Another Awkward Moment with John

Friday, July 14th


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Good news for you Tammy especially for you Tammy I don't know of the one of these this. It's not. Our eye and I can't wait to hear about this July in the San Diego and number one for new country here so and John and Tim in the morning now what happened. It'd get uncomfortable let's say I was about to complement a man for his chivalry. That's what I was going into that was the original thought process when I was at Vaughn's. Joke came yesterday the issue question. Tammy or anybody listening. You go to war bonds and you see a man younger man. And he's buying a bottle nice wine and a really nice flower bouquet what do you think he's gonna date exactly. Now I should've thought to myself he's going and it on nice. But I thought I could talk to the guy in compliment him on what romantic he. Said that may be. This had been an OK situation not the horribly awkward situation became. But I didn't see that tanning. Can I find the whole thing that you article compliment him on his I don't know how good anyway so not bias of food. I was making dinner for my girls I felt good about that as it did okay. Okay. Emma to a bright. Some behind the skyline Baha I see the wine. And beautiful flowers. And I say. Out loud to the stranger. Looks like someone's going to lucky to. And he looks and being. Ozone is oh no I certainly hope not. It's warmer months. In began. A little. Well. It's more my mom. Yeah. And I go. Hello. Well he's. Birthday to your mom. I'm sorry this is business a group. By the way. A go yeah go without saying confuses me yeah the situation was further amplified the sky as a brick wall assured our. Army is on big dude. Well. And I got a. Let's just relive it looks like just get lucky tonight again I certainly hope not alone. It's for my mom's birthday and form nine hum. Org guys seeing how. Horribly embarrassed I was so hot that store all the sun moon there won't watching me ya if for some reason my fourth grade teacher showed up there Jameel is the worst nightmare ever was in my underwear is grass. Com. He says its annual leave my wife will be impressed them to our monetary union. Omaha Mary on your right to and I literally I literally said the New York yeah do we have right. Sorry to in good look at an end and it and. It's not the. Me in the morning call the show every time Johnson idiot signed the I'm calling a lot and San Diego's number one renewed country K as a way you do that on purpose I didn't.