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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and a count San Diego radio stations I'm Gary Lee. The American Lung Association has been around for more than 100 years it is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health. They're about raising awareness about lung disease and research but that's not all. They are also dedicated to improving the air we breathe so will not cause or worsen lung disease their hope and vision is for a world free of lung disease. Joining us this morning is American Lung Association San Diego developer and manager amber McDonough. And lung cancer survivor need a sunny. Welcome amber welcome need hey Kerry thanks so much happened that's out today thank you great to see you again amber. After all day if yes in and a need a pleasure having you on the show welcome. Let's let's talk a little bit before we get into your story need. Let's talk a little bit about the American Lung Association. Have a little background information if if you can amber. Yeah absolutely. So I mentioned that the American Lung Association and is turned favorable light of this by improving lung health and preventing lung diseases. Primarily through education and had they can see in Greece should. For more than a hundred years we have led the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air and whether it searching for years so lung diseases. Keeping kids off to back well. Are fighting for a lot fat protect the air we operate. We were among one of the first to tackle smoking at the nation's greatest preventable health threats into makes the connection between air pollution and it inland. You're actually initially formed to back in 1904. To combat tuberculosis. Which was considered the most deadly disease of its kind. Over a typical fifty year by eight we played a critical role in developing in finding increasingly effective weapons to prevent detect and treat the dizzy you. Along the way we launched our Christmas seals campaign which a lot of people still malice bar and the first direct mail fund raiser. I nineteen how far it was safe to say that tuberculosis. Was largely controlled in the U lack. Fell our mission remained the same over a hundred years later but it's. Today our work is focused I and five strategic imperative number one being to defeat lung cancer and and and lung cancer is not all that your you work on. At the American lung association's its other lung diseases as well right correct we focus on all lung diseases at the American Lung Association. One in seven people actually suffer from a lung disease so it's likely that. Everyone listening today know someone that has a connection to lung disease whether it has Mac CO PDE or lung cancer. Those aren't left the green most prominent lung diseases out there that we try to focus on. And the thing is said and I've I've heard this said before when I hand out Janelle. I'm so last year from the American Lung Association and that is you have lungs you have a chance of getting lung cancer or lung disease. Absolutely. It doesn't discriminate. Absolutely we all have a lot of sense unfortunately most of us don't think about them until they are not functioning properly sell we are trying to head. Brain and lung awareness to the forefront. Now the office here in San Diego's that the only one in in Southern California now we actually have quite a few offices throughout the state of California. The closest one being an orange count me in the council how whining and Alan. And and you are relatively new. The American ones association here in San Diego and it's almost any year expend a great times so far really exciting time to be apart and the lung association and where. Moving forward ends. It's been a fine year so far. And what was it that drew used to the American Lung Association there's a lot of different nonprofits in San Diego County what was it about them that that major wanna work for them. You know I love the American Lung Association and because really they have something for every line and Ian now whether. It's lung cancer act and I feel PER just thinking about the air that Wear breathing every day. Every single person can find a connection to our organization. That's true and and it's another thing I think that people don't think about when they hear about the American Lung Association is that your. Not all about again not just lung cancer lung disease but also the air that we breathe because that's important. Yes absolutely I am the lung association and is actually trying to impact more life than any other public health nonprofit organization and it. And about a 175 million Americans living with chronic lung disease are living in counties. With unhealthy air and that doesn't even include. Then nine million Americans at higher risk for lung cancer an eligible for screening. And then the 43 million Americans who want to quit smoking. Sell we have big goal then we need to. Reach far and get to every right now lung cancer is the the number one cancer killer in America right. Yes it's been number one cancer killer of men and women in the US and he now fear. Years ago that American Lung Association and reached out to women in particular and found that it's. Lung cancer. Was not top of my genes are. Women only 1% recognized lung cancer at it and you know is is is is it more prevalent with women. Then man bus cancer is on the rise in women so that's something that we are really focusing I. The lung cancer death rate in women has more than doubled over the past 38 year is now. And although anyone can get lung cancer. Me now facts about women and lung cancer or so brings out there something we're definitely focusing on. So a lot of awareness is is needed and like you're saying it's not at the forefront. And and for the number one cancer killer you think it would be more in the forefront. Absolutely. You know once we received this information at the American Lung Association Matt. Lung cancer just wasn't top of mind we knew we had to take action and make a change cell. What we dead without informing Shannon is we created a new initiative and called lung forests. And lung force is an nationwide initiative led by the American Lung Association. That unites every line to fancy gap Aaron against lung cancer and four line how all. So although it does focus on lung cancer it does still we still include all the other lung disease says and I you know singling anyone out but it. We just really needed something that can help raise awareness for lung cancer in particular and we do believe that. Only a fourth of Manny can take on lung cancer because that is the number one cancer killer. And also without where really aiming to change people's minds about what it means to have lung cancer. So that everyone understands that anyone can get cancer. And now let's let's talk a little bit about some of the other services or aura programs that you offer what is the and the better breeders club. Patch so we actually have seeks better prepare clouds and Feeney out. Air support community and educational resource to help those living with a lung disease. And continue active flames and just went healthy well managing their disease their primarily made up of people living with CO PE. We actually hosting any better breather symposium last Friday and we prop all six of the groups to GAAP are now. To have a couple. Different I think he Shannon Brown an expert ends. You know even ended with a lot of exercise and that was playing her Monica who were able yet to catch up. Well that's that's true yeah it takes a lot. To blow on that. And so come and and and people can find out if somebody wanted to find a better breeders club they can find that info at your website yeah. It's just a bit long dot org and he confined molest their sixth wrapped in so hopefully there's one close to a year if you're looking for Latin. And you have they help line. Along help lies well too for anybody that needs information right congrats though the wind helped Brian is available seven days don't eat it. Totally free answered by X earth. Nurse is RTE is he's he respiratory care pet. And and certified tobacco treatment specialist so if you ever have a question and about your lungs the air you're breathing. You know they get questions. Frat Hazmat cell lung cancer they are there for you seven days a week and that's 101. US. Okay and and you mentioned this couple times already what is CO PD. I can answer that chronic obstructive. Pulmonary disease OK and his demons won then mentally. Any other and initiatives said besides mom forced it the American lung association's working on this time. I you know we are definitely a resource for the community and we especially want our local community here in India go to know that. We have a lot of great programs in resource is for all. Patients caregivers and medical professionals. One of which being asked my beef sex you know it's a quick little online course that he ingests. Teach feel more about after my ideal for parents of children with asthma school marriage is then just sometimes you need. Refresh those skills about how to use different inhalers all of that is gone over and that's. And we also host 14 acts folks typically one year. It's that educational program. And one track is for patients and caregivers and one track is for professional. This year we're gonna be post gain our expo in March and it's going to be. Primarily about lung cancer this year. Now you mentioned long force in and if I'm not mistaken need to advance. Kind of what brought you to the American Lung Association is an innings and it. Iowa is leaving work one day and there is a solitary tables set up in the lobby of my building my office building. Hands. People were walking by this poor woman sitting there and seen as friendly interaction hi ain't talked to her. And it was Teresa and she said well we're here for enforcement sent. Woody in attention burning climbs building and I said I can't do data and I'm missing most of the lunged. She should know that it. That's how I got to find out about lung forced out because they have this new outreach. And I thought I might crash while these are my people so what what what did down long force do for you had to that help you. Oh my gosh it's helped me so much first of law. I survived lung cancer and a thirteen year lung cancer survivor and for the longest time. I just didn't really in their posts are their recovery I didn't talk about it that much or. It went French. Something that I would bring up in conversation. And because mostly I felt. Like I would get questions did you smoke. And there's a bit of stigma and Caroline cancer survivor. And I didn't smoke in on that effectively enforced for me and it's the fact that there's a community out there and their people. That are are going through the same thing that I went through and bats I survived. And it turns out and pretty darn lucky. And show our represent hope for a lot of the folks that are going through this and I thought well hang. Perhaps I've survived this firm read and write I can help. Now you're yours it's your thirteen year survivor he says yes OK can he tells little bit about the story. Well I started getting shaken I think it was 2000 line IE and it gradually got sicker and sicker. And had multiple pneumonia and and Mike Carriker physician. Diagnosed me with asthma. And so I had a lot of asthma treatment and went to see a pulmonary specialist and it. I had numerous X rays but it wasn't Intel anti cat scan and that at tumor was discovered and incurring inspire away my right lung and turns out I found out later that. Reason they didn't see it on those tax raisers Airways don't visualize. On X ray on me I'm cats cat. So that humor wouldn't just kept growing and it would kept taking at the mansion I wouldn't be here today but for that cat's gang. And the Pullman on just that I shop. Went six obvious humor everything went pretty quick. Checked into the hospital. Had the tumor and two thirds of my right lung removed. And then started that long journey back of recovery. From that. And once I was able to get around I wanted to find. Super group. And so I checked around and I found some really nice ladies. And all first of law. I didn't wanna join a group that was about how to die with dignity I went to having that it wouldn't surprise him. But if and is great group of ladies Sarah bear in extreme but they were breast cancer survivors. Got kicked out of left cut corporate a fifth of the it. Feet or so I ended up doing my own therapy and I made Christmas and kind of an artsy persons I mean Christmas ornaments and kept making them thinking. I'd had the surgery in May in fact I mean to make it to Christmas. Hanging from the tree by gosh and show. I did and it helped me sort of work through the pain of recovery in the board and and kept me from watching TV. Which is an. And it. Then right back after Christmas and that want to keep makings of I'm going to be around next year. And I just kept doing it. And time I'm sick of making them thinner and other things at. But it was its alone force that I realized my peers. Some way can channel that. And it and been beaten and having that positive frame of mind is is very important I think for anybody who's who's. At a terminal illness or just really sick in general on my action. Somebody at one point said to me don't get on the Internet don't look at that don't know where to hit the. And learn right away that was a really bad idea to keep silent scary things and you would step up and a lot of I'm factual things as well through. You know I followed direction. I know how to follow directions and write everything down south. I would convict that marching through the steps following direction for Nat and and it was painful lowering my horizon to the next day or even the next hour. And breathing just read. You didn't really have any any major symptoms. I kept getting colds that we're worse and worse and and pneumonia. And it with the pneumonia is ours in the right line and I said which I think. With another factor right I'm doctor moms wanted to do it cat scan. And that was the only way that they were able to determine that you had cancer. Camps with with the hazards and times it would just kept growing and tell Meyer with. And bullet what was it like for you when you've when you first found out I didn't believe them. I didn't it didn't. It didn't sinking. And tone may be the next day. If I I just wasn't compared to hear that. And it and it is it one day at a time now for you no way now I'm here for the long haul Arrigo. Perfect so how are you today. I'm pretty you know earth but yeah. Think that's right exactly and are there any restrictions. In your life. I won't realize my lifelong dream of becoming a deep sea diver. Oh no I mean I if I climb stairs. I give him as easily. But I do it because I'm determined. Right now and again I think that's that's so important. For someone like you than than going through which you going through or have been through. To keep that positive attitude. 110%. To stay away from its negative stuff as much as possible. And and you mentioned that in the end the stigma and that's something that I I really do believe this is. That people think every time you you mentioned lung cancer or somebody has lung cancer. And you're right I think that is the number one question that you get. Do you smoke or did you smoke right. I don't think there's any other kind of behavior. Where their first thing people say is something that implies that. Your behavior has cards. Now MI am my father passed away from lung cancer he did smoke but he would quit like thirty years before it's not war. And then he he ended up and and its interests have mentioned this before. Last year when it's oxygen Allan and other shows too much my dad found out. That he had lung cancer. Because she was hit company for about a week. I'm sure he wasn't doing it not stop but he just was getting it you know the sake of being a lot's on the senate to the doctors to go went to the doctor and then you lung cancer. Yeah. Now it now you have a big event coming up amber. This Saturday. It is your. Annual lung force walk. Tells them that we ill we are very excited to be hosting the lung force block this Saturday. Need ill be there in Paul Bard still. It's not I can't block it's going to be at the embarking Darrell marina park foul. It's a great chance to head showing NASA and make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by lung disease. And make the most of your experience at the walk by starting a team so much more fun day get your friends Hanley co worker is. Whoever together and just come out and walked and that is free it's free to participate in free to come out there no no registration fish no registration there's no fundraising men a month. Of course it is fun raised there and we obviously need to raise money for. Research and then help move the needle and it comes to our lung cancer. Consistent rivalry is actually only 17%. Today felt. That tells you how lucky we are to have need to with us today it's absolutely amazing. So you know we're trying to change that and we have a lot of fun team Allard from number one fund raising Chiu teen or such as the largest team that comes out. And then Turk might take over I don't know I mentioned yet that. With lung force you're gonna see a lot of turquoise turquoise is our signature color. And you know it represents fresh air in our symbol is a one should you haven't seen that it's a little bush swirled kind that they. And it really it's our identity it represents. Breath of fresh air and you know lung farce the initiative itself is just about three year resolved. So it's a really exciting time to be a part of it because it. Coming to the surface and you know in a few years we hope that everyone recognizes that will shouldn't associate that with Ron how. And how little bit more about why. It opened at seven and our registration. He and opening ceremony is a starting at 830 with some great speaker is followed by a watch kicking off at 9 AM. By your definitely gonna wanna get their currently we do have some fun activity. Action passport is just says provide an active experience while providing you with great information and resource fifth. To complete the pass fortieth to visit by different attack than get it stamped and Daniel be entered to win a great grand prize is. One of the I ten is our hero with tanks which. Need it will be hanging in out act that is for all of our long force heroes. At the American Lung Association and we eat define along force here with anyone living with the London fees. And we even offer our ally and force a loop at our lock. Which is a half mile little loop because we know that. Your living with lung disease it's hard enough to breathe sometimes so lacking a five K can be. Impossible but maybe maybe you can come out and a half my. If not keeping count out in hang out in the hero's stand because. You know the swamp really is for our heroes it's to provide them went back community. And to provide them with a great fun day filled with turquoise and spirit and their friends and family. Now there are other activities or events going on things for folks after they're done with the war. Actually they can still check out the festival area at most people seem to get those passports done in fifteen before they lock. They can definitely still stop buying and and neither one of our. Tenth of actually going to be in the Tenet the heroes tenths with Scripps is sponsoring. They're gonna have asked doc panel for a little beef or doctors available Ali can go out and after that anything you whining that they get your passport stamps so. Bring a tough question and and now folks can can register online to write yeah I think Democrats register online just as at long for a stop aren't. And you'll find the CNB a lock there again totally free to register. And we will have information about the walk itself on the community events page of the station's website so we'll have information and link there as well for people to go. Sign of things like. Green and it says the only friendliest and we he had the kids some with fun games and activities for at and we're even having a pet sounds for the first time this year because we noticed last year so many. People rather talk about fell all welcome they are welcome and just ran on a leash and you know them market there are so beautiful and the flat five K on the water. It's a great photo opportunities so. That's nice there are many events like this. Then that welcome pets so it's nice that do you guys and that and and and you see you're gonna you're going to be walking I guess the beautiful five K yeah. How are great and my Dodd and myself and now can. Fifth and end. I believe we we were talking before we we went on the air we are talking about you have it and fundraising event coming up tomorrow and I. I do I do you know I and having lift fundraiser at benchmark brewing tomorrow night between five and any I mean they're little earlier probably their later as well and and I and I have made some airplanes creations. I and hands it with any media makes a donation. And gets an airplane creation and I mean. And they're meant Anita Berle and polished rocks and your plan for and there just a lot of fun for me south. Laura you when he joined nineteen you can have when since well. In case of this tomorrow and they're tiny and benchmark brewing. I'm between five and aid and benchmark brewing is 6190. Fairmont avenue suite G. Any advice. Need if for anybody who might listening this morning that. Might think that something is is wrong that they are having some lung issues whether the cancer or another one of lung diseases. Fear Gartner see your doctor and listening to go down and Nat don't mention 200. People feared doctor. And contact the American Association health line. They can direct Q is well. An American Lung Association has a lot of other resources on on your website right absolutely now we. Again we. Covered so many different things that the American Lung Association. So if you visit our web say you'll find information about just about any lung disease that you have questions about it. And Monday and on the we mentioned yet is that November is lung cancer awareness not. Sell I challenge you that you know share your story if you do have a connection to lung cancer because that's what makes all the difference so we're always looking. For people look to. Share their story like need it's doing today. McCain again that the website for the American Lung Association the California lung dot art is so let's say and then to sign up for the lot you can visit along forced. Art and your on social media. Yes the armor on based luck instant Graham. You name it. I attack amber and neither. Thanks to be announced Saturday Nita thanks for sharing your story continued good health to you seen and amber thanks for all you do with the American lung association's go look for the walk. Think having a scary I hope to see everybody had to walk on Saturday. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from first step house of North County. An organization dedicated to providing assistance to man looking to break free from their addiction to alcohol. Until then I'm Gary late have a great week.