Announcing John and Tammy's Thanks For Your Service Giving

Monday, October 30th


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We are super excited to announce John in jammies thanks for your service give me. Well are you. I love this. We want to introduce you to some studio guests were gonna help us put this together we could of done it without the US. Let's meet the new CEO. Of the US home on his first day here and yeah. I'm athletic great way to start. Why are gonna panic and all you're doing for the US so owning military families from her I will personal congratulations welcome to the job thank you very much I'm not joking you just start I just started now. At RA and. Think you guys for saying yes we definitely wanna help and do you trust them as they can't even further explain what we're doing it for the thanks for your service gimmick that's right you offer some like just wanna thank you all for everything you're doing this is such an important time of the year and it's such an important mission that the USO has some really be the force behind the force is just strengthen our military families of race. Family through connecting and making them feel at home. Know many of them are out of town they're deployed and it's so important to feel connected mentally with the community ability to other and so with that. I'm Ashley is our is our downtown director of the USO the downtown center. And I think she's been working with you and I'm really excited about same box what she's doing well. My prayers are in this whole thing started with us remembering what we're like our first year here in San Diego no family. Just us and we had what they call you friends giving. Odds because we inherently failing here and we thought you know there are so many men and women as Lauren says who. I'm from here they don't have family here in their alone yet together with with other people who are you through the same thing. Who are serving and that is why we said let's just give them a Thanksgiving. Right Ashley thank you so much for having the US so get involved with us so let's talk about our very first ever John anti Emmys thanks for your service giving that we're gonna do that special dinner on Sunday November 19. It's gonna be the first time ever that were hosting this type of dinner with you guys specifically for Thanksgiving and I'm we've reached out to several military commands to see. Who actually is there that maybe we can just bring over okay better in. Uniform and so they don't have a place to go they don't have a plan floor. Thanksgiving and so let's bring them in for some football off. I some good music for her maybe if you give away animal often have that ability to feed them and that's a brings people together when they can see somebody else came and they even have anywhere to go right and they were able to get some really good food and have a little bit of fun in between. There's nothing better than not and that definitely cannot. And I love the on the television room with all the couches and everything where people can sit down a bit more relaxed. Atmosphere or course upstairs you know with all the tables it's going to be your really. It's gonna be really fulfilling to be a part of of John jammies. Thanks for your service giving and we're so excited that we used to do this we're so excited to have you were looking for a two way and it's it's going to be an amazing day now of course we can't talk about Thanksgiving at all. Without food the and that's where persistence in going Cray. We've got everything yes and chef Aaron add salt and whiskey from the Horton grand hotel. Has agreed to bring that the Thanksgiving food which you guys see this menu. For 200. Well and you know a slice of luck cold Turkey and some congenial cranberries were talking about a serious. Gore made things giving yeah it's won national deserve yeah exactly right so if you are. Are one of those military members who is going to be alone all your listener who wants a volunteer we also need to volunteers so get to our website KS Illini coming gets signed up today are right. I'm stalter you gotta stoked where I'm where absolutely I think you found my lord you stow your first week forgot they met. Hey listen and we said this before there's nothing we won't do for the US OU guys see anything from us. You want a big miles overseas and do something will do anything grip literally anything real trouble right now. Hello hello Jessie I don't want to see that you guys all these children KS ON dot com John and Tammy and producers deaths thanks for your service giving.