. Hold her face I even noticed that all the nose was your beautiful smile on her eyes so again. Thanks in our. Ice Sunday they what's your take on the. She can't get my girlfriend parents and their Cadillac I got on Eric says I say are notorious for combat a little. Ask all the band you know that their media not. Yeah. Any somewhere are out in public and not just via. Opt out and I'll look back up and the deck I wonder if their parents out at their baby not if. Oh my gosh. You don't put it never fails they UEC a baby that really was not in austere Michael Holmes and big brought to TV's most beautiful people write I write. Yes exactly and really it just derail on Prince Harry seeing you all poor unfortunate Prince Harry look at him no real. I thank you Sunday. Lacey what you'd hate countenance. I'm gonna retire her daughter and many years and yeah and I went underground and wanna got really beautiful act port. Any kid that day but I caught in night out. They caught you know I don't get ever in my credit that how it. Two good looking she's canceled the rest meg. Yeah. I. Think nicely and a really know yet like a big leads to Natalie what's your take on this. Well. I I. Played it I. Thirty yield power up or Kelly gave up and then I eat and she. Well I see it and put it out. We'll go all the talk I'm eating. And and now lots. Why didn't go Kirk help you or I. It. Well just let. CNET and Jessica when you be becomes a look like a California raisin pop up. You'll do you gotta wait six months and is now Natalie we'll tell you he'll be or she'll be perfect thank you Natalie. I Matt Matt. Final take on this when I got. And yet you know apparently with the exception of some radio show nobody actually think there are located ugly. Fight but I've never debate like. Hey I'm a good looking guy about what she's pretty hot but I would be Purdue this thing. Yeah I refer identical child in the rain tanks are made evaded our.