Announcing Stagecoach 2018!

Wednesday, September 13th


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All right now keep in mind we are going to first of all with the headliners this morning on stage coach 2018. And this time we're gonna go backwards because you already heard. About the biggest name coming a stage coach in years tell you I'll go ahead what you do this one Garth Brooks. So I have. Then again. And it ain't no woman ran some good Sam. It's. Or even okay. Now. And today. Good to get is a hard time not coming along with Garth Brooks on Sunday night will be Lee Brice Trisha Yearwood. Re young and came brown and following you fanatics Kenny Rogers going to be their team are making another return to stagecoach. On the Saturday. Saturday's headliner. Keith Urban. Yeah. Better news is that this is definitely will be taking carry Underwood part in the vote for the plan. Our I. Also playing on Saturday we keep every Casey musgrave is Brothers Osborne and fourth fanatics and Dwight Yoakam he's going to be there to rule all right. Now perhaps you've heard of the next group this will be the Friday headliner this is the first nine yeah mine is enough may. Alone in new owner roam around me. Georgia line. And again those are just the headliners it's in coming Friday night along with forage or July will be Jake always it's great to have him back and Kelsey Ballard rainy crystalline going to be great show an addition to the artists that we Lori mentioned excuse coast taking care view as far as classic country fans as far as classic rock fans. A look at this lineup right now I am just home. Names that Ronnie Millsap jumping out names like Gordon Lightfoot jumping out I mean Granger Smith. Go to stagecoach festival dot com we'll have the complete line of Ricky has joined Ackerman are FaceBook pages well all right and stage coach next year is April 27 through the 29 tickets will be going until next Friday 11 AM OK next Friday 11 AM. For stage coach April 27 through the 29.