Announcing KSON CountryFest 2018!!!

Monday, May 21st


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If you go down on the list of artists that have taken parting kiss who has country fascists throughout the years literally. It is a music hall of fame. As far as the acts UC. At KS or his country fest we are still too announcing yet another great summer with John and Jimmy 1037 KS OS. Ink this. On your calendar right now KS a wins next country fast all right for the date July 14 July 14 the place. The Del Mar fairground Del Mar fair not be at the fairgrounds that's awesome because they're going to be up on the stage where they have the other concerts came. And Tammy. Who is going to be headlining this years gives Owens country test while it's going to be. Crystalline Chris blame Chris player who just took over stage coach last month and of course as the big smash hit take back all girl yes. Did you say Chris layman. I did apple of course wrote the big huge smash number one song for her. I'm sorry Jimmy you seemed to me that you said crystalline is Atlantic this year is country if I did Chris Wayne who burst Don. To the country music scene with his debut at number one song fixed. Oh my goodness Tammy the price of country for us to be working alone if it was only Chris lane that. But it's not who also is playing. Well she nearly gave me a heart attack with her marina looking at me scared during country fast. But she's awesome and she's very good and she's so sweet. And Iraq's are her name Carly your guys yellows Kimi aren't effort told different reason I never ever her first baby is that why. Her first single every little thing. Panel. Snow are endless. How old Carly Pearson a quarter big single high go I'm sorry August I don't whine now. He is going to be judging good in this star so so far it's Chris lane. Carly pierce. That wrapped him now we have one more fluid entity that would be Dylan skies is heard Jill Scott's new song hooked over the weekend. And a with a. How this got. Chris lane. Carly Pearson Dylan's got outside Del Mar fairgrounds. 150 dollars. And for tickets and that is it's deep and had paid that much since then reality now it's our attempt comes out at ten dollars only lord what an Allen. Ten dollars and dollars went on sale this Friday at 10 AM. However. Cancel and loyal listeners. You'd get access to the pre sale which happens. This once again to start just ten dollars while supplies last K it's only a limited number of the ten dollar tickets. And countries has been brought to buy your city credit union. Course light August heat up on bikes and Apollo equipment boot barn Caltrans storm water and Subaru. Love it's what makes a super light super July 14 Del Mar fairgrounds Chris lane. Charlie pierce Dylan's got. Pre sale happens later on this week because it is ten bucks what's better than all of that being the first person in the world in the universe actually. To win tickets to kiss so when's the next country fast. Our phone number is 8332871037. Would you like to be that person a bonus stopping gay insulin summer 101000 tickets. You can do right now your collar 10833287. Total 37 you can proclaimed proudly I am the first. It. Two when a country fest tickets as he Chris lane Carly Patterson Dylan sky with giant 10 in the morning and San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KSL and.